Bill Kristol: There Will Be a Certain Amount of Chaos in the Wake of Boehner's Resignation

The roundtable weighs in on John Boehner's announcement he'll be stepping down.
6:08 | 09/27/15

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Transcript for Bill Kristol: There Will Be a Certain Amount of Chaos in the Wake of Boehner's Resignation
about the way your wealth is managed? Wealth Management at Charles Schwab donna Brazile, Robert Costa and ABC's own Matthew dowd. The speaker is resigning to avoid prolonged leadership that will do long turmoil in leadership. Is that possible? Increase the chances of chaos? I think it will be a certain amount of chaos, it could be creative chaos. I think it was time for a change. I think they should take their time now and think about who they want to lead the next year. Fill the other leadership positions. It's an unusual year. Bob Costa, you were with him the night before his resignation. If you would tell us briefly about that, but also, whether this increases or decreases the chances of a shutdown? Boehner was a man at peace the night before, he recounted to me his experience with pope Francis. And he said the pope asked him to pray for him. That moved him as catholic. Perhaps this was the cap tone to a long political career. As to the shutdown? I don't think a shutdown will happen. Boehner in essence of being a lame-duck speaker. Extend the debt limit. You have some stability with the fiscal fights. The real intrigue is in the leadership fight, it looks like Mccarthy is the next speaker. You're going to have a little bit of chaos there. Donna, what does this do for president Obama's last year in office? Well, you know, under Boehner's leadership, we have been facing one crisis after another crisis. A fight over raising the debt ceiling. Funding the department of homeland security. Now, we're having a fight over funding planned parenthood. I think for president Obama clear, he's going to govern with the American people in mind. But house republicans are in disarray, since 1986, we have speakers forced out by scandal, by their own party, and of course some of them have lost at the polls. But this is a moment of disarray for republicans. And Matt dowd, I want to turn to 2016, unless you're dying to say something about John Boehner. The idea of holding the speakership is so temporary, it reminds me of a relationship in the Kardashian household was longer. It's more reflective of what the republicans think about speaker and leadership than what they think of president Obama. America is now less white, less married, less churched, less conservative, and that is a difficult prospect for them to face in the course of this. Wait a second, 62% of republicans disapprove of the congressional leadership performance. That's not a bunch of conservatives -- that's a lot of republicans who would like stronger leadership on the hill. They blocked Obama at every turn. They want more aggression, that's what you see in congress and in the presidential race. There's this appetite for outsiders -- They don't have the votes to do that. You have to have the votes. A majority of the majority. Therefore, you can't get any compromise from democrats. They don't want to govern, they want This clown Marco Rubio, I have been so nice to him. I have been so nice. He can't have a conversation about T policy because, quite frankly, he doesn't know anything about policy. I think he's a baby. He's very thin skinned. He's very sensitive to criticism. The gloves are off this week between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, and the roundtable is here. "Weekly standard" editor bill kristol, and division. That contrast doesn't bode well for him. Trump, his lead does appear to be softening. You saw those rather stunning Numbers with Carson. What does it tell you about trump's campaign? I said, Mr. Trump, do you need a second act? He said, I will have policy plans coming out. When it comes to his persona, his swagger, he said it's not going anywhere, the same trump remains. That's his big asset. He's trying to be serious in policy while still being trump. Why is it softening, bill? The big picture, the big story is trump 21, Carson 20, fiorina 15. This has never happened since Eisenhower who had a pretty good career in nonelected office before. Think of Eric Cantor loses the primary. Boehner disposed. Scott walker considered to be a front-runner, withdraws from the race Monday. The other politicians haven't internalized the desire of real change among voters out there. I got to say this about Donald Trump. James Taylor had a famous, talking loud and saying nothing. We have heard Donald Trump raise his voice, insult people, he says nothing. Okay, thanks, everyone. More with the roundtable later

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"The roundtable weighs in on John Boehner's announcement he'll be stepping down.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"34082067","title":"Bill Kristol: There Will Be a Certain Amount of Chaos in the Wake of Boehner's Resignation","url":"/ThisWeek/video/bill-kristol-amount-chaos-wake-boehners-resignation-34082067"}