Green Room: Gingrich Slides, Romney Rises

George Will, Donna Brazile, Austan Goolsbee, and Laura Ingraham.
6:52 | 01/29/12

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Transcript for Green Room: Gingrich Slides, Romney Rises
When your world. We'll do. Pencil on on Sheldon Adelson -- here's the Las Vegas casino owner who has written two checks for five million dollars to pack. How if you can keep. -- moving around there's going to be a solid conservative dissent vote against. Mitt Romney but there are no big events there's only one more debate -- -- February 22. Debates are where -- thrives because Newt has worked one pedal on the organ very effectively and that is attacking me and beat him in -- crybaby but it works for certain. Conservative audience. But beyond that seems to me -- as the pace homes down the Romney momentum and machine become more real. Fifty state strategy of Romney -- a kind of -- going and it's like oh -- troops to strategic yet to connect north that conservative base and maybe he needs to connect better the conservative base but the long term strategy meticulously planned caucus after primary after caucus. It in the end it it it can usually work and it's hard to come up against you don't have the money and you don't of the organizers. And you're not on the ballot in Missouri and not have valid and Virginia. -- -- before that calendars. Here they're both gaps and what was it was seven or eight states notice before Super Tuesday. Caucus states in the way Michigan's oh. You know -- could lose -- -- But here's the problem an audit to secure the nomination he. Like 101. Would. And mine. Members that well that's. We're checking. -- Fuzzy math now though it means. I try to get a little those who have fallen. Population it will take it on until. April. To secure. Although 1000 out. -- an analyst southern states sure brilliant response. Bill enjoys took the depends -- where -- is in this process for him when people Begin to see that. Romney is going to be nominated and I think when he does campaign -- the tone we heard this morning. That Mitt Romney is a -- you know that's harsh stuff -- getting away from hitting a -- -- news media and well that's right and and I think Republicans are gonna recoil. -- each other -- -- defense I'll say. Look you know they try to say I hated Reagan they tried to say that. And -- that that's optimistic that the fact politics is brutal and it when you're the candidate is complaining about how brutal as easily won his. -- -- -- Republicans that the -- along with the Republican candidates spent about thirty million dollars. And of that sixteen million. Of those ballots that then aimed at destroying the -- so I think that in the debate isn't good case to make -- the Republican Party. Destroy him the question becomes maybe lord -- yeah that's what happens to fifteen point what -- solid momentum what happened to the so called grassroots movement. He wasn't really a movement -- was -- just you know the Hollywood the -- They don't have the power. -- -- Mitt Romney is not a Tea Party candidate and that about 27%. Republican Party -- -- still believes that the tea Tea Party. In Houston tea parties in they have a lot of energy. You know don't call establishment but in a more moderate view -- conservatism. Seems to get nominated every time and that's just a fact that the Tea Party doesn't have this -- the great strength that well we'll -- -- It's too soon to say that that if the Tea Party with -- draws its enthusiast and says we're gonna concentrate -- -- in the senate. And fight again on our bench is stronger in 2016. That what that she's already. What a surprise to justice. Ready yet. Absolutely. He is going to. I think he's -- to want him running mate who can connect with the people he can't that is the Republican base. In 2000 -- Republicans cut 63%. Of the vote whites without college education that is the Republican race. And that's exactly the -- he can't connect and in part this is the case -- Chris -- Mark. I don't think so. Well once again I'm going to go home today enjoy myself -- Sports and not worried because of Republicans will affidavit was. Excellent grades. Destroy each other. It's me in mind -- -- -- neighbor into another Obama record at all and it -- at all. -- -- -- Obama. I think it will go back into the back rooms of their houses I'm not sure -- there. Of love them or not voters for our identity courtesy that are discussed that witnesses and. It's appalling acts like. -- -- thanks art and now. Look at the votes he's received -- -- in the first three it is young voters. In. Well. I -- it will not amounts. -- Barack Obama. Violent and the president has this. And if you eight state and -- all made it. I just -- has -- changes. Eight in 191. -- when he injured in the revolution that. Well congress -- to go back and read his -- soon. The land of opportunity as well as nineteen -- it is you're brutal as it works. All of its priests accused. Great respect I'm not sure he's Reynolds. There's a lot of anti. Bias on this and am on me that I mean I think -- -- -- Well Chinese think it's important. So routine on well on -- -- they revealed. That Newt Gingrich had. Either. Authored or supported a law when he was the speaker. To not just. Authorized moon bases but if they got more than thirteen thousand population that they can become US territories. And volatility at the -- out of. Condo fees necessary and the man was and the chain communicate and I love tang -- -- -- that's right don't. -- -- -- --

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{"id":15467293,"title":"Green Room: Gingrich Slides, Romney Rises","duration":"6:52","description":"George Will, Donna Brazile, Austan Goolsbee, and Laura Ingraham. ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/green-room-gingrich-slides-romney-rises-15467293","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}