'There's Too Much Government in My Life'

ABC News' John Donvan on the historical debate over the government's role.
2:32 | 12/18/11

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Transcript for 'There's Too Much Government in My Life'
Right now we got a government so big and so expensive you listen to this. Team big government let's call it. Big government economic. Policy. Maybe -- is the word. Yeah. And how does this not feel as though we -- stuff in -- The -- we hope this debate already didn't Reagan say thirty years ago government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem. And fifteen years ago didn't Clinton basically concede the arrow of big it is over. Didn't Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson come out of the very founding itself drawing America's first partisan battle line. Because Hamilton had big plans for a strong central government leadership by elite a stretch of the constitution. While Jefferson he wanted to keep our local and limited and exactly -- program the constitution -- and expect no more. But guess what. Hamilton dies in a dual. Jefferson becomes president and then he starts enlarging things like America itself buying land rights from France like the national debt which got bigger as a result. And the size of the government -- they had to keep adding chairs to the president's cabinet from five in Jefferson's time the number grew to seven by 1853. Ten -- 1903. Then comes the new deal. The only thing we have group there. A broken economy it was government to the rescue Social Security -- the financial industry slapped with new rules and the view that it was a good thing to spend to save the system it touched that thing inside us that says when something's not right CNN Hollywood way to captured in -- line. Should be lawlessness. Mae West -- -- little Chicopee will once we got plenty of them and rules and regulations and restrictions and limits and codes and requirements. And agencies and boards and commissions and departments that -- and watch and police and enforce and inspect and approve. Or disapprove. Who -- -- well if you needed it if you needed the federal government to force open the school -- door. If you needed those checks the government handed out after the gulf oil spill if you hated -- airlines could keep you on the runways for hours until the government told them they couldn't. If you need the parking space that federal law mandates in front of stores. Then well it's you who wanted it. Or maybe not not when this agency gets into it because there is a price to be paid for all of this and -- we can't really --

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{"id":15182961,"title":"'There's Too Much Government in My Life'","duration":"2:32","description":"ABC News' John Donvan on the historical debate over the government's role.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/government-life-15182961","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}