Green Room: Iowa Predictions

George Will, Cokie Roberts, Ed Gillespie, and Jonathan Karl.
4:08 | 12/25/11

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Transcript for Green Room: Iowa Predictions
We heard her your prediction -- the bad parent you know general it he what do you think who's going to come out. -- -- so. -- -- -- -- but we'll play the game and give you predictions personal like to know how. -- the -- is that today. The deeper the snow bitter history Ron Paul because -- is the most intense supporters and I'll get to the caucuses come Heller it's novel but. I think it hurt himself a lot in the last debate the extremism is isolationism. And therefore -- names may you can have. Probably this surge I think they'll still resist Mitt Romney. And there for someone other than Romney and Ron Paul. Perhaps Gingrich but I think. That the symptoms. Of Newt Gingrich is -- to accelerate. You know Iowa is Iowa on. Actually you know isolationism please smile that. But I think bricks and storm has been all over the state and I think he has the possibility of -- surprise you can win enough or strong second. It that keeps him going. I think the story -- -- I was wrong. I don't I think he could win it again -- Sleet whatever it takes targeted but it doesn't -- -- becoming a very strong second and nobody else has got. The energy here and there are seated and strong Peter -- he's got. He's got the volunteers the others just -- sport. But I think that -- comes. And you know I -- -- famously late deciding it is fluid. And to agree with -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To get a rebound. Witness is telling. Folks who were seen as having a chance Mike Huckabee really propelled out of Iowa the last time and I think it's. Real good possibility. That one of those second tier candidates has -- right now it's elevated first hero. The you know the fact that the Republicans. Have gone to proportional. Means that somebody who is propelled has a little bit longer lifespan. Than they normally would. And so I think that you know this thing that makes it go on for awhile because even if that person is Santorum is unlikely to come out and -- This whole nominating process as as the winner it keeps him alive through another couple of -- says. -- And as you go forward thinkers and went. Are closely right afternoon. -- -- Rick Perry junior -- you -- he comes -- papers six our partners. -- and that's when where. And at this field -- -- It will. You see -- -- long elegant. -- Or is it. But there -- the Republicans wrote the rules to produce them. They didn't want someone to run the table earlier when McCain did they didn't want someone like Sarah Palin to -- -- Create a tsunami. And I -- and thank. That 2008 the protracted guerrilla warfare between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama helped party. Energize people. Cause them to develop and hone get out the vote campaigns all of which proved useful in the fall so the Republicans. Plan -- tried to schedule a long campaign. If you look at the -- about thirty contests through the end of march all of them proportional and all of them adding up to just a little over. Half of the delegates necessary to get. You know the nomination. And they'll be -- will be spread out because of the -- location for all of those so. Not going to be so by the end of march. Maybe -- by the end of -- June June -- June 5 at California exactly about what to look for yours that very Christmas. Do you.

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{"id":15230588,"title":"Green Room: Iowa Predictions","duration":"4:08","description":"George Will, Cokie Roberts, Ed Gillespie, and Jonathan Karl. ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/green-room-iowa-predictions-15230588","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}