Green Room: Gingrich on the Rise

Sam Donaldson, Cokie Roberts, Michael Gerson and Jonathan Karl.
5:53 | 11/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Green Room: Gingrich on the Rise
The Republicans keep looking for somebody other than Romney and it's likely that Gingrich himself distracted at that point they'll be looking for somebody else and maybe Rick Perry has enough money and maybe hasn't made enough clubs lately. That he can come back out but it's not. And Paper. -- -- Perry is the challenger -- right you can attract Tea Party support contract and enjoy local support business conservative business support. But it's been skills problem and I don't think consulting that that challenge whenever I'm in Iowa and South Carolina. People to say I can't imagine him on the stage with Obama during the debate starts -- -- brilliant. Texas for a long time its critics have set up. Rick Perry's dumber than -- post and I know it's there the coast. -- -- But he hasn't everything's going -- hidden taxes may very popular won reelection. For governor. But actually he -- for instance it's not just immigration that part -- -- he -- actually. Make certain young girls about twelve years of age inoculated against the virus known to cause cervical cancer well in the -- People who have been very -- but really -- stay out of our lives or -- cents. Ivory younger. Look I'm I -- Rick Perry is very very steep climb but but let's remember he is -- got it has the most resources. And there is the Rick Perry super pac. Which we don't know exactly how much money they pat but I heard it's north of fifteen million dollars there's a lot. Perry has the resources to mount challenges Romney and Gingrich doesn't have -- but he. Try. Because -- don't think he is yes fund -- I think is already try to but he he's already got. My form I think that guy's -- saint -- South Carolina evil people need a few million dollar annually and do a lot of advertising we have seen that yet to make it. Presentation is so much remember George Romney when he said brainwashed. With Rick -- it looked me one word one moment and just lives on whether or not -- simply being kept. -- -- -- -- He can't stand back here to ask questions asked him so he. Yes answer but he's just think -- just kind. The safely can but he is always the danger that he can't it can't play it safe -- 6% after the. Gotta you've got to move up you know -- talk about Gingrich. -- the guy. Well you know this problem it's the lack of discipline. It's all about an event in Iowa and where he was. Criticizing Paul and more. I don't -- You're right right. And calling for the abolition of certain federal circuit courts -- provoke it -- is -- shoppers. I don't think there's no health. Bremer is -- on the -- Who won the presidential medal of freedom. I don't know strategy that would produce these points that Gingrich -- even -- -- leads with its intellectual and yes it's. Sometimes but it. Are sometimes it gets him into trouble but so does he I think in public. And did you did you like its position on education basically repealing. Aspects of child labor laws. So that kids -- -- -- but. Orphanages. Tonight program many years ago it is leaving his speakership. When he got the issue he talked kids are well there are orphanages and because of them -- This week this moment but I do think that Gingrich has come off in this immigration argument. With. I'm fairly well in my -- goes -- here is. Both Gingrich and Romney supported. Bush is the same reason that. Which -- cut a path this ship and never -- and what looks very simple case I don't I think it really hurt him. What is his plan -- Tell -- because the wrong thing to say -- -- -- Secret plan to end the war I think there. A little Richard Nixon never sit secret -- plant -- -- the Viet Cong disclosed. -- -- Have a plan for -- went back if that's what he wants to do most of the or maybe he wants to keep -- but not the Gingrich some other things don't we have an obligation as reporters to ask the good governor what is plan. -- I think. He said. I think it be a mistake. Starts. Earlier Myers once criticized hands and you need a lot of things -- -- -- -- voters that. -- -- -- -- She moved to criticism. And it's your voters are looking for specific plans about I don't -- that's -- -- and save time. -- -- -- -- Actual plan that plan didn't necessarily you know last long but -- people want -- specific plan. And I think that's a big problem for Romney -- almost -- The debt -- super committee immigration. Is if he wants to play -- safe place if that is the question is President Obama. Plan because -- -- these past years there have been times it is clear that he couldn't -- either. It is ludicrous Republican budget. But was defeated by the senate 97 to zero yeah. Popular and is it al-Qaeda. Exactly. --

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{"id":15035789,"title":"Green Room: Gingrich on the Rise","duration":"5:53","description":"Sam Donaldson, Cokie Roberts, Michael Gerson and Jonathan Karl.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/green-room-gingrich-rise-15035789","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}