Gov. John Kasich says Roy Moore shouldn't be 'standard bearer of the Republican Party'

"The party ought not to be for this," Kasich told "This Week" co-anchor Martha Raddatz.
1:31 | 11/12/17

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Transcript for Gov. John Kasich says Roy Moore shouldn't be 'standard bearer of the Republican Party'
I want to start with whip Roy Moore. In Alabama. Hewitt said his actions be it the actions described make him unfit. For office so you believe. Those accused. Look you have some corroboration. And we're not talking now about. Can convict somebody of some criminal offense it's just really a matter as to whether he ought to be he ought to be the candidate the standard bearer of the Republican Party. And I I just think he shouldn't be and I hope that the people of Alabama the party officials will look at it again and and but this is not about you know Obama or left wing I just don't believe that it is and I'm saddened by it I mean on. The father of two two twin daughters and I just think it's inappropriate and I would just. Really would like it if he stepped aside that that you also tweeted that the GOP. Must not support I don't think they should I mean I think he should step aside on missile. He should it he can continued it to defend himself but I think Garrett. You know at the end of the party ought not to before this and give somebody else's chances I think it's a better a better situation. It's too late really to take his name off the ballot and replace them with any what can you imagine. The Democrats getting the seat known I don't know that Lisa Murkowski ran as a write in candidate and Alaskan she won so you know let's let's see work goes but you don't everything in life can't be about you know. You know who wins an election I mean it just can't be that way.

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{"id":51095927,"title":"Gov. John Kasich says Roy Moore shouldn't be 'standard bearer of the Republican Party'","duration":"1:31","description":"\"The party ought not to be for this,\" Kasich told \"This Week\" co-anchor Martha Raddatz. ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/gov-john-kasich-roy-moore-standard-bearer-republican-51095927","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}