Green Room: Perry Campaign on Life Support?

George Will, Arianna Huffington, and Niall Ferguson.
8:48 | 11/06/11

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Transcript for Green Room: Perry Campaign on Life Support?
-- has -- his staff. He's putting out policy positions how does -- focus and. We should get a message and then you get people room. -- and -- good messaging formed as a standard mrs. campaign one and one. And then you. Campaign on the understanding that you're trying not trying to stop Romney's rise has stopped himself just never hasn't risen for five years presidential campaign. Your job is to become the candidate the Tea Party impulse Republican -- That's the child. -- Mark my sense is that the Perry's campaigns almost -- -- disintegration. Not be able to put back. That he had this -- opportunist. On -- -- which blocked. And as we were sent her feet and Goosen mixes -- speech to -- -- -- -- even if he wasn't. That's and others strike against I must say I've actually written -- -- I don't think he's read it and he's in the race. That's exactly -- -- it opens up about John McCain -- I didn't say that because I was actually involved in McCain's campaign and I knew that he was -- -- That he was having to -- take some positions to win the Republican -- that he was comfortable with. The rule -- organizes and pulled him. But McCain was -- real candidate with -- real substance and actually very critical -- it hadn't been for the financial crisis I think he would've beaten. Another problem is that. Doing this times. Continuing long term unemployment there. Growing populace -- not follow me and people have been five million homes have been closed since the beginning of the crisis. Another fire expected before plaza isn't very very. Different times than -- -- nominee Hampton presidential election so. The idea that anything can happen it's time that we need to keep remembering. That people -- going to -- parking Fiat. The concept of happenstance that tin can so who knows who gravitate. Don't think that this is as a populist movement. History. As we've seen after all the great financial crises -- -- the incident and in that populist moment but the left on the rise and that. What is elements of populism in its classic nation that he really struggles to produce presidents. I mean William Jennings Bryan was capped -- three times war but populist wing of the democratic voting and lost three times and -- my sense about someone Perry. -- he might just get the nomination if it -- -- fails to get back to. Didn't see him winning a presidential election against his -- campaign. Well I think. The problem with Barack Obama's -- campaign she's never stopped. But now the American people really nimble using the mute button turned him off. It's just devalued presidential rhetoric so much so I think that any mainstream politician. I really do believe that the governor of Texas for thirteen years. Part of the mainstream. -- open economic conditions like this. -- I think Obama has two major problems that -- please he's the incumbent mayor Dan Moffett. Who you lot these days you -- -- -- Sarkozy. And you're constantly figuring top. -- ha that's awesome is in Spain yarn company expects -- is entrapment I am in Greece isn't talent. He doesn't matter this is my mom every lap -- and -- out. And -- ever proud of I think that that is -- No expectation that the job not I'm going to be significant -- that message in February and -- I don't think they're going to be -- and a half percent. Below 8% -- that convention past this is what you need if you going to hit me. More importantly from our -- right now 74% of Americans believe the country's on the wrong track. -- Ford Carter bush senior members. If you put his -- right now who witnessed him. Which candidate. Well let me. -- -- Our company's polls that's not the worst -- and it's not the right track wrong track as -- question them before here's that it's an indicator and serious. The bigger numbers with about 80% of the -- not just on the wrong track at the moment it is past its Apogee. And Americans Begin to talk about national decline -- national -- terms. That's much more explosive. Does not come back the protective with that if that number means problems. Any of the Romney Perry. Someone else could witness. I think the last number actually surprised that 13% to 13%. Who believe that they have better off season -- has been in power. And if you look -- -- either numbers -- popular movie which is much less than in the quantity in this country you know when. You have a hundred million people aren't allowed myself not that parents -- that -- -- change. When you have kids graduating from college who did everything right and can't get jobs sending the indeed indicate that's not something very different -- in -- election cycle. Under these some things in mind you I'm ups Asia. There and it seems to me that -- Iran what's different is the sense that it's that the United States is on the on the done. Estimate that. Reminds me cause it -- -- episodes -- -- and we weren't. House of parliament on American pop. -- Reagan captured an American appetite for good news and national regeneration and none of the Republican candidates at this point has managed and you need it wrong he could only be blue like Reagan he -- drawn. You've been credited the takeoff roll Reagan's run some of those -- -- speeches they would win and I think that would be okay but it's pretty interest -- don't know -- consultative. -- -- -- -- -- -- uniting your book about it being kidnapped apps that have made and that -- -- and consuming nation great -- would you say something about the rescue perhaps. The only because as I want America once the argument is that you need to competition you need to lead in science you need to have a really consistent with the rule of law -- -- medical system. -- the best he -- consumer societies aren't. I need to have a work ethic and if you score the United States -- six. It's actually doing pretty. And it certainly being beaten by some of the up and coming economies of China on at least five six so when -- -- If Americans are -- the question are we you know all we passed out peak and they say yes I think at this point they look. That -- On the other hand that lesson of American history it is that it's difficult to stop Americans creating -- we've managed to do so. We've done so with public policies that can change we're not Bangladesh we can get better by. Choosing to get better and I grew from -- -- what's really decline this book was saying it's. You can tell on this that run America next to these institutions to work week and you can create an arm which is the best -- won't start a business. And that's what currently isn't but he can. -- again just a matter as. It is and I think he happened to -- book that you. Which is represented democracy. And I think one of the problems that amounted to our representative democracies not function. And you have good ideas and I have a favorite Canadian Mike dimension which -- to -- with our lives with -- being called the right to rest. Which is picking up applauding -- I find out that the -- should keep them home have them pay rent at market to me there's not got my money. That is used it. You mean isn't you don't have increased supply of and it applies -- -- Wednesday to affect the prices across the nation. And it -- obviously I'm not -- about -- Your assumption is that the market rate for -- would be smaller than their months. Smart and got up this 25% of market and -- -- So by definition and it kind of doesn't -- Perez still suppressed miracles -- and -- supply. This is one of his ideas that really would need to be increases. On properties -- to -- rents. -- just. -- from program. Mortgage rates mean he stars in April businessmen enough money to -- it's way more action to -- -- -- and that's correct. Com and being found that fine -- prize. Not a good thing about the other banks so let's be really bad real progress -- but the good thing for people want to buy homes.

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