'This Week' Web Extra: Crisis in Egypt

ABC News' Martha Raddatz speaks with former Arab League head Amr Moussa.
8:34 | 08/27/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' Web Extra: Crisis in Egypt
We're back again with some of the -- to continue our conversation and I want to turn to Egypt this country about ten days ago. A thousand people killed. Muslim Brotherhood pro RCC supporters. Taken out of the square. What do you think happens now. What -- both of them that. Is the failure in government Egypt and the right in Egypt took sales and into economic bankruptcy and -- execute -- This. Is the conclusion of one you know -- but the most. That has. Schools this public outcry against -- The mass protests against -- most of we have to save this country. Respond to the millions of people that have done this pizza squares all over Egypt's multiples -- details. -- -- -- -- -- the small villages in -- Egypt and -- it did that brought this was done it was so powerful that. That duty downfall of the good news of course these supporters of this about a -- I didn't accept is that what they went on the minority side. They tried to show there support -- The ability there's almost a mother would just fine this is freedom of expression and to have this write about who -- staging his sit in. For weeks and -- levels that have been shall insight on tonight's. And incitement. To hatred. To violinist whose lives etc. this is too much and stick to what -- executed investors put -- if you -- -- the storms. An extensive time was given. Vote -- -- -- due to difficult stool convinced me that. We'll see he does the citizen. Who. Put them into its. Until this week and destroys it. That if -- bulls of the votes of litigation and that's what that light. Former president was -- was in office. Many of powers. And many political forces in Egypt including -- -- The right to tell them that this way is going to and divide that this. Wonderful dumbest thing is to reconsider the way. You are conducting Egyptian office we need and -- -- for government. -- Specialized and efficient ministers. And I told you so but it kind of a nation that brings in everybody and build their presidency. Not challenging them but until that as they couldn't get the message they -- that. Anybody that talks about the change of the government has some. -- motives and his mind and some policy must have been dating game outfitting what took them in with some other -- in order to sort of in -- Sectors they did not get the message. Not that even the debate so. The streets and -- -- at the them pretty. Wed in Egypt was up saying sorry we couldn't accept -- -- -- under such -- they didn't get humans. That was something that was adamant that block they couldn't understand what happens to you you -- on president Obama's displeasure. With what happened here you heard reports that -- -- reconsidering a the military aid Egypt what this is not. Making. An impression sit on the Egyptian. What if you don't want to -- -- We're not going to force but that would suggest. That this might go public relationship between the US and Egypt is so important that this and that I believe -- both sites that. Some decisions like that made in haste and order to satisfy assistant obviously a little bit. This is the only way to -- we have a major -- and the relationship between. The US as the initial followed in the woods as he and Egypt as the major -- in the out of -- And in this custody -- -- us. I am. In favor at all. The assessment. We have to -- -- to assess that relations Richard Lewis. However. I want you to know that the not that is -- -- School. Further explain why they US assistance such a decision since you know I don't seem. Because that's been -- but he didn't win -- what you -- -- estrogen they couldn't really humbled to have it. The question you know the question who we were crossing swords and Egypt and we egyptians afford another you know the same. On the scene -- and -- inefficiency. So was unanimous and also that we couldn't help build vehicles of us but because of Egypt -- that you would it would people slipping and -- And therefore what is the -- We have not. Pulled some demand due to make decisions from the district of -- but the other. We'll -- if you lose -- bulls devices although efforts to concede -- what's different -- that be -- wouldn't succeed. -- -- -- -- -- So what do you want. From Egyptian more than that. And they wouldn't dispersed by force. A lot of excellence multiple news. A lot of books -- is this obviously think the security people -- Egyptian security forces acted. The way they -- -- when it takes two to thank. So the Egyptian security forces. Be sure to be able to vote for the -- but what you have seen people on the roofs these snipers. On the roofs and you have seen weapons and it's quick -- -- but -- about. In particular about. -- security forces have to take that into consideration but I agree with with -- -- advice -- sensible opinion that. There will be split and -- postal. And therefore the security forces have to work. -- had to save the security situation you couldn't live we've -- We're. Six and four weeks and weeks and weeks of repeated themselves got that -- people bringing them like that and I'm saying Pavel. And the place where they I don't I don't in the old neighborhood. So the street closest to the deadly -- old action. Violent action I don't think violence would have. -- just one final question I want to go back to Syria if we could because we were talking a little bit before when the camera was off. Tell me what you think the reaction. In the region would be if there war air -- But -- strike just like that vehicles as that the information has been put before. The authorities can -- in Washington. That does it defeat of what happened default about the longer pollution in Iraq and -- -- -- information about. Community -- A moment and so therefore this has to be -- -- in particular. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Books effective for the -- -- -- -- led the Security Council wouldn't let you decide I that he decides old favorites to decide. In both cases the -- would be head. Perhaps -- that didn't justify the actions. And -- to prevent that be -- -- -- in the war situation in Syria but little before. Within things before the public opinion column public opinion here in this -- Egypt cannot accept. Because of expedience. That yes that has been the issue is that you use -- -- -- that -- Welcome to strike notebook that before the -- we want to view we will need to know want to be short and of course -- all of on this insight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you so much for joining it.

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{"id":20084194,"title":"'This Week' Web Extra: Crisis in Egypt","duration":"8:34","description":"ABC News' Martha Raddatz speaks with former Arab League head Amr Moussa. ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/egypt-news-arab-league-head-amr-moussa-interview-20084194","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}