Angelina Jolie Behind the Camera

Actress talks about writing and directing her new film on the war in Bosnia.
4:23 | 12/04/11

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Transcript for Angelina Jolie Behind the Camera
-- -- -- -- Controversial ruling that the Christians -- have -- -- Good enough. Who commitment to look. That was a scene from in the land of blood and honey a new film. Written and directed by the Academy Award winning actress Angelina Jolie. It tells -- story of innocent people caught in the middle of the Bosnian war they were victims of systematic rape and genocide. And though the United States was heavily involved -- finally ended the conflict in 1995. The actual war raging for more than three years in the heart of Europe was considered the greatest collective failure of international diplomacy since World War II. I coveted. I sat down of the council of foreign relations with Angelina Jolie in two of the film's bosnians -- Donna Marianna bitch and Vanessa -- I was thinking and meditating on these international themes of violence against women lack of intervention. And and how human beings are changed and warped by war. And have some people come out stronger. And and some people are truly broken. We -- conscious of American foreign policy when you are doing this show. It's infuriating. How long it took two injury when I -- in I don't mean always boots on the ground I mean it's just. Being conscious discussing it not hiding the issues. And figuring out and working toward solutions. With the people on the ground and when you cost the film to have an entirely. Local group of people who -- the war. Lived all sides of the ethnic divide. Was that deliberate. Absolutely I would none of them and it belongs them -- their story it is a controversial thing to do. To tackle the idea of camps of ethnic -- Women being raped as a tool of war. There's no safe way to tackle the subject matters but I think the important thing is to discuss them tackle and our fears the silence our fear is ignorance. Our fear is that people won't know what happened. And being ignorant about what happened. The movies a chance that it may happen again -- you feel like -- forgotten do you feel like this film is is. -- -- of reminding. The world. What happened back then I can feel abandoned not especially when I catch you -- they don't feel that either banned. Because. What we had when you -- doing those and then transfer cash. For a -- was the truth and as you know the truth was our on our side it sustained that will always remain -- -- Stay it's kind of -- this car I think -- -- be the best way to describe it I've seen our films that we did in Bosnia and for some. Unexplainable reason people put gloves. One to speak about war that they be treated with kid gloves and -- -- exactly. But Angelina and that's what I wanted to say when you read the script I had been nights in my chest in my -- -- God what is this what is this really -- -- you're not from that. And yet you throw yourself into this incredible story it's incredibly emotional even all of us talking. You see these great pictures is a great photographs and the office the woman -- The pearls she's just she's done -- Harris just. You may shoot at me -- you will not remove my humanity my dignity my self my person I'm going to. Continue to keep my had a much that it was. There's something in this film we hope to -- music to people through the relationships. Such as the warmth and the love and the humor -- the life of the people. That is special very moving their feet to. And -- very. And.

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{"id":15082877,"title":"Angelina Jolie Behind the Camera ","duration":"4:23","description":"Actress talks about writing and directing her new film on the war in Bosnia. ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/angelina-jolie-camera-15082877","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}