Chris Christie on 'This Week'

The New Jersey governor on Mitt Romney's campaign.
3:00 | 09/30/12

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Transcript for Chris Christie on 'This Week'
center in brockton and died while in surgery. The victim is identified as david wade aged 17. Reporter: He was a senior and star lineman with what his friends called a big heart. His classmates took to twitter and facebook saying no one deserves to die this young. Stoughton lost a good one. Thoughts to prayers out to his loved ones. And the stunning news emerged late saturday night. It was david's own 21-year-old brother who allegedly shot him by accident. He was licensed to have a firearm and was newly licenses. Very new. We've not ruled out an accidental shooting and it's fair to say the family is extremely devastated. Reporter: On saturday night st. James parish will open their doors for grief coun counseling. The superintendent said they'll have grief counselors on hand monday. Jim: One person is dead after a crash late last night in framingham. Witnesses on the scene tell newscenter 5 two cars were involved at midnight at the intersection of fountain and jody streets. Right now the cleanup continues after a fire at a natick sandwich shop. Firefighters were called out to subway. They think the fire starteded in the self-serve soda machine. The fire mostly contained with the sprinkler system. No one was hurt. Mary: In fallriver police are investigating an apparent homicide that happened yesterday afternoon in the area of cherry street. When police arrived they found a 31-year-old woman dead in her car. The scene was alarming but did not hear gunshots. It's confusing. You see glass outside the car and you don't see blood or anything. They put down a punch of cones. Mary: State police assigned to the norfolk county da's office are asking for anyone with information to call them. Jim: A suspect, 28-year-old eric leech involved in a shooting on montello street. The victim told police she heard a loud pop and noticed her leg was bleeding. Her injuries are not considered to be life threatening. Mary: Commitment 2012 now. Gop vice-presidential candidate, paul ryan in the granite state. Today, president obama will campaign in las vegas. Bob halloran tells us both sides are preparing to this week's first debate. Reporter: President obama and mitt romney were out of the public eye today getting ready for their first debate wednesday. The campaign trail duties fell to their running mates. Joe biden slammed the republicans and bush administration with the sky rocketing deficit. By the time the reins were turned over to barack and me they doubled the deficit. Reporter: Florida is looking like a must-win scenario for romney. His running mate, congressman, paul ryan focussed on new hampshire. It has four electoral votes but it could be the difference in the race that could come down to a handful of states. Thank you, granite stators for sending mitt romney to the white house and barack obama back to chicago. Reporter: The campaign shifts into a different stage this week with wednesday night's high-stakes debate showdown between president obama and romney. If you look at the history of debates it's not about policies or facts. Every change if you look at the history has changed because of somebody's mannerisms or style. They did badly or well. Reporter: Both candidates will spend the next few days in intense prep sessions. Trailing in the polls, romney may have the most on the line and his camp is looking at it debate as a game-changer. Jim: A new poll shows elizabeth warren over scott brown leading him 43% to 38% and 18% are undecided. They'll debate tomorrow night on the campus of u-mass lowell. On the way this morning a teacher behind bars accused of trying to hire a hit man. Mary: The surprising twist and what the target of the hit is saying and why he is stunned by the claim. And vatican attorneys take the pope's former butler to court. The charges that stem from the vatican's worse security breach. Jim: And gooey concoctions and creations up for grabs in somerville. I'm Scott Brown and I approvethis message. "Elizabeth Warren is trying toput questions about her heritage behind her." "Warren admitted to identifyingherself as Native American to employers." "Something now genealogists havesaid they have zero evidence of." "She's facing tough questionsabout whether she claimed to be a minority forprofessional gain." "Warren did give an answer theproblem is, it keeps changing." "Is there anything else that'sgoing to come out about you that we don't already know?" "You know, I don't think so,but who knows?" Mary: The trial of the pope's

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{"id":17359800,"title":"Chris Christie on 'This Week'","duration":"3:00","description":"The New Jersey governor on Mitt Romney's campaign.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/chris-christie-week-17359800","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}