Close Up This Week

ABC News' John Berman on politicians' less-than-successful attempts at humor.
1:31 | 01/29/12

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Transcript for Close Up This Week
Between campaigning and governing politicians and candidates have plenty on their plates so. Why are they always trying to moonlight as comedians and our close up this week our own John Berman says to those politicians do not quit your day jobs. -- into a bar one says to the other you're not funny the other says neither. Earth -- it. Actually it's no joke it's politics which by and large is no joke at least not a funny one. -- the president in his state of the union discussing government scary regulation for the role like that I guess it was worth crying over spilled now. This. -- Super Tuesday thirty. Million -- and once stoic look from the First Lady. We'll get back to that Hugh Romney -- New Hampshire diner. The joke he is the waitress pinched his rear and we'll get back to run he's rearranged -- he will let. First no one had more consistent material in George W. Bush the master of the single entendre feeling -- Lawler. You know what I mean you meet your feeling a little older. -- a wonderful life and has not exactly. The real world. You mean Washington is not exactly the real world. You know what I mean yes we know we always know trust does it not us trust in Romney. No because I -- -- which. On this that was -- rear end again but more importantly that look on mrs. Romney's face. The same look as on mrs. Obama's face at the stated the union. This scene look husbands and -- around America see every day the ones that say you're not funny. So I -- politicians keep trying popping up on late night talk shows more than Don Rickles because deep down inside -- and kids in voters. Appreciate the effort whatever the execution -- Trust Herman Cain. On what Washington needs -- -- bring -- -- what -- -- White House pick up Americans too uptight. A sense of humor at noon at city had to be a good one -- you know what I mean. Sets my close up on this week John Berman ABC news New York. We remember and honor our fellow Americans who serve and sacrifice. This week the Pentagon release the names of three soldiers and Marines killed in Afghanistan.

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{"id":15466985,"title":"Close Up This Week","duration":"1:31","description":"ABC News' John Berman on politicians' less-than-successful attempts at humor. ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/close-week-15466985","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}