Army Veteran, Double Amputee Finds New Battlefield in DC

Florida congressman Brian Mast discusses why he decided to run for office.
3:25 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for Army Veteran, Double Amputee Finds New Battlefield in DC
It was September 19 2010. Under the cover of darkness became too good a place on the battlefield that I told my guys I was pretty sure. A bomb buried somewhere there hasn't been the last check things out and did everything that I couldn't find one. And ultimately find its alignment founded in the way. Let him Brian that's them congressman scored his eighteenth congressional district. I called freshman orientation kindergarten. Us. He predicts that by hundreds of her representatives that it's their first it's like drinking from the buyer there's some truth in your hiring staff from the chief of staff. The legislative director of the scheduler all the way down the line. On top of trying to be proficient in every bit of policy that exists out there is definitely going to get asked about so that's what it is all day long. That I think would it really sank in. Was to be here at nighttime and you don't see the moon out of about capitol dome and really helped to descendants say wow it's an awesome and amazing responsibility. Things in front. Running for congress is something I started thinking about when I woke up at hospital not too far from the capital and Walter reed Army Medical Center in my father first came to my bedside he looked it means that Bryant. You can't let this keep you down. You cannot let your kids see you sitting on your body. Regardless of what happened to you because your kids will think it's an okay way for them to go through their life. It started to think about. How can I find another place to fight this country because I'm not going to be jumping out of planes are dropping out of helicopters are kicking in doors that terrorists on the side how much might this country. That's where I decided I think the most important fight of my life. Could be here in Washington DC in another capacity. Most people I can expect to be a lot as possible representative that I can be for our service members coming home. And making sure that they walked in the door that yet. They're treated like they're the most important. Veteran to ever walk in that it was because that's what they deserve it involved veteran members of his. The one thing that we have in common. It isn't the color our skin is and how many pennies we have in our pocket where we went to university here where we were raised or anything else the common denominator. Is that we're all willing to place our country first and ourselves second and I think if that's the way to approach policy. That you're going to be able to work with people from all sides of the ball back its. You're the one thing that I realize. Very clearly about Washington is that there are a lot of steps. And I don't mind going put doubts that's the truth about going down steps is that gravity takes care most of it's a one way or another on the ticket to the bottom of I fall down every single day. And the only thing that really hurt my pride. That five lights thinks one of the most important things to realize. Is that. If we only go to work when we're 100%. Most of us would never go to work a day again in our lives. We have to find a way regardless of what it is that we face to go out there and work hard and put our best foot forward and try our hardest and whatever it is that we're doing. I've been in Arctic environments and I've been in desert lines and the one thing that I know about those environments there's very little. That grows I think politics is the same way have to find yourself not and in extreme but in the place for things grown worse. Times news.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Florida congressman Brian Mast discusses why he decided to run for office.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"45095543","title":"Army Veteran, Double Amputee Finds New Battlefield in DC","url":"/ThisWeek/video/army-veteran-double-amputee-finds-battlefield-dc-45095543"}