Gaspard: Pelosi, Schumer 'playing a weak hand exceedingly well'

The Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics on "This Week."
13:16 | 09/17/17

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Transcript for Gaspard: Pelosi, Schumer 'playing a weak hand exceedingly well'
??? It was a discussion. Not a negotiation of agreement. We do not have control of our borders. We need border security and enforcement as part of any agreement. Speaker Ryan not all that comfortable after president trump's dinner with the Democrats. What happened? What did not happen? Jon Karl, welcome back. Katrina vanden heuvel. Alex Castellanos. Patrick Gaspard. And Alice Stewart. Jon, let's begin with the dinner. Second week in a row the president reaches out to Democrat. Knew what he wanted and what he wanted to signal. Is there absolutely. The bottom line is, Paul Ryan and Mitch Mcconnell could not deliver the votes. Not on the the debt ceiling. They can't deliver the votes on doing something on DACA. The president needed to reach out to Democrats. Look what he's done. George, September was to be the month of government shutdown, chaos, default. President trump won September with the help of Democrats. Can he fade the heat from his pace that was enraged? I'm not so sure the base was that enrarnled at all. A lot of the trump-ian leadership. The breitbart-ians. Yeah, sure, they were outraged. Trump voters were sticking with him because he's still the alternative to two identical parties in Washington. The Republican party is so establishment it's saving Obamacare. Patrick, Democrats trust Nancy Pelosi and chuck shumer to get a good deal. Will they stick by it when it comes to something on pain that they have to support? You have to admire as a Democrat, chuck and Nancy, as Donald Trump calls them. They're playing a weak hand exceedingly well. Under Donald Trump, the oval office is a zee Crowe gravity chamber. Zero gravity? This president is unmoord. It's hard to imagine the durability of a deal brokered on performance, not principle. The president said, he still wants to get the wall. Just maybe not this part. There seemed to be disagreement to a path to citizenship. Setting aside the broader approach, is there actually deal to be had on immigration right now? There is. I think he's realizing now, look, the majority of Americans want to accommodate dreamers. We have a large percentage. He needs to recognize that something needs to be done to help. I think we have chuck and Nancy going from the demonized to dealmakers is a step in the right direction for this administration. Republicans have not been able to make deals with the -- regard to health care, tax reform, anything. Here's the difficulty the president has. If he is able to make a deal with Republicans and or with Democrats, to what end? If he can't get the wall. Border security, or verify. There will be backlash from Breitbart and the Steve kings of the world. He needs to include something in this that helps to solidify his hard core base. Can this partnership last? Is it a partnership? It's a tactical alliance. Reagan said trust but verify. Distrust, distrust, exploit. Window of opportunity to help the dreerms. As Patrick said, I think this doesn't hold. You have two parties, one this past week, continues to try on to strip millions of Americans of health coverage. The other is putting out there a medicare for all bill. That would cover millions. There are fundaj many tall differences. Tax deform on hold. We see broad cuts to social safety programs. All kinds of health, nnl, other regulations. I would say let the barkers like Ann Coulter, whiplash themselves into political eye rations. Let Breitbart called him amnesty don. I do think it's out -- it's still too early to tell in he loses his past. I thing he has a shrinking base. It could be political suicide. Or the base goes with trump's party into 2018. The Republicans lose seats. Trump's party doesn't. I have talked to top white house officials. They say citizenship is part of the dreamers's collusion solution is not a redline for Donald Trump. The question is Democrats. There will be no wall funding. He wants money for border security. Does want -- Enforcement. Enforcement. He wants more I.C.E. Agents. Thousands more I.C.E. Agents. This will be portrayed as the dear theation force. If you're sitting in congress, you're not paying attention to Republicans and Democrats. You're looking at the independent numbers. Voters who stayed with trump in the primary and general election, 98% of approval. Those who only voted for him in the general, 66% approval. Only 24% identify as Republicans now. I want to bring that to Alex. Ka between that talks about a two-party season. Donald Trump may be setting up a three-party system. I think we have become Europe. At least a three-party democracy. We have -- trump has taken over the Republican party and remade it in his image. It's a nationalist, populist, outsider's party. Leaving an insider crazy left democratic and a hollow Republican party establishment that has said, we have figured out how to make Obamacare more popular trying to kill it. Trump can't win with 50%. He's figured out that if it's a three-party race in 2020, he can win with 40. He'll always win 40. That's the gee onlity. Republicans may take a beating in 2018. You're right. Donald Trump won't. Trump is not fully untethered from orthodoxys. The girl in the Democrat blue dress. The Democrat party has its own struggles. There's a fight. An ascendant populist wing. I