Bill O'Reilly on 'This Week'

The Fox News anchor on his debate showdown with Jon Stewart.
3:00 | 10/07/12

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Transcript for Bill O'Reilly on 'This Week'
is capitalism. Listen to me and follow closely. You can make a lot of money by being an assassin, a lot of money. It daept matter right wing or left wing, all right. You go in, and you're a hater, radio, cable, in print, whatever, you get paid. And live now fresh off his rumble in the air-conditioned auditorium with jon stewart, bill o'reilly, thanks for coming in this morning. George, I'm still asleep though stephanopoulos. Take it easy on me. I doubt that. But let's pick up on what you were saying right there talking about political assassin, kind of dangerous territory for anyone in political television. Who are you calling out? I'm not going to name them but if you don't know them then you're not living in the usa. I mean, they're all over the place and they just attack people personally for money, and that's just the way it is. There was also a lot of hate flowing on twitter last night about the technical glitches in the rumble. What can you guys do about it? A lot wanted to see the debate and couldn't tune in. Yeah, we saw that problem. Everybody is going to get to see it, and it's $4.95. If you want your money back, it's going to charity anyway, but we'll do it. It crashed. The server crashed. We had so many people coming in. But anybody who wants to see it now can see it. And that means you didn't have to sign up -- you can sign up now, and it's worth seeing. I mean it's a battle between socialism and capitalism, and it's funny and lively, so check it out on rumble2012.Com. It was, and you guys were not afraid to go at it. You kind of like each other a lot, as well. Let's talk about the other debate this week. You just heard the roundtable here. Could have used you in the middle of all these guys, strong opinions about how much changed this week. What's your bet? Well, look, the problem that your panelists -- the problem with this is that they're all micro -- oh, he did this. Look, the election is about philosophy. Just like stewart and I were debating last night, it's about direction of the country. Are we going into the western european quasi-socialism, or are we going to get back to robust capitalism? What are we going to do here? All right, the micro is important, but it's not the dominant theme, which direction do you want america to go in? It sounds to me then like you agree with james carville on that point that this is a big election, a clarifying election and whoever wins will have a mandate for quite different approaches. Absolutely. You know, carville is right for the first time in his life. This is huge because we have a lot of americans who are saying, you know what, I want stuff. I want stuff, from stephanopoulos, he makes a lot of money, give me stuff, whereas I was raised in my town of you make your own way and, of course, we want safety nets for people who are hurt. Of course. Every american fair-minded wants that, but it's a philosophy of life that's in play here. Okay, so you and carville agree. We've achieved something this morning. Also, you're -- don't spread that around, though. You just said it on national television. Brand-new book "killing kennedy" along with your co-writer martin dugard, the historian. I know you say you're not a professional historian, but after working on this book, what is your bottom line on the assassination? If you want to know how john f. Kennedy governed and was killed, I mean in micro detail "killing kennedy" is the book for you. It's a no-spin book, no bs. This is who the man was, this is how he governed in the most difficult times in his administration, and this is how he died, and we just lay it out and the things that we don't know and there are some, we tell the reader, we cannot get to the bottom of this, but the book has sold 200,000 copies in its first three days of release, it's a monster, and I just hope everybody checks it out. Bill o'reilly, congratulations on that. Thanks for coming in this morning. All of you at home can check out an excerpt of bill's new book "killing kennedy" on our website, abcnews.Com/thisweek.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The Fox News anchor on his debate showdown with Jon Stewart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"17417234","title":"Bill O'Reilly on 'This Week'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/bill-oreilly-week-17417234"}