'(GOP) will have to live with the ramifications of what they did yesterday': Christie

The Powerhouse Roundtable breaks down the latest news on “This Week.”
16:35 | 02/14/21

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Transcript for '(GOP) will have to live with the ramifications of what they did yesterday': Christie
The people who stormed this building believe they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their president. And having that belief was a foreseeable consequence of the growing crescendo of false statements, conspiracy theories and reckless hyperbole which the defeated president kept shouting into the largest megaphone on planet Earth. For him to get up there and make this indictment against the president and then say, but I can't -- I can't vote for it because it's after the fact, no, we didn't choose, you chose not to receive it. Mitch Mcconnell and Nancy Pelosi reacting to the verdict let's talk about it with our roundtable. Chris Christie, Rahm Emanuel, Republican strategist Sara Fagen and democracy for CEO Yvette Simpson. Chris, let me begin with you, that was kind of a stunning speech from Mitch Mcconnell after voting to acquit yesterday. Pick up on what I talked about with senator Cassidy. What does the verdict say, what does say about the divisions in the Republican party? Well, I think no matter what happens, George, after you lose the house, the senate and the white house, there are going to be divisions in your party. Part of those divisions are driven by Donald Trump's personality and his behavior. Part of that is by losing. There's always going to be a blame game for losing. The divisions are caused by all of that. Listen, I listened to senator Mcconnell's speech, I don't think it was surprising, he's been saying that same kind of thing for quite some time. I think that Democrats would have been better off pursuing censure. I think it would have been able to have the Republicans have an opportunity and the Democrats to make a very strong statement together on this. That's not by the boards. Republicans will have to live with the ramifications with what they did yesterday. But so will Democrats. Do you think senator Cassidy's right that more will come to the view? Yes. Yvette was shaking her head. We have agreed before, we don't. Donald Trump got away with murder here, plain and simple. If the Republicans had a Democrat in that seat they would have broken the rules, created new rules, and they would have made it happen. The idea that people who support it -- You really believe he's embolden? His statement says, I'm coming back, make America great again. We got away with murder. We can do anything. That makes me scared. We got that done, let's pass some half measure on health care. I'm very, very worried about what this means. He's not emboldened, this was terrible for him. And no matter what he did in office that was good, this is what he's going to be remembered for. Republicans by 20 points over the course of one month have said they don't think he should run for president in 2024, he has lost significant ground in the Republican party, he's still an important figure. Do you think a run is possible? I think -- look, there's an argument that he needs to run because he has so many legal trouble if he's a candidate for office, he can at least -- Raise money to pay his legal bills. Raise money and pay his legal bills. And fall back on the argument that this is just political, this is more of the political witch hunt that he's been experiencing for his entire four-year period. I don't know how that plays out, but that's one reason he may George, couple points. One, the last time, in 1932 when Roosevelt won, the last time the party, the Republicans lost the presidency, the senate and the house, that's how far back you go in this moment of time. Second, he won't run, but he's going to spend the next two years on retribution, he's going after every Republican that either said something bad or voted against him, god bless him, you didn't want to cut him off, that's what's coming to the Republican party. I figured out my hannukah gift for every Republican in the senate, JFK's book profile in courage. On January 6th you called for censure immediately, was it a mistake to do impeachment instead of censure? They should have done both simultaneously. They could have send it to the committee the impeachment and immediately brought up both the censure and the vote on the 14th amendment. That would have banned him from running again, which is where 86% of American people are and had a moral judgment. I agree with Yvette, there has to be a moral judgment that when you aid and abet directly an insurrection on the united States government that's wrong, whether it's legal, which I don't believe it's legal, but there's a moral judgment of wrong versus right. But here's the thing, they had the chance to do that but they didn't. They should have left impeachment aside. The voters accomplished what the democrs were trying to accomplish. The American people see impeachment as removal. They don't see it as anything else. Right, but Republicans who voted yesterday and the managers made this point, this is the most consequential vote of their life, are they going to regret a not guilty vote? It depends on where you're from and I think in certain parts of this country they won't regret and other parts they may. That's a political judgment. Historic judgment than a political judgment. Listen, it depends on who writes the history. I said this to the president last summer, if you don't change your behavior, your behavior will obscure any accomplishments you've had as president and now that's what happened. That's what happened. That's a moral judgment on him, too, because he has to live now with the idea that's going on. One last thing on censure, they would have put Republicans in an impossible position not to vote for censure. George -- go ahead. It's Valentine's day. Look, I think -- I think a lot of these folks legitimately do believe this was unconstitutional, it was convenient that they believe that. I think the real test is going to come as we get into the throes of the next presidential campaign. Which is probably a year-ish away. Are these people -- who's going to back whom? Are any of these individuals going to back Donald Trump if he runs? If one of his kids run by chance. I don't think so. Yes, they will. I don't think so. Donald Trump -- Nikki Haley this week, she stood by him for the most part except for charlottesville. She came out and cut all ties -- She's saying that today. Donald Trump has always as you say been the person that he is and he's always surprised people even though he's always said he's coming. That statement is I'm coming, know that I'm coming. He said stand back and stand by. Show up and people did. Storm the capitol and they did. Now he's coming back, he's always said who he is and then he shows up as that person. Did the seven Republicans who I think voted under conscience represent the future of the party I think fundmentally it's a last gasp. This is Donald Trump's party. He's not going to let go of that and this is going to be your bargain as Republicans, two of you are going into a museum, you're