David Plouffe: Romney Campaign Built on 'Tripod of Lies'

White House Senior Adviser says the GOP's attacks on Obama are untrue.
3:00 | 09/02/12

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Transcript for David Plouffe: Romney Campaign Built on 'Tripod of Lies'
Their campaign. Is built on a tripod applies. A welfare attack that is just absolutely untrue. The suggesting were raiding Medicare actually untrue. And then this -- we can't build it nonsense. You know the president as I think everybody in America does believes that a small businesses are built through the drive. And innovation. And hard work. The point he was trying to make -- things like education roads our infrastructure something we all -- together so it's amazing by the way I don't think we are -- a presidential campaign ever. That's built on the foundation of -- -- lines. And I think ultimately they're gonna pay a price -- on welfare it's absolutely untrue. Everyone who look at it. Is outraged that they're making this the president actually. These waivers strengthen work you'd have to get 20% more work in the state even qualify. Now -- to their motivations all leave that to -- it is remarkable that they -- sea journeys as a dog whistle. Playing on racial resentment. Well listen I think that they'll have to answer what they're trying to do I think they are trying to suggest somehow that. You know we're trying to give a bunch of handouts to people which is just not. True this is a president who believes is in his core. That hard work must be rewarded and if people are willing to work harder -- irresponsible what we shouldn't help that but here's the question George. They are whole theory was workers were all whole campaign just going to be economies are great it's Obama's fault. -- -- on this Medicare thing now -- on this welfare I think it's remarkable thing. And and so he didn't talk about welfare in his speech on Thursday night the other thing you didn't talk about welfare didn't talk in the speech which I think is remarkable couldn't talk about the war waging -- Afghanistan. Or our troops which is an amazing thing for someone who wants to be 66 days from now elected as our commander in chief. Not even talk about our troops. Or the world -- Afghanistan and David guest is governor Romney called -- ending of the Iraq -- tragic. Has opposed our plans and Afghanistan. In terms of bringing troops -- we were rich were recovered 33000 in September so that was a huge admission. And I think -- really remarkable thing.

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{"id":17138232,"title":"David Plouffe: Romney Campaign Built on 'Tripod of Lies'","duration":"3:00","description":"White House Senior Adviser says the GOP's attacks on Obama are untrue.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/david-plouffe-romney-campaign-built-tripod-lies-17138232","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}