Castellanos: 'Cruz's Value Evaporates When Trump is No Longer a Threat'

The powerhouse roundtable debates the state of the Republican and Democratic races heading into the New York primary.
10:50 | 04/10/16

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Transcript for Castellanos: 'Cruz's Value Evaporates When Trump is No Longer a Threat'
I will let you know in temperatures warm up. Karen: Fighter pilots are wearing something made in Massachusetts. Doug: They are made right here in Randolph. By the Tom cruise and Bradley cooper and others in Hollywood love their Randolph's? The answer is easy. They recognize quality and our heritage. They know the story behind the company in the name. Doug: It starts with his dad. Well working at a company that made fools used in making glasses, the two decided to team up and go at it alone. Their big break came in 1978 when the government approached Randolph to produce these aviator sunglasses. In 1982, they had landed the official government contract. Once we got our foot in the door, we haven't stopped since. Doug: They were now making important pieces of equipment for those who defend it. Try doing this with another pair of glasses. Doug: He points out another point of pride, the craftsmanship that goes into Randolph. It has to be like a piece of jewelry. Doug: These handmade glasses are built to exceed rigid U.S. Military standards. Quality is only part of the equation. They believe something more. It's a promise to our country and the state of Massachusetts that we are going to keep jobs here. We give them a platform to express their talents and their creativity. It's a promise to our heritage. Doug: In the mid-70's, 87% of frames sold in the U.S. Are manufactured in the U.S.. By the 80's, most when offshore for better profit margins. Randolph state. Only 3% is actually made in this country. That includes the people over in Randolph. Now, the forecast. Aj: That's a little extra pride on that. We've got plenty of there today. It's a good day for no shades. You are going to need them. Around wrench or this afternoon, it should be fairly bright as well. That is getting out of here. We say sunshine all day long. To the west we have high-pressure building in. That will cause the wind to relax alone. It will be a gradual trend. This guy out here, this is an area of low pressure. The thin veil of thin clouds will add nothing to Ute to the sunset I would imagine. Those clouds increasing as we step into the overnight and tomorrow. We've got a change coming. We are replacing the cold air that is in place. This is the recipe for tonight and tomorrow. These temperatures are at the top of the hour. These winds are fairly busy. It's gusting over 20 miles per hour. These are sustained winds coming in at 10 to 15 miles per hour. There is the sunshine stepping on through. As you walk into the evening, this is your thin veil of clouds. To the wee hours of tomorrow, we will see a few flakes of snow. I don't think this will reach into the Worcester area. It's mostly late morning and midday. Lots of clouds and a spot shower. That's about it. There goes high-pressure in here come the clouds. Your milder air as well. The cold front on Tuesday, it stalls out over new England. Once the rain it gets in here, it will be Tuesday. It will get out of here anytime soon. Let's take a look at it. 56 for tomorrow. A nice day is coming up. It's an accent on the clouds. We have a rainy day on Tuesday. On Wednesday, a pattern is going to be rather rocky. A stacked pads with the atmosphere not having a lot of luck. With a low part to our south part -- south, it will be showering the whole time. It not be terribly warm either. Those temperatures are holding in the 40's. Karen: Special honor for heather Abbott. Doug: She was honored by the new England revolution. Hillary: Was by her side. She is the recipient of the first artificial limb donated by the heather Abbott foundation. These are very expensive limbs. This has helped her own path to recovery. A big part of my healing process was other amputees who showed me the ropes and people who donated to the Boston one fund. I could get six different legs. Doug: 10 runners will represent the foundation in the Boston marathon. Season is over for the Bruins. This ends there playoff hopes. He was out with flulike symptoms. It was up to Jonas gustavsson to make his point of starting the season. He gave up four consecutive goals in the second period. Karen: The red sox are going for a sweep in Toronto. They pounded out 11 more hits. Travis Shaw delivers a ground rule R.B.I. Double. He's not ready to give up third base to Pablo Sandoval anytime soon. The ball takes a surprising high pounds and two runs scored. The red sox and the blue Jays their fourth straight loss. Check out this little guy. He has his hat and his shirt. He's ready for the home opener. We would love to see your pictures. Please upload them to our website Doug: We will be on the eye-opener tomorrow morning. We will start at 4:30 A.M. It's all the fun that is opening day. Karen: We are following breaking news ahead. Doug: What we are Fios is not cable.

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{"duration":"10:50","description":"The powerhouse roundtable debates the state of the Republican and Democratic races heading into the New York primary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"38289999","title":"Castellanos: 'Cruz's Value Evaporates When Trump is No Longer a Threat'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/castellanos-cruzs-evaporates-trump-longer-threat-38289999"}