Democratic strategist: 'Multiple other reasons' beyond dossier for Russia interference investigation

The Powerhouse Roundtable debates this week in politics.
9:30 | 10/29/17

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Transcript for Democratic strategist: 'Multiple other reasons' beyond dossier for Russia interference investigation
We're back with "The roundtable." Joined by Matthew dowd. Katie Walsh shields. Deputy chief of staff in the trump white house. Roland martin, host and managing editor of news one now. Former campaign adviser Karen finney. And Brian kilmeade. A new book out. Andrew yakson and the miracle of New Orleans. Let me begin with you, Matthew. It's pretty clear it's real now. Yeah, another boring week in politics, as it unfolds. I think the whole thing is totally department on who the person is, right? We have no idea. It could go in any different direction. It could be big. Little. The start of baiting somebody bigger. We have no idea what his game plan is in the course of this. And whether it finally reaches Donald Trump. It's not a good thing for any white house to have to deal with this kind of thing. Anything like this takes them off their game. Off where they want to go. Off any message they want on tax cuts or tax reform or anything like that. We'll see it unfold. It does guarantee one thing. This is going far into 2018. Which is a problem for the Republicans to have an investigation on. And Kate, you left the white house before this investigation heated up. Sit your sense they have figured out way to compartmentalize the investigation? As the Clinton campaign did? Yes. They're focused on tax cuts. They're going to make sure they get tax cuts for the American public. The president hasn't spoken about this in the last 48 hours since this leak came out. I think you'll see the white house continue to talk about hole. ING the American public. We have seen the discipline from the president. He just tweeted about Obamacare. Not the Russian investigation. Earlier in the week, Karen finney, you saw the tweets saying collusion now between the Clintons and the Russians. And also, we did learn that the Clintons' lawyer, mark Elias did fund dossier. It came from an American company. That we had -- had originally been funded by Republicans. As you mentioned earlier. I think what's important, though, is less who founded it and what was in the dossier. And as you heard Adam Schiff talk about, a number of the things in the dossier have been V verified. I think regardless, with the announcement about Mueller, what's important is we know there are multiple other reasons there is an investigation. There is a question of obstruction of justice in the firing of Jim Comey. The questions about Carter page. Michael Flynn. Paul manafort. Their communications and meetings with the Russians. Cambridge analytica. They reached out to Julian assange this week. The more it goes on, we learn -- it keeps xwroeing. That is part of the problem. As we also learn that, some folks at the Kremlin actually weighed in on the memo that was part of the June 16 memo. "The New York Times" report. According to Democrats, it's not fake news. There's a lot there. To your question, if someone is marched in Monday, tomorrow, and it is something to do directly with the campaign, I think it's one thing. If it's something about Paul manafor the T and what he did before becoming part of the trump campaign. So, I would -- to the gps situation. We found out it's not a candidate. It was Paul sirng and his free baeken. We found out he was looking at two candidates in particular. He stopped the investigation as soon as Donald Trump locked up the nomination. As soon as he did that, he goes, okay, let's see what happens from the Republican perspective. Then we find out that somebody else picks up the investigation, makes it international. There's a Russian element. There was no Russian element to the free beacon-financed research. Then we're supposed to think that John podesta has no idea that $6 million to $9 million is going out of the campaign, his lawyer says, oh, yeah, I approved that. You're the lawyer sitting next to a client pretending he doesn't know. As Karen knows. Roland knows. I've been highly critical for Hillary Clinton for a long period of time. I think all of us know that. I have to say, we need to give up the David copperfield or Harry houdini award for misdirection in this thing. This reminds me of the uranium deal that's been debunked all along the way. There is no similarity between what Robert Mueller and what the Russians wanted to do and a dossier paid for in part by the Democrats in order to -- Matt, why would you think that? There's no Russian Yan relationship between the dossier and the Democrats. Here is what is laughable. We literally watch a campaign, of folks chant lock her up, that we can have a president under investigation, and hewe're here right now. Will Republicans put patriotism above partisanship. Will conservative media folks speak truth or defend trump at any and all costs. I love how people are complaining about players taking a knee and the flag and excusing what was done. Get to the truth. Whitewater started with one thing and end with another. This is what happens when you go through a federal investigation. Why does patriotism have smz too with trump admitting he's wrong? In is a guy who will knowingly lie and not admit the truth. So what whether he says it, it's relevant to me. The bottom line is this, when you have a foreign country that is clearly, undeniably involved in our election. No, no, no. One second. Excuse me. Excuse me. I'm not talking about that. I'm speaking of Facebook ads. Bots. All of that. We all -- Brian, all Americans should -- all Americans should want the answer and not failing partisanship. Brian lp let Karen get in here. There's a pattern that we have seen time and time again in this administration. You start, you know, you'll see the president tweet about or say something, this week, it was, we need to release all of Hillary's e-mails. Throwing the the smoke screen back on Hillary. By the way, at some point, Donald Trump is going to have to be accountable for Donald Trump the president. Just before the news broke on Friday that Mueller was -- is close to actually bringing charges, I thought, what is it that's about to come out? This pattern we have seen before. Every time there is about to be a new revelation in this investigation, leading right into that, we've got all this blowing of smoke and oh, it's about Hillary. Or, oh, Obama wire-tapped me in trump tower. You saw it coming? Of course. You visit absolutely reversed. What happened over the last three days. Revelations are out, thanks to fusion gps coming forward, prior to releasing their tax records, saying -- It's been over a year. No, they haven't. It was denied by John podesta. The DNC. Two shows in Vegas. Misdirection. Hold on. I'm sorry if you're frustrated. I'm not frustrate FPD truth is imprtant, Brian. Let me finish. I'll tell you the facts. Tuesday, Wednesday, we get the revelations because gps did not want to hand over their records about who financed their international probe into Russia. Tuesday, Wednesday, $3.6 million from the Democrats. And $6 million from Hillary Clinton's campaign. I want to get two facts. So this happens. I love this filibustering scam. He's petty cute, Brian. I do consider myself cute. Brian, hold on a second. I'm stopping this. There are two facts. Two facts at the dossier that we know. We know that it had nothing to do with the intelligence community's findings that Russia interfered with the election. Absolutely nothing to do with that. Number two, we know that nothing in the dossier came out during the campaign. So it had no effect on the campaign. Every intelligence agency said not only did the Russians interveer, they were intersphering to get trump elected and Hillary Clinton defeated. The argument mat that has to be made is that somehow Hillary Clinton and the Democrats contributed to her own defeat. Millions have taken to

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