Great American Debate: Part III

Rep. Paul Ryan, George Will, Rep. Barney Frank, and Robert Reich.
10:07 | 12/18/11

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Transcript for Great American Debate: Part III
Welcome back to the great American debate the resolution on the table there is too much government in my life and right now we're gonna talk about. -- government should be in terms of individual liberties and privacy we have a question to my right. I'm a preschool teacher in a university town where. Dangerous driving is an issue -- read headlines I was leaving town that the camera red light camera surveillance. -- she was not approved and my question is blend is safety. From. Personal people feel that's an invasion of privacy needs to be videotaped. We use it -- at convenience stores many many places these its case criminals -- eminently sensible. -- -- -- I -- I'm worried actually by the promote -- proliferation of cameras following through our lives. -- to listen -- -- that when you say windows X trump personal liberty almost never. What is a matter of saving lives. I don't wanted to make safety. Parallel with -- to -- on trumped personal liberty. I would welcome -- I believe it was that complicated and we -- -- driving your car because that advocate doesn't. But I would assume good you're gonna sign on with me and mindful on -- -- the criminal penalties on the use of marijuana. And on stopping these terrible regulation of the Internet which -- -- adult that they can't gamble. And frankly -- whether right wing. Is very much for big government they're the ones who want to regulate personal choices. Birth control whether you would be -- abortion which in to a controversial. They want to regulate the use of birth control as -- -- gambling. Private sexual practice in who can get married I have never understood. Why -- heterosexuals who want to get married. Believe that if I would marry -- man they would somehow -- interest in their lives I have not I'm not aware. What mighty attractive. -- would be that fill in fact it is the case. There's also the case and what's in the military again -- don't get to take up on that but it a major reason for the expansion American. Government. Taxation and -- He's an over will be expanded American military which it committed all over the world to accomplish all kinds of social and economic purposes far beyond defense but let's talk about individual -- -- gambling marijuana personal sexual practices. What people can be -- the case where frankly it is the right -- particularly that this social issues component to the right way. That -- been the ones forced -- big government. But this is another issue area where so called liberals and conservatives actually I don't feel all that much differently. I mean for example when we talk about surveillance -- most people do not want cameras -- most people want to be able to count on their individual freedom. Most people don't like the idea. That is contained in the new defense. -- authorization act that any American could be deemed an enemy combatants. And lose all of his or her rights with regard to -- indefinite suspension. He habeas corpus and that's not the America we know -- About what some people see is a pack notes that the Wright Brothers and Big Brother has ended so it wants to keep the you know government out of the boardroom but in the bankruptcy so so look. Big Brother isn't it I find it inching up my friends in -- -- say that they're the ones where the opponents of Big Brother -- -- when they're passing all of these laws to take power from individuals in the -- to Washington. When we get into social issues that's a -- -- a different debate about what we believe are the origins of life and things like that. I noticed -- -- a big thing with the national defense with the Defense Department. That's the primary function of the federal govern you may not likely to will be here in Afghanistan. -- -- constitution -- this time last week -- this this time last week I was in Helmand Province with -- Marines. -- in Afghanistan. I'm when they're out there fighting for our liberties our security depriving safe havens for terrorists who can come and attack again you might not like that. -- whenever they probably thought beyond that put it -- -- -- it is a primary goes far beyond that otherwise talking about the construction of society I am in favor of the military stopping bad thing from happening and shooting bad guys with drones and elsewhere. But they are far beyond that into construction of society and it trying to build that well we -- still many blocking debate of policy yes let's do that we talk about. Iraq. And Afghanistan is going to be lining -- -- -- any rock. Still leave I'll probably deserving only government can do national defense is a primary -- finally got I don't -- doesn't mean we have to would have -- would you that would. Manitoba. Has the like yeah -- thinking this that you it is pretty. Vote. Good morning and this is a great -- I an evangelical Christian minister from Fredericksburg Virginia I'm president of an organization called the new NATO partnership for the common good. And so I'm interest in finding common ground and -- Not finding