Green Room: Ron Paul After Iowa

Byron York, Neera Tanden, Craig Robinson, and Matthew Dowd.
5:03 | 01/01/12

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Transcript for Green Room: Ron Paul After Iowa
Happening here and welcomes the Green room. Let's talk about -- Michelle Bachmann is still convinced that her campaign is -- And perfect English it'll -- -- -- only thing. This is saying this is a sad plight of the candidate who's falling in the polls and near you do a big big time media interview and the question is. Even so bad. Are you following why don't lose and so they can't say well you know I don't count them and I -- -- lose I can't say that so she has to talk about the things that are going right. -- -- spears should associate yourself reality obviously. Reality is she's been sixers after spending last month. It's interesting to me is she went names straw vote and that was the best I can ever since then she's completely -- I think she could have been more realistic I think -- -- I gave him -- -- You know the settlement the voters decide not be so divorced recently but come Wednesday morning she knows and I think our arteries over. On the ground in Iowa and her campaign has just been rocks and so mean I agree it's a difficult position for a candidate. In but I think. It's one Cheney's answer maybe a little bit more reality it's. -- not say hey everything's great uncles wrong we're gonna win I don't know many islands he really. Feel actually happened Tuesday. In -- and he had -- and campaigns that are winning and I think when you're losing a race it's. It's tough and -- -- I have a little respect for some and then delivered their message stand message. Clinton on -- lighter reading this isn't that there are much more a couple of -- when -- there actually won't matter for her -- I can't respect the fact that she -- she -- -- -- candidate -- that is clearly tired. Couple months. Yes. And I -- It. On New Hampshire banks think and -- heading into Alan Michelle Bachmann and you have. I think I. In his sedation after -- yeah absolutely -- -- to empty out the next day. Throw. It yeah. I mean that's what's gonna happen again. I think thank you Rick Perry and -- partners in. You know. When asked about vice president and that was once. This is an -- any praises you know been in Europe Texas and Margaret -- that is. He has place finish where he's disappointed and he's out. There's an ABC -- -- ABC debate Saturday night so they may stay -- -- Tuesday -- -- -- in Afghanistan I think there's another 1 Sunday morning that they may go through. But I think come -- eleventh after New Hampshire Cochran's gone. Jon Huntsman is again not even in the equation -- party conversation the next four days and so I think he's gone because he can't second first -- second in New Hampshire. That's not gonna happen this point and so Bachmann. And then who's left is -- Gingrich. -- at Hampshire and that's I think the question one of those who can survive past New Hampshire that I think they -- me. A chance of coming back in South Carolina one of those two. And and really solidifying -- two -- 3% innately that around him that he's his is the right person represent the party in and around Latin. I think it's going to be interesting to see what happens after Iowa right away I mean you've got Ron Paul has a good finish which I think he will happen sometimes sense. His personal probably you know -- campaign coffers so what's he gonna do you think what he's gonna do -- Do what he didn't Gingrich and I think negative ads against Mitt Romney. And so that helps I think these other candidates. -- Ron Paul is the one who serves highlight Romney's record. He gives a little fuel a little covered some of these other candidates -- -- alive and. But he has reformed reform -- Hampshire when he -- -- which is not Ron Paul territory. And he's done well and floors he does not face. -- victories but I think he can be spoiler. Worse for Wilson is edited into Romney he's got into -- easily frightened. -- -- -- -- Answer. -- -- -- I think the news in today's show was referring the Republican field. As a -- class and Rick. Breaks at all last clown to get out the front which explains his current momentum. Like. And that idea -- And yeah -- -- -- --

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{"id":15268919,"title":"Green Room: Ron Paul After Iowa","duration":"5:03","description":"Byron York, Neera Tanden, Craig Robinson, and Matthew Dowd.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/green-room-ron-paul-iowa-15268919","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}