Green Room: Gingrich His Own Worst Problem?

George Will, Arianna Huffington, Major Garrett, and Donna Brazile.
9:31 | 12/04/11

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Transcript for Green Room: Gingrich His Own Worst Problem?
-- -- -- -- Here's desperately numbers of conservatives particularly on abortion. One pastor that frustration. Saying you know is famous for being all over the board is admirable in many ways but I don't back -- up from. -- is -- from program. Look and it's. I am I'm not going to be dominant in its -- -- mean he's probably. Because these -- main issues. And he's trying to gain traction based on these issues and he's not getting traction. And I don't think it's going to be Newt Gingrich's problem I think -- -- -- -- going to be -- Gingrich and whatever he can't stop ringing. And equity -- viewing his campaign the next few weeks. Last week rigidly handy prominence Baptist leader. Called upon. Speaking -- to. -- -- national speech to you. Discusses its marital issues and discuss some of these. You know abortion. Conservative issues I don't know what the speaker has responded to. Lance opened. Three again. Tear him to give a speech on -- but these concerns behind the matrix of cultural conservative issues and I will always be important -- group -- it will be decisive this term that's -- -- -- -- -- -- Process economics is trumping everything but Gingrich is aware of -- aggressive -- I believe it was yesterday. Not yesterday Friday no -- -- than that. Saying he's resolutely pro life problems for states president who re store Mexico City policy of Ronald Reagan. He's trying to be responsive to these concerns the pro life community that he is either insufficiently. Consistent on this issue or not devoted this issue he's trying to address -- Concerns in real time. -- all the things America doesn't need some national speech from -- His interest in family life from all risk. I think Arianna is premature. -- points one is writing off the salience of the social issues in this. Cycle in Iowa. Ants they're former -- -- off excess power it is moment makeup and minority set on our programs absolutely right. The fact that he's not had hit them. Yet it's a good thing. They're ready -- -- -- these that Republicans are dating my exciting candidates but he's going to be they want they want that they -- mom. And obviously that's his -- I don't see any evidence to back up how can. The -- Santorum is -- Iowa poll. When register 35% of likely caucus voters according -- at least one Republican candidate would probably met Santorum wouldn't admit anyone else. He's been -- 99 counties and no traction yet. And I've always believed it when people come to see you get a chance to hear about you and they don't respond to something going on that's not necessary. Believe well into -- cheerleader. At this point gain but all. But often don't -- water -- leader. But this is a time when they're looking for someone who excited them someone -- cheer them on hand again as the rank and file. Base that very angry. And they want somebody who will expressed it out. Right. In -- hasn't been under much pressure. Recent years and it and the real question is keeping his cool under all that scrutiny was -- -- The problem isn't that it loses cool problems that what he's doing he's being Newt is from. I'm not sure that we ever elected someone who was in elective office and out of elective office for fourteen years after and then come -- to -- president. I've got my doubts that it when people go back and an exam as -- will re -- major -- wonderful book called me and during revolution and revolution on the Republicans from 94 to 2000. We -- through the Gingrich years. They're realizing Gingrich left the house to send more under pressure. Be certain and you -- just -- -- -- anger management problem but he does have an arrest ability problems terrible retail campaign. And there is a partner as -- part of this process New Hampshire South Carolina for that it requires a certain amount retail success as a politician. And what do you Newt Gingrich loads more than anything else is someone accusing him or attacking him war. In any way asking him to reconcile himself to his previous record. So politicians get upset about that new really gets upset about that because he believes he's the idea generator and everything is about the future and -- number the past twelve elections are about both. The past. And the present and future hall and to the degree of the Gingrich can handle that will be determined. Also -- in a world class intellectual ones he says it is it. When -- -- he said at a and it's an anti -- knows -- and this summer but I can. I think me now. And these these jobs complete nonsense to -- -- -- two -- And about that threw things at different people to -- to -- days. I -- -- reconciling his name flops just by being incredibly can be taken finding and you -- caught. That can explain why he's for a Romney campaign against Obama can. And not -- Communicating with pomp and he's really infinity -- -- compact who Gingrich has expanded -- Completely wrong hand and away but never and that's something that's like you're crazy young audience often a crazy I'm going after did not -- advent and outcome. And look if you're gonna talk about Charlie cards -- cards into very tight political debate. What Newt Gingrich to cities agreed first house Republican majority for years he didn't single handedly. But he was a very big part that. Through. Aggressive interaction with the Clinton administration put it mildly -- you welfare reform balanced budget enforcement requests tax cuts to throw rate. And he was Signet Ronnie Williams is -- your tenure as governor we gave -- the predecessor to -- protection act and conservatives are. And a lot of primary states. That's going to be very interesting dynamic -- when things and I know -- When it comes out of the -- That's what he's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So many issues that you would make -- corkscrew in so. I really do think it is time that race still wide open but it sounds strangely. Thirty days ago but the race is still open but Republicans Democrats. Friday you know objective based enthusiastic -- -- present its thirty days to go for the first fifty events. That. 5050. When you count the territory that your mom which. You know everything Democrat plus -- Points to an audit -- his nomination Republicans have to win one then happened at 2000. Wanted -- 27 delegates that will be -- if -- alone link between now in the first call. Particularly because the Republicans change the rules to prevent someone running the table earlier -- McCain -- Well because they thought that the Democrats were energized and help but attractive Obama -- And blood which they were I liked the fact that the Republicans. Not -- it wouldn't take all system. But -- it will end in fact have a system that gets more democratic -- more proportional. So that day every candidate will be able to get a few delegates if he or she. -- -- certain threats to step process that's. That's the case until April 1 April 1 that all contests -- -- weren't -- tech topics so if you have a national campaign in this whole thing that -- -- to build. Ability to win on all various platforms. Survivor -- -- this disease anti Romney candidate takes hold but last of that April 1 point where. Being in the delegate game alongside rivers challenging him gives them the opportunity to have the money in your organization posted April 1 states to run up big victories because that's what becomes. I have a sense watching on the company. Watching Hillary Clinton. And -- -- in this incredibly happy company. Have been in ethnic and camera and then suddenly Obama and -- fat eating Gingrich is happening. And and you saw the fascination I am doing Romney interview on FOX News Sunday something that he would not. Taken into account because now I think Gingrich -- -- 7% to an on -- via pop upon not jumping to. 95 points. The big difference there is the Obama campaign structure itself. Early on. To be a nationwide campaign caucuses go everywhere Hillary's campaign was based on product -- -- wrapping it up by Super Tuesday. Once that happened -- -- of thirteen straight losses something that she was. Uniquely able to survive but not bound from and Romney campaign is. -- area. The Romney campaign structures like -- -- in this. They're -- general election can name before the primary this is. It's -- mistake.

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{"id":15083443,"title":"Green Room: Gingrich His Own Worst Problem?","duration":"9:31","description":"George Will, Arianna Huffington, Major Garrett, and Donna Brazile.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/green-room-gingrich-worst-problem-15083443","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}