Green Room: Romney's Social Stances

George Will, Haley Barbour, Bill Burton, Nia-Malika Henderson, David Ignatius.
2:46 | 03/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Green Room: Romney's Social Stances
Welcome to the -- though I question -- today. I want to note if Mitt Romney becomes the Republican presidential candidate. Is he going to leave -- addressing social issues in the general election. Yes it isn't -- and I mean -- is where those issues are strongest he's gonna -- him. Regardless that is where he lost last week in Mississippi Alabama is gonna carry those states. If you rooms and Illinois and it was a long -- anyway all. The states in play. So I think -- office. Have huge sigh of back -- talking about fixing the economy. And praying that the economy still needs fixing. I think so I think we'll talk to talk probably about abortion in some -- and make everyone. Make sure that everybody knows that he is pro life but I think he's got -- -- -- -- that license the main -- company. That's I think you do in general -- -- I think you'll definitely try to focus on the economy but to the extent that that conversation turns towards judges or towards. In other socialist. It's -- and what is. I'm not only on helpful conversation forum at a very uncomfortable honors program. -- gold -- is strength credibility strength -- as a miniature. You won't be an attractive candidate cities. Country feels that the economy's heading south again -- needs strong hands on the controls. But. I think he also talked about me in the country great again. Question whether over an exceptional -- it was over. You know what we have to accommodate ourselves lesser role rules if -- can't. Give it -- -- -- about what people are talking about the veterans. That's what. -- you'll be talking about -- put to -- and pinned him. That's what the Republican governor -- were completely between that's what they talked about social conservatives like Bob doll. People who workers are -- Chris -- here Richmond where they were talking about local people's mind you -- Taxes spending. Deficits -- Government take over the hill -- was. Excessive regulation. When you talk about some of those you automatically short -- to cool. You know if -- one vote got to decide whether Obama -- constitutional. I think the court will decide that is not constitution. But I think if Obama is to replace one more justice. That would change -- Africa so there are a lot of things that people older man here in the election. But I don't think -- solutions that much because that's not what's popular this --

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{"id":15948641,"title":"Green Room: Romney's Social Stances ","duration":"2:46","description":"George Will, Haley Barbour, Bill Burton, Nia-Malika Henderson, David Ignatius.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/green-room-romneys-social-stances-general-election-president-obama-haley-barbour-politics-15948641","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}