David Axelrod on Paul Ryan

Obama campaign senior adviser on Romney's vice president selection.
3:00 | 08/12/12

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Transcript for David Axelrod on Paul Ryan
we'll give it our all. Snool Jim: An emergency landing an logan and what we learned overnight about the situation. Mary: Mitt make his choice and how it will impact the race from here to november 6. Jim: And controversy over chronic lyme disease doctors versus doctors over a questionable course of treatment. The eyeopener starts now. Good sunday morning august 12. I'm jim lokay. Mary: I'm mary saladna in for emily riemer. We have a mixed bag, sun, gray skies and heavy rain in some places and everybody has humidity. Mike: Humidity's the story and how oppressive it's been and we'll break it later on tonight but until then we have a flood advisory mainly because we've seen a band of showers around thunderstorms inching their way along and tapping into all that humidity out there and that's why you're seeing downpours. Be cautious about that if you're driving around there could be a lot of ponding on the roadways. This morning most the activity was in the eastern part of the state. See the batch down to the south and it looks like it will miss everything except the extreme outer cape and here we'll see more showers and thunderstorms developing through the afternoon. Look at the connection of moisture to the south. There's a lot of it there. It's a muggy day, muggy weather and showers and thunderstorms this morning and we'll get a bit of sunshine and we'll have scattered thunderstorms and finally clear out towards the overnight hours and talk more about that coming up, mary. Mary: A u.S. Airways flight on its way to belgium after being forced to make an emergency landing at locationan. It was diverted after taking off from philadelphia because the pilots smelled smoke and it landed safely in boston and a new plane was brought in as a precaution. The passengers were reboarded and got underway after 4:00 from logan. A new report claims a program designed to screen for terrorists in logan has turned into racial profiling. According to the new york times more than 30 tsa officers involved in the behavior detection program are not only targeting midde easter easterners and it includes hispanics and african-americans wear baseball caps backwards if it's true they promise immediate and decisive action. On to help lead the nation to better days, it's an honor to announce running mate and the next vice president of the united states, paul ryan. Jim: They launched a whirl win campaign tour and we're learning more about the cloak-and-dagger routine that took him and including ryan sneaking out of the back of his wisconsin home and traipsing through the woods with a suitcase. The choice has both parties talking. Reporter: Mitt romney made his vice presidential announcement against a fitting backdrop selecting the congressman from wisconsin in front of the u.S.S. Wisconsin. Join me in welcoming the next president of the united states, paul ryan, every now and then I'm known make a mistake. I did not make a mistake with this guy. Can tell you this, he'll be the next vice president of the united states. Reporter: The newly-minted duo laughed off the slip-up and dubbed themselves america's comeback team. We'll unite america and get this done. Reporter: And it didn't take long for two to hit the trails. Making several stops in virginia. President obama is the president of the united states and the good news is on november 6 he won't be any longer. Reporter: At age 42 paul ryan is considered a rising star in the republican party. This is the path of prosperity. Reporter: The congressman chairs the house budget committee and the architect of a conservative yet controversial plan to cut spending and revamp medicare. He's a guy that doesn't move positions and that ends up giving credibility to the ticket. Reporter: The ticket travels to north carolina and ryan's home state of wisconsin sunday. In washington, nicole kilian, newscenter 5 Jim: The president is campaigning in chicago and didn't comment on the ryan pick he did meet with top advisers behind closed doors for two hours. The obama campaign was quick to send out an e-mail blast attacking his stands on budget cuts and medicare. Mary: The ticket getting cheers and jeers in the northeast. Amalia barreda found one man on the romney short list. Reporter: Door to door campaigning required remember tom polenti to walk blocks to find anybody home. The minnesota governor once on the potential short list urged support for the running mate finally chosen, paul ryan. I didn't volunteer my time because I expected to be vice president and he made a great pick. There are very few democrats unhappy about the choice. Reporter: Democratic analysts say ryan is the most controversial and will only provide support of fiscal conservatives. It doesn't give him the lift of condoleezza rice. He focuses on the wealthiest americans and not the rest of america. Reporter: And he said whoever was chosen would not change his support for romney. It's great. Reporter: And didn't make a difference to melissa who will not vote republican because she pro-choice. The planned parenthood, you should have a choice. Reporter: And polenti said he'll strengthen the ticket. He has bold idea about getting government spend being reduced and in a responsible way because it's out of control and do things to encourage job providers not discourage them like president obama does. Reporter: Tim polenti is a good soldier around will continue to campaign enthusiastcally for the romney-ryan ticket. Mary: The senate race, elizabeth warren appears to have an edge. Campaign finance reports shows she's taking in more donations from small doners than republican rival scott brown. Most of her campaign cash came from individuals that gave less than $200 compared to 18% for scott brown. Jim: A massachusetts family remember master sergeant gregory trent. He was hurt in a fight with enemy forces in afghanistan. The 38-year-old was a member of the special forces unit and received the bronze star and purple heart and numerous other medals. He is survived by his wife and daughter. Two men behind bars after friday's deadly shooting in brockton. Loni robinson was found slumped over the drivers seat of a car. Two men were arrested and charged in connection with the murder. The shooting stemmed from an argument. Mary: A deadly crash under investigation in andover this morning. 52-year-old marie bushnell of methuen died after a motorcycle she was riding on crashed into two vehicles on route 93. The woman's husband john bushnell was injured and taken to mass general. We're told a 75-year-old man was taking his b garbage out when a tree him hit him on the shoulder. The victim has not been seriously hurt but is being treated at an area hospital. All right. When you think of farming you think of the midwest. Jim: The heartland but the farms right in the middle of boston. Mary: And take a look at this, a dust storm blanketing phoenix. We'll take you there in a few. Jim: More pain for the red sox. The blow inflicted by a local face and Jim: Welcome back.

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