Green Room: Romney's Bailout Blunder

George Will, Cokie Roberts, Jennifer Granholm, and John Engler.
4:30 | 02/26/12

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Transcript for Green Room: Romney's Bailout Blunder
-- -- I can't. -- -- to -- me the most crazy. What governor Romney has done in his very awkward or gateway at discrediting. His position at Baylor is that he has said that the private sector would have been able to step -- and manage this bankruptcy. When as the -- -- Private sector players in the bankruptcy -- that would be willing to. Absolutely not the only way -- auto industry was able to survive and thrive but because there was strategic Smart intervention. Which allowed the auto industries to restructure and now to -- so. To me it is the height of disingenuousness. From being capital. Who does who did this for a living and who knows very well this -- not that that option with. To be able to stand there and -- -- himself. -- -- -- -- -- -- What Romney -- nibbled. From appliances to bankrupt him bankruptcy. And that bankruptcy law was somewhat produced. Administration that the -- -- -- won't rest but. The president's prison presentation of this usually -- But for Haas these companies have ceased to exist I was on an airline. Airlines to your plane pulls up to date someone comes on says. Thank you for flying in America and we know your pictures of this -- this flight attendants and this flight attendants thank you for flying American regularly every choice of bankrupt -- I'm flying to Phoenix -- week -- bankrupt there that people still function but the question of Chrysler would disappear and. You know I -- governor on the witness Sundays -- in. Italy. -- just. Beat him prompting the question. Basically were was bullets that there ought to be. A date bankruptcy. He says that the they want that -- oh no never never. Know him out. Well in what is the apartment was. Yugoslavia at the anything both which mystery. Mystery -- -- Addressing. That -- there have been bankruptcy if of course there would be. I was on the north west port we have file bankruptcy the -- -- and -- -- -- this in the New York Times article also. Which he said he would have been idle policy right now. Let the trickle bankrupt. But he says but he did it -- headlined. And I asked. And at. -- there could be guarantees that it would likely be necessary. That's sort of where we ended up. Mrs. that he was with the Wall Street. And for the car and that's really struck me that plays into. The whole image of him as he has rich guy whose wife -- to cadillacs. And who has you know is out of touch with the common person it and I think that is that is the thing that it's -- and and Rick Santorum very disingenuous. Is say isn't half king Romney on the bail when he voted against it. Rick Santorum is who is campaigning under Venice has been American Verizon and that he does not. It's certainly not because they yeah. But then again we had that that -- the Chrysler 300. Imported from Detroit they brought them voluntary movement and Jim O'Neill the made in Mexico apparently cadillacs that mrs. Romney -- are assembled -- Mexican. That it it. -- in Lansing. Oldsmobile. Right -- at -- and it's is there anything you know. A case of government intervention in partnership with. It looks and the greatest commandment of Minor League Baseball team in the world and at the Lansing. I'm not thugs Lebanon's worst. About it.

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{"id":15794738,"title":"Green Room: Romney's Bailout Blunder","duration":"4:30","description":"George Will, Cokie Roberts, Jennifer Granholm, and John Engler.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/green-room-romneys-bailout-blunder-15794738","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}