a hole here but I think it's a great discussion might question is that there's a great care -- and congressman -- mentioned that -- -- is this. Two pieces of economic information came out this week one. That we are a nation of haves and have -- 48% are now poverty or working pork that's the first point the second point is that. We don't believe that as Americans the percentage according to Gallup that actually know that this. Paradox exists this great income inequality has fallen. And -- my question is isn't as a great American delusion. And an inconvenient truth that we deny at our -- In Claudia falls -- we have less economic growth. That's the paradox but what we're trying to say is as conservatives is what do we do to set the conditions for economic growth so we have upward mobility. So that people can rise to society. We have a dynamic society in the American economy. Where people move all around an income groups people who are thought don't always stayed there -- people in the bottom don't stated the question is. What are we doing to make it as easy as possible for people to ride to the rank -- in the most of their lives or remove those. There is definitely not nearly enough yes economic growth is -- necessary but not as a -- division we now read. -- careful working mothers is being cut by this assault on taxation. Community Colleges are being cut pell grants are being cut I am talking about those -- which will allow people. Who were not in -- -- incentives to move forward. And holy the government will do that that needs to be sufficient public spending for Community Colleges which are generally overwhelming Republican to -- And are being cut back now on programs for low income people. For working mothers to have daycare it is precisely those things that enabled some people who are not now fully participating in this world. To participate that in the victims of some of the -- would. Budget beyond this -- -- can you sort of -- ask about civil liberties and civil rights one of the great. One of the great and and -- things this federal government has ever done. -- to do the voting rights act in the Civil Rights Act. Making sure -- that there is upward mobility and equal opportunity for people with not only based on race and religion. Based upon disabilities based upon sexual preferences. I mean. If we did not have those laws. This country would not be as strong as it is now and we wouldn't have the upward mobility -- -- you know him. -- financial and marijuana good -- with me. -- -- if you want to smoke marijuana and don't. -- -- what you -- -- make you totally you know first of all on the Internet gambling as you know I'm on via a supporter of the Barney Frank bill yet. With regard to marijuana I need to know more about. Whether it's a gateway drug do other drugs -- need to know how you're going to regulate it whether you're gonna advertise I would open to the room it. If you're gonna round belonged to OJ gateway the gateway anything. That and let's put it where that's that's the -- whistle -- -- which -- a very. Anti libertarian argument the fact that if somebody's doing something that's not in itself long. That it might be made on to something else -- -- -- something -- not -- -- -- smoking marijuana with our allies who you're calling -- a cop -- is uncommon quest for information and I want to comment throughout the -- on decade. I understand liberalism is a version information because it often doesn't go -- their guerrilla are very good understanding this tool time you know you're -- Medicare how much longer are we gonna have to wait for you to make up your mind but. But what I want to get but. To the issue of social -- I think it is -- good is it clear on. They want to tell people Oregon. The real -- and big government who can have sex with who cannot marry what can I read what can I hope you guys on the -- -- all of you but it's the conservatives want to -- true opportunity they aren't Christian. The basic function of the government this government has in the -- enables social and operate -- this is -- governments know what to do. Education. Health care to create the basis -- right. Can you can you don't you think that's what it it should be involved. Their three point -- would make -- very quickly number one the math just doesn't add up. All these tax increases are talking about -- bush tax cuts expire in the top it would pay for 8%. Of the president's plan deficit spending. Solar rays detected this -- spending that never catches up we're gonna -- nine point five trillion dollars of deficits over the next ten years of the president has his way the second point is. But stop subsidizing the wealthy. Stop crony capitalism stop corporate welfare sit -- means test -- entitlement programs in the third point is. Let's get out of this class division rhetoric it's bishop it's it's dangerous. We should not be speaking to people as if they're stuck in some class and of the government's here to help them cope with their lives particularly appealing to people's sense of upper mobility our federal virtually complained and that it was dangerous to talk yeah that is -- -- -- closing arguments.

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