GOP Debate Preview

Donald Trump is exchanging barbs with fellow contenders ahead of the next face-off at the Reagan Library.
1:58 | 09/13/15

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Transcript for GOP Debate Preview
We begin with 2016. It's "Your voice, your vote," and some astonishing Numbers in our brand-new ABC news/"washington post" poll, revealing just how tight the race is between the two front-runners. Take a look -- in a Hillary clinton/donald trump matchup, Clinton is in front. But statistically they're essentially even. Clinton with 46%. Trump with 43%. And perhaps just as striking, a stunning gender gap for both candidates. Trump winning men by 15 points. Clinton up by 21 points among women. Meanwhile, a key question this morning, with a critical gop debate just three days away, can Donald Trump keep his front-runner status or is someone else ready to steal the spotlight? It won't be Rick Perry, who Friday became the first to drop out, but it could be Dr. Ben Carson, another outsider, now surging in the polls and taking new shots at trump. Dr. Carson will join us shortly. First, the latest from ABC's Jon Karl. I'm a Reagan conservative. Reporter: Republicans will no doubt pay tribute to the gipper when they assemble at the Reagan library for this week's debate. But they is today sotretched. .They'reorking T jobs; they'rworking trhoura but pa Reporter: Trump then went nuclear on Carson, calling him boring, heavily involved in abortion which isn't true, and even questioning the renowned the brain surgeon's medical records. He's overrated as a doctor. Reporter: One republican did try embracing trump this week, Ted Cruz inviting the Donald to the rally against the Iran nuclear deal in D.C. But Cruz told us the real reason. Why did you have Donald Trump in this rally? Well, it's not complicated. Number one, I like Donald. Number two, everywhere Donald brings he brings a hundred television cameras with him. Reporter: And on Friday, he made his late-night debut as a candidate. It's a big debate but I'm always ready. It's not big, it's huge! Reporter: How huge? Once again, it will be Donald Trump at center stage. For "This week," Jonathan Karl, ABC news, Washington.

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"Donald Trump is exchanging barbs with fellow contenders ahead of the next face-off at the Reagan Library.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"33725959","title":"GOP Debate Preview","url":"/ThisWeek/video/gop-debate-preview-33725959"}