Close Up This Week

ABC News' John Berman on how the campaign has gone to the dogs.
0:16 | 02/19/12

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Transcript for Close Up This Week
The presidential race often moves that hyper speed with today's front page news forgotten by tomorrow but. There is one story that just won't go away for Mitt Romney as John Berman observes in our close up this week. This campaign has gone to the Dallas. You Biden would say literally yes literally the dogs Michelle Obama -- -- not go to tourists at the White House. -- Mitt Romney was trying to keep this race from becoming. 1012. When animals attack bitterly. Yes literally. What do the Democrats -- to excellent Romney centers on an Irish Setter that Romney -- in the 1980s. And Finley road trip Monday put the dog in great. Been tied into the roof of -- car before driving bulls -- Canada. -- the dog relieved himself in the year. On the roof. We love the dog. It was where he was comfortable it was blocked in his video from Protests -- outside the Westminster dog show them now even senior Obama strategist David. -- -- -- tweeted this photo writing how loving dog owners transport their dogs. With all the real concerns out -- you need seem awfully trivial so why again already doing will pay at all political. Presence have always had their photographs taken -- their animals. They want to show the American people that they are normal people like you in mind. Yes it was Harry Truman who said if you need a friend in the White House. Get a dog. Colonies -- political days when nothing is out of bounds. -- gets a dog. -- better make sure he doesn't -- literally that's my close up on this week on ABC news New York. We remember and honor our fellow Americans who served. And sacrifice. This week the Pentagon release the names of free service members killed in Afghanistan.

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{"id":15746547,"title":"Close Up This Week ","duration":"0:16","description":"ABC News' John Berman on how the campaign has gone to the dogs.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/close-week-15746547","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}