David Axelrod on 'This Week'

The Obama senior campaign adviser on the presidential election.
3:00 | 09/23/12

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Transcript for David Axelrod on 'This Week'
The Obama campaign David Axelrod here with this morning thanks for coming -- to be if you heard chairman previous write their last week defining week for the campaign good week for the Republican campaign. Well. I don't know what prison he's looking through I don't think anybody else would define it. As a good week but it wasn't enlightening week -- -- the week began with governor Romney. Basically slandering 47% of Americans saying that they were you know hooked on dependency you didn't pay their taxes and -- And at the end of the week we -- and manipulating his own tax returns to try and plump up his. Portion of taxes -- to 14%. In Baghdad did not taking the journal Linda -- last two months ago on your own error he said that anybody who didn't take the deductions they were -- wasn't qualified to be present like this -- not qualified because. That's exactly what he did last week. To try and get his number up from nine or 10% to 14%. It's fair to say that a lot of those 47%. That he was so slandering earlier in the week probably pay. More of a higher percentage of their income in taxes overall that he doubts the do you really think there's any any more -- left in this issue. Well look I think that it is. It is important that -- -- we did learn some things from these tax returns in addition to the rate you -- we understood that the guy who goes around America. Saying he's gonna bash China invested in that Chinese oil. State oil company -- the guy who says let's believe in America put his money -- fund that hedges against American treasuries. Root root for failure. Of the America American treasuries. So you know we learn some things but he still hasn't disclosed. Any years before 2010. His father was the one who set the standard twelve years we get in your wife said. You put out one or two years you can manipulate them to give false impressions so the question for people is what the George the bigger issue isn't that he isn't being straight about his own taxes the bigger issue is that he isn't being straight about what is gonna do and everyone else's -- you heard chairman. Previous say we have some specifics coming out of our eyeballs I don't think it reveals is seen. Those specifics five trillion dollar tax cut governor -- has proposed. No specifics on how he would pay for that tax cut. Two trillion dollars in new defense spending. No specifics on how it would pay for that he's -- gonna explode the deficit -- of the middle class or both. At the same time the economy as you know still struggling also -- this week that unemployment rose -- remain the same. In 38 states last month huge problem for the president well look the country's come through a difficult time George we know that. We've to have this discussion before we've come a long way from what we're losing 800000 jobs month with a thirty straight. Months job growth but this is an ongoing project the question is is the for the country right now is is the answer to go back to. Trickle down economics a five trillion dollar unpaid tax cuts skewed to the wealthy. Deregulation of Wall Street the same script we've we played through the last decade or are we gonna keep moving forward and doing the things we need to to rebuild this economy and rebuild the middle class. The Romney campaign in -- can remind people what they say are Obama's failures president Obama's failures in new -- out this morning based on this book. Looking back -- the debt limit crisis last year Bob Woodward's book here's the -- During stimulus negotiations. President Obama pulled his democratic leadership team. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and this president Obama's -- and Nancy Pelosi and -- you. Went on with their meeting ignoring precedent not even listening to what he had to say. If he cannot lead his own party and telling -- -- America. The point present Obama's failed the test of leadership well first vote Nancy blows his. Denied that in -- of the larger point bills got large -- memo that says the larger point hasn't. The larger point is this George. I read today that the ground campaign -- they're gonna doubled down on their attacks on the president. I don't think the problem has been that they haven't attacked the president enough it's not about them tearing down the president they simply haven't offered ideas about how to -- lift up the country and until they do that I think the American people are gonna continue to. Reject him. It was the most interesting -- on the last week came from the state of Massachusetts. -- governor Romney the state he -- just six years -- is 33 points behind your student of history no one has ever won the presidency without carrying their -- state what a harsh judgment from the people who know -- -- one final question he talked about the -- how do you explain the fact in the Gallup poll still shows -- tied race after -- this well look -- bush said it was going to be a close race structurally the way the politics of our country -- set -- we knew it was going to be a close -- were prepared. For a close race -- I can get into the nuances of individual. Polls some have us much farther ahead some have us more narrowly ahead but we're prepared for a close -- we're gonna work every hour of every day. Until November 6 because as chairman -- said there is a lot at stake about the kind of future -- and a half the announcement thanks for coming -- it's great to be --

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