Bipartisan Shave-Off on 'This Week'

DNC and RNC spokespersons Brad Woodhouse and Sean Spicer shave their heads for charity.
1:55 | 11/25/12

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Transcript for Bipartisan Shave-Off on 'This Week'
Finally as we wrap -- this Thanksgiving weekend something else to be thankful for some daring bipartisanship. From two of Washington's toughest operatives. ABC's Jonathan Karl help the top spokesman from the RNC and the DNC. Settle an election back where they handsome -- All right George I'm here with Brad -- house spokesperson for the Democratic Party and Sean Spicer spokesperson for the Republican Party have these two guys. Had a bad. On election night. Whoever -- in the election. Other would have their -- says. -- asked me to come ended shave his head it would be to have your head -- as well or because -- also. Try to recently chaired Saint Paul Brooks think Barbara's foundation which raises money -- reserves -- cancer. I have never comes before. There is a safety on this so no lasting damage will actually done. -- Is going to be good. If only watching that spending like -- air act but the mission accomplished right. But so we've got some Republican. A little democratic hair right there are issues are about cars are you ready for the and -- -- -- everybody. This -- history. Inferred remembered. My kids are gonna run. All right guys pulled off. Coming together for a good cause and without -- -- now redwood house on Spicer thank you very much and remember you can donate. In the name of this cost seat Aldrich dot org raising money for kids with cancer I will write -- -- -- any -- to me. -- -- -- Looking good and they are almost all the way to their 121000 dollar goal. That's all for us today thanks for sharing part of Sunday with us check -- world news -- David -- tonight and I'll see you tomorrow on --

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{"id":17804003,"title":"Bipartisan Shave-Off on 'This Week'","duration":"1:55","description":"DNC and RNC spokespersons Brad Woodhouse and Sean Spicer shave their heads for charity.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/bipartisan-shave-off-week-17804003","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}