Green Room: Mitt Romney's Chemistry Problem

George Will, Dee Dee Myers, Lou Dobbs, Clarence Page, and Jon Karl.
8:53 | 02/19/12

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Transcript for Green Room: Mitt Romney's Chemistry Problem
Record time from him. -- -- Ron Paul. Actually one you know -- -- me keep. It legal. As. Well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Outlook account for Ron -- missed it. His name. Complementary. At all. Oh. -- -- Casinos and its candidate but he's got his -- and he has cultivated him he's reaping the votes of that sentence. Is working but santorum's network handles it -- he is. He's he's remain in places that he shouldn't be where. It is Minnesota and elsewhere and -- does that seems to me by rolling dice and -- compete all the way in Michigan and Ohio. An Ohio yesterday. He's taking the fight right to what should -- strong point. It has been strategies just been relentless where wherever he campaigns he's sick every into the state. And it goes out there and he doesn't -- good result for ms. Handel eloquent about anybody can do it the good news from real -- -- in Iowa because you can actually doing what he's managed to take it beyond I'll. It's ten wins the nomination himself -- next president. It's a base of support among -- commerce industrial park I think it's also clear. This seems to me that. He -- the skin from her job is strategy here -- Because isn't working as well trooper one of the Brothers -- well there it is wrong. It's going to be just change but Romney's problem isn't strategist chemistry and I don't know how he -- that. But actually spent each of these candidates to know him as -- -- until him or her. I'm more we've seen -- the last. Enthusiastic people aren't the same was true of Gingrich's -- was true -- caring for him and it Herman Cain and probably Rick Santorum wants people. Really get familiar outside of it really GOP or -- what is central. Conservative positions which we. And that's where rob me could still be Santorum is by saying haters here's the real Richard formula that the real -- to do what people have gotten so far. -- nothing's going to work but that it -- -- as one between and so if it does work. Where does that leave rob you know a guy who lives personally not that likable. But who has -- strategy for getting enough -- This -- one problem. Subtext to all. East through her and I mean -- been. Central casting candidate. Great great. Partners and BA that we successful as a perfect and we her partner. -- -- -- I don't get bit you correct the refreshment high school but it was a chipped away at the -- over the course of years he did it. -- -- -- -- Your reality because every time he's -- -- You just kind of additional weakness it's happening -- yes. Here. Because she was out there Littleton are not so always on scrutiny as the problems -- -- scripted candidate five years hasn't had that moment he saw something that just what happens when you don't have very many arid moments when you in your lineup. What happens if and he wins reelection. Rather Romney and the presence. Please put over the top but I'd like to see the return -- -- these even expect authenticity that. Into the community and Brooklyn and and super pacs from the fact doesn't. Up -- -- He didn't. Can -- publicly -- A pulp for. Howell you know. Is that it is my it would -- change our -- easily. McCain's challenges of the teleprompter just trip. And every one. -- -- -- -- The fact that. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Clinton is any idea what -- -- you better write for an. Sometimes. Watches them and always. People like those who -- moments. But that the real human. Spontaneity -- two years ago. I think what we are I -- in the media and is the gift that keeps on getting -- -- -- actual peace -- yeah yeah. We -- all too happy warrior. I wished I wish these books were at war -- there's should be a little more joy. In this process and -- and there are make it Hollis can -- is Clinton is that but it it is almost always with. Possible exception Richard Nixon the most optimistic. The one who hasn't who's looking forward. Who is talking about tomorrow -- -- today you can make people believe it and I don't see on the side doing right now. -- oil does -- work very -- and community over whether it gloomier outlook is better too much optimism they. Conservatives are all for -- -- -- the problems. There also are worried -- central. It was about certain huge social demographic facts that should terrify every. Problem is this Americans here this say about -- half of more than half of all children born to women under thirty now whenever they say. We don't know how you -- get a policy hold. On the demographic change like that. Rather -- it -- -- we heard that issue discussed in any of the presidential. Because this has been wonderful opportunity it was worth going to remain so despite the wishes of the candidates the party. This is it time to talk about issues practices that. That are important book reconnaissance sometimes a consequence of bad public policy choices. And I wish these guys would. -- -- the national media with moves forward what I've entered. If nothing -- -- office Charles -- Folks right on how and why -- -- Oil wells or single parent and all. -- -- -- -- -- -- And about Black America but -- also offer any prescriptions every entity. The analyst models. Purposely did not offer prescription arbitrary. Well -- I visuals and -- goes beyond things he. He analyzed the Democrat Francis George Bush speaking about the show. Intelligently and anyone who's been running story -- and issues in this country. -- -- -- -- -- -- But you delegates to the -- Our society. -- Most 300 MacBooks start bigger so. So we should say this apology is present among those who don't. Schooling beyond high school passed the new dividing line which alzheimer's points out here and we've known this for a for for the sixties. As as no good paying factory jobs and all that left America. We have left people who don't have moral high school diploma. With income stagnation and at the same group -- now. So exhibiting these pulse the family breakdown etc. -- -- to Charles. Some hollow les. Field in her responsibilities. -- society. Peninsula. And ultimately our college diplomas and who are keeping our marriages intact and and a business partners we we have much better. Employment. What was the role models. For those who left behind at local partners British -- and school. Isn't it. -- -- -- -- -- -- And practice -- and -- Charles -- We took over -- interviews. I think she just won't operate and Africa. That you. Aren't the only -- the fifth. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15746948,"title":"Green Room: Mitt Romney's Chemistry Problem","duration":"8:53","description":"George Will, Dee Dee Myers, Lou Dobbs, Clarence Page, and Jon Karl.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/green-room-mitt-romneys-chemistry-problem-15746948","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}