going to be like the historical facts, this is Donald Trump's party. And here's the thing that happened -- they're scared of primaries, and it's going to be a problem because the Republican party is going to culturally take a whole group of voters and culturally set them loose. Whether we're smart as Democrats to grab them, and Donald Trump is not leaving this, he's a narcissist, he's not leaving the stage and he'll dominate. And you guys can't shake him. The challenge for the party in the future is to separate message from the messenger. They'll say, everything that he did and everything about him is wrong and bad and we must dispense with it. The people who make the mistake on to other side that plays both sides -- What's the it that hold that base to president trump? I think for a lot of those people they like what they did and there are a lot of people who I've spoken to who say, I don't like him but boy I liked the way he pushed some of those people around there. Chris, you would agree, in the last month, the Republican party by Republicans has taken a 15-point drop. This is a problem for the Republican party. That's a big problem. After an election. It's a problem but it's the early days of an administration. And look, Joe Biden get a great inaugural address. He preached unity. The first thing he did was push a covid bill and refused to negotiate on Republicans on anything. Making her happy. Oh, my good. Look, if we can't get ten Republicans to agree to impeach the president -- But the loyal opposition is going to have a lot of material to work with over the next couple of years and so, if the minorities in the house and the senate can come together and put one foot in front of another every single day and fight the Biden agenda that will help the party move forward, it's not going to solve our problems overnight, but it's what needs to happen until there's a new standard bearer. The question is, what does this mean for Joe Biden? Rahm, it looks like this covid relief bill is going to pass as a apartisan vote. First of all, that's okay it passes that way as I say, the fact is, you got to get your scorecard on bipartisanship, it was a core piece of your character and authenticity as a chief executive is key. One, appoint Republicans, you know, in other parts of the administration. Not cabinet. He didn't do it in the cabinet. There are other places. It's a big government. Two, like in 2007, take the minimum wage that won't make it through reconciliation, pair it with Republicans' small business ideas, that bill passed in 2007, and third, any changes to the reconciliation include Republican ideas and highlight it for the public, and fourth, and he obviously knows this, because the first meeting he had was with Republican senators and the public took note, and the fourth thing, embrace Romney's ideas on the tax credit. In my view, you can't take a blow to your character and it was -- bipartisanship wasn't a tactic. He hasn't done it yet. The very first thing he did was let Republicans in and the first thing they did was low ball the offer. Take care of impeachment. The idea that he has a majority he needs, he needs to show up for the American people. 2022 is around the corner. Push through the agenda that you need to. Say the Republicans weren't there and they need to be replaced. Right now, if he doesn't get big things done, he'll be held to account. He had the trifecta. Mcconnell wants -- Republicans will take this much and make this much happen. This is why we're alive and well. This is why. This is why. Because right now -- At least we're fighting -- you're fighting about insurrection and we're fighting about health care. Here's the thing, right now, three weeks into a new administration, the Republicans are operating in a vacuum, there's nothing to respond to yet, because trump has overriden that because of the impeachment. Now, we're going to be responding to this fight. And one of the things that you were saying was the impeachment trial helped Joe Biden. No question. It helped Joe Biden because it forestall our ability to be able to respond to things that we think are not right for the country. So I have nearly the pessimism that my buddy Rahm has about Republican party. Is that my Valentine's day to gift? Buddy. When the Republicans will recover is when the Republicans get back on talking about the things they believe in, things they want to talk about, I have had to come on this show for four years and your first question to me always about something that Donald Trump said, did or tweeted. That's not going to be the case over the couple of years. It's just not. No matter how much Rahm thinks that Donald Trump is going to dominate the party -- Now it's going to be Marjorie Greene. The last month, you had either Donald Trump, congresswoman Greene or Republicans going after Liz Cheney and if you think that ends starting on Monday morning -- Donald Trump being banned from Twitter is not a small thing. Not at all. We can have a debate about censorship that's deeply concerning in this country. I think most people are glad that Twitter banned him. 145 Republicans stood with Liz Cheney. It wasn't like they stood with Marjorie Taylor Greene, wasn't like they stood with freedom caucus votes on that issue. They stood with Liz Cheney, 145 of them. Tt's right. If as Rahm said, pursuing bipartisanship is a character issue for Joe Biden, where can he do that in other way and Covid relief. Republicans and Democrats are suffering under the weight of this package. For Republicans to come in and lowball that offer, folks that are suffering, thaw that should have been unifying. Let's start with that. $800 billion hasn't been distributed yet. It's not an either or. This is my point, you could, Cindy McCain, let's be real, as an ambassador. That's great, minimum wage isn't going to make it through reconciliation. I don't think $15 should just sit on the side of the road, put it with some small business things that Republicans said, put it on the floor, you'll get bipartisanship. The public will be happy with progress. Democrats are already negotiating our own position on $15 an hour unfortunately. We don't need the Republicans to do that -- This covid stimulus package is bloated, it's fat, it should fail. Here's the reality, think about it, there are $130 billion for school reopening and the teachers union, you know, basically shoved it to Biden and said, no. So we're now going to give money to public schools that aren't going to open. To protect the teachers and the families. The CDC says that the schools could have reopened months ago and the only reason they didn't in my state and in other states is because of the teachers union saying they don't want to go back. And you know who that's hurting, urban kids. Urban kids -- Putting themselves at risk. Urban kids aren't being educated in this ccumstance. Teachers need to go back to work, too. That's right. If the guy loading my produce at the supermarket can go back to work, a teacher can go back and start teaching our urban kids. Follow the science. Dr. Fauci joins us live next. Thank you very much. It's great to have you. Great to be back, George.

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