Cooking Gumbo with Leah Chase

ABC News' Susan Saulny gets the scoop on New Orleans chef Leah Chase's famous gumbo recipe.
3:19 | 07/06/14

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Transcript for Cooking Gumbo with Leah Chase
I have to admit that I -- never made -- gumbo. Well and I would love you to tell me with a -- is. There's really no trick no dividends and -- -- full trio of diseases everything in this -- -- They're diluted it's do you mean in here there's two kinds of -- -- -- this -- in the year -- is crammed in here. -- -- -- -- -- Now Latin -- -- -- -- Eminem because and I think I know why this -- me -- and hopefully. But it will pick up that -- from the other plane and it's like us fact. Feels like hell out of me. -- like a lot of -- -- that gave them will meet. And then government can you tell me but the trick of the route is because gumbo is -- -- Graham Roy who base their gamble is. -- -- So you do what I do is just hot sausage that just a little landline and around there okay I -- that cuts hostage off. And then upgraded -- then had taken of them the end. And I think that the grease from the hot sausage and could follow in there. And that may today take about twelve BP -- wounds of wildlife. I think you've put -- in there you have to -- Not if you don't couldn't get enough you'll have -- the wheels college -- -- -- into the filming -- Cut subplots at camp so don't is that would that mean that no man. But it anyway -- But so you couldn't get enough and I always talent -- because domestic criticism -- We don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- make almost double act -- OK it's a dark -- -- is don't do that that it works and gambling in the dark than this right. You make that gamble like and in this cervical Everett best deal. And you have them and -- of the appetizing happening. -- anatomy course. On Holland -- come to -- chief electoral vote. Thank you eat a -- of this government. You may need to and -- questionable line. Then you get out of shape. And you don't come back until about two and then that's when -- have -- Turkey at the end of torque. And all this -- So hungry. Let me bring in a -- I'm gonna give you but I. Doesn't have to cook for hours and hours and hours. Don't know you want to just -- US senate. From a woman violet on assimilate BC get hit -- ingredients and -- when you went in there. And you want to -- it. I'm totally -- Right always the -- rights. Mister wanted to -- -- they gave him the right what makes something creole. -- you compare it it's gonna happen. Now you have I don't know what it's all about thinking oh. He needed somebody -- him. You see you get all those -- get this. There's truth in -- him.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

{"id":24444463,"title":"Cooking Gumbo with Leah Chase","duration":"3:19","description":"ABC News' Susan Saulny gets the scoop on New Orleans chef Leah Chase's famous gumbo recipe.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/cooking-gumbo-leah-chase-24444463","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}