would argue that its proposals are common sense, humane, and majority. Fight for $15. On environ mental. The health care, medicare for all is a very popular bill. I think to attack it is very tough for people who have family members op medicare who have already tried to say Obamacare is socialist and who -- whose tax policies are -- whose tax poll I sis are about -- You said trump supports medicare for all? He has -- He has in the past. He wants to replace Obamacare. What does that mean? We don't know. Bern snooe Sanders talking about medicare for all. This is what Democrats have always wanted. A path way to universal health. This is one step in that direction. I'll hand it to Democrats. They're at least unified on this. This will send a message to Republicans we need to get on board with what we want to do to repeal and replace Obamacare. Right now, it's the graham-cassidy bill to block grant money to the states. I think now that the large majority of Democrats have something on paper that makes sense to them, they should fuel the fire for Republicans. You just mentioned the graham-cassidy bill. We all assumed repeal and replace is dead. This act is coming back. Can it past? They still need 50 votes. You're not going to have Rand Paul. He's going to be against anything. You're not going to have Susan Collins. It may come down the Lisa murkowski of Alaska. There is a renewed effort. I think because trump has shown a willingness to work with Democrats. If the Republicans can't do it, he'll strike a deal with Democrats. I think on Bernie Sanders, he's still not a Democrat. But this is Bernie Sanders' party now. His single payer plan has 15 other co-sponsors. He did this year after year in the senate, nobody was on board. Now any possible democratic presidential candidate in the senate is a co-sponsor sflp we have been fixed on Hillary Clinton's book this week. It's Bernie Sanders. He won. He's changed the dynamics of our politics but made what once seemed marginal, not at the nation, possible. Many of them are going to be 2020 con terpsd. That's where the energy is on the democratic side right now. Let me bring this to you. 2025. Democratic candidates for president. In 2020. I think you could make the argument as of today, the two front-runners are Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. I work forward guy in 2008, a few weeks before his candidacy, there were national stories. He was not featured in most of those stories. We were 25 points down in Iowa and ended up winning. I would not put a lot of stock in -- who is polling well right now today. And I hope that there are 20 or 25 candidate who is run for the democratic nomination because as the Republicans showed in their last contest, the more ideas are litigated inside of primaries, the more -- you have in a general election. Did the president guarantee -- all but guarantee a primary fight in 2020 if he indeed runs with what happened in the last few days snrnlgts I think he has a guaranteed fight with the freedom caucus fight. He's guaranteed a third party Republican establishment candidacy. A John Kasich. A Bloomberg. Somebody defending the principles of the Republican party. How much longer, Mitch Mcconnell and Paul Ryan, do they stand behind president trump? I think right now, they're facing a lot of pressure to really stand for something. Get something done. They're getting a lot of pushback for their inability to get something done with regard to repeal and replace Obamacare. Tax reform. Budget. Look, they need to get on board or get out of the way. I think right now, if they don't get on board with the president, clearly, the president is willing to work across the aisle to get things done. And if that's what's -- what he's going to do, I think it's in the best sbres of -- They're not going to get anything done on tax reform. The number one objective. They're utterly divided on that. And look, Paul Ryan had the opportunity to get to the right of president trump on immigration this week. He had the opportunity to get out there and say, we need, you know, we need wall funding. Tougher border security. It was an opportunity for him to get to some of that Republican -- Republican base that was so skeptical of him. Breitbart is praising Paul Ryan. Yeah, there's a civil war inside the Republican party. The Democrats are not going to cut deal on tax reform. The thing that trump put out there, the one-pager, is a recipe for just more inequality. A failure for working people. There is a -- but, you know. He didn't really say that clearly. He pulled it back. I think we're overreading trump's kind of not being a Republican. He has given the Republicans an enormous amount on -- on -- And be careful. Donald Trump son highway to becoming as much your problem as he is the Republicans problem. He's our problem, actually. Exploit this moment to help dreamers and find opportunities. It's limited. His loyalty is a -- This is not about ideology or partisanship. He's like a sun flower. He'll lean wherever there is adulation. He wants a deal. And the media, who is praising him for trying to find deals. We're more like lig with this panel to influence Donald Trump than anything that's happened in the chambers of congress. Chuck and Nancy. 67 years of Wheeling and dealing in Washington. Donald Trump, a lifetime of Wheeling and dealing in business. Who pulls the the rug out from underneath the other one first? We have to end it on that. When we come back, more with

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