Sen. Van Hollen: Dems have 'narrow path to a majority' despite difficult Senate map

Two days before the midterm elections, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee chair discusses Democrats' chances of winning the Senate on "This Week."
5:42 | 11/04/18

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Transcript for Sen. Van Hollen: Dems have 'narrow path to a majority' despite difficult Senate map
Now we're gonna bring in the chair the democratic senate campaign committee senator Chris van Holland Merrell center that Hong thanks for joining us this morning is turn to predictions there Toronto McDaniel it is true. The year democratic senators are up against the wall on TJ you. Are you confident. That you can take the senate. What George inside great to be with few here's where we are we have lots of races within the margin of error son back in and make any. Predictions what I can say is that as you discussed earlier on this program. Senate Democrats really face the toughest political map in sixty years so it's remarkable that weren't as strong a position as we are. And that is a testament to our senators and to our senate democratic candidates. Who were running as candidates or we're gonna stand up for there are states that their job. Is to put politics aside stand up for their states sometimes that means working with president trump if it's good for their state. As sometimes it means opposing the president that's bad for their state like the president's effort Republican effort to take away protections for people with. Preexisting health conditions a big issue in. All these races in bid that is a big issue in all these cases you have seen as you said your democratic senator Brian Donnelly and in Indiana is advertising about how much he supporting president trump I I can't. In North Dakota has done the same thing. But seems to be especially high camp in North Dakota punished for the Kavanagh nomination how Democrats handle the kind Kavanagh nomination any regrets. Well first of all never I count Heidi hi camp out in her last election six years ago she was ten points down with a week to go. It's much closer than that in North Dakota don't count her out. The reality is that Heidi hide camp and did as she always does what she thought was the best thing. For the country sometimes that means supporting the president on issues as she did with the earlier justice side gore such and sometimes that means opposing. The president on these issues health. Well Bob Menendez in new juries listen it's a race we haven't talked too much about of course he was indicted later acquitted. And on corruption issues but he has he does seem to be in a tighter race in New Jersey and you would expect. Are you confident he's gonna pull it out are you concerned that he may be holding back. Democratic house candidates. I'm actually confident that among Bob Menendez is will win that race the people of New Jersey have been very clear. They do not want a rubber stamp for Donald trawl and that is what. Bob Menendez is opponent is that has done. And will do and his opponent has spent thirty million dollars of of money that he gained as the CEO or form from pharmaceutical company. Where he really gal edged prices for cancer patients so. That's why you have a competitive race in New Jersey obviously there are other issues Bob Menendez has to litigate but. People of New Jersey do not want to Donald Trump rubber stamp. Democrats hoping they can pick up seats in Nevada and Arizona one of the big X factors there is will look Tina's turn out to vote. Will that. Yes they well and wordy see in their early voting results in those states and you are seeing a good health the up turnout among. Latino voters as well as younger voters in your seeing a pattern. Of good turnout for Democrats and independence. Who were supporting democratic candidates. Around the country George and again. That issue that has been front and center for the last two years the Republican efforts to. Take away important health care protections. That is one that senate Republican candidates. Have been running away from their records on and we're making sure. That people know exactly what they they did which was a vote either in the congress the senate. Or through lawsuits to take away those protections for people with preexisting conditions and I'll also say that the Republican senate leader's comments the other day. About the Republican plan to cut Medicare and Social Security. It gives away there they're playbook that the debt went way up to two trillion dollars as a result of the tax cut for big corporations now they wanna come back. And take it out on people who have Medicare and Social Security you prepare for world Wednesday were Republicans pick up seats in the senate. And George were were prepared for whatever result we have but let me just say that the fact that we still have a narrow path. Two majority is a sea change from a where we were eighteen months ago and as I said it's 'cause our candidates have always said. They'll stand up for their states first and foremost put aside the politics do what's right. And were seen the results here these are some very close races and of course there in states that Donald Trump one. Big and it's a testament to these candidates that they're so focused on what matters to people in her state when it comes to health care. That is not a top down issue it's not like you know president trump going out there and talking about immigration. Try to divide people and by the way. We've just seen a litany of documented false statements and lies from the president. On that issue. But on the health care issue this is a bottom up issue when Republicans. I tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act you've found people in rural areas and rural hospitals say no you found. The American Cancer Society the American Diabetes Association all these local chapters who had nothing to do with politics said. Don't take away our protections for health care and yet Republicans continue to try to do that senator Kristen Holland and much thank you.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"Two days before the midterm elections, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee chair discusses Democrats' chances of winning the Senate on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"58957125","title":"Sen. Van Hollen: Dems have 'narrow path to a majority' despite difficult Senate map","url":"/ThisWeek/video/dscc-chair-sen-chris-van-hollen-58957125"}