Green Room: Ron Paul Strong in Iowa

George Will, Leslie Sanchez, and Donna Brazile.
6:46 | 12/11/11

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Transcript for Green Room: Ron Paul Strong in Iowa
What we're gonna start -- there will be an incident in your candidate. As far as I -- -- stood you'd think then Brian all of it is considered a hit here yet. -- -- -- No other did not believe believe that he has not only name recognition he has an organization. He has NET his enthusiasm he will have -- sources. Two Wendy now caucuses I think the other of being expected that we into the mountains -- more registered. Endorsement that will give wanted to candidates much needed momentum. In the final days of the campaign. It later. Very important role and in some other. Previous contests it may not put any of the candidates over the top of that think. -- second tier candidate perhaps let Michelle Bachmann -- Rick Santorum. Help them galvanize. Some last minute undecided -- that -- -- to -- that there's not enough but and the endorsements after go to some wild gestured around. It is the -- Moines register considered friendly to Republican. Caucus goers or might they say -- either he goes again. Well I think it -- caucus voters who are undecided who a little bit more moderate. You -- right it will likely go to Mitt Romney but. I'm it could have a big impact on what I call that the central part of a state where Polk County the -- When era and one is located in all of those outlying suburbs. A large portion of the -- who has. Will be. An increase since round those important -- could have an impact again that -- that two thirds vote is still. Think about the anti choices he couldn't he couldn't really swing some those -- -- -- No I I would say it's been around here -- -- About. Halt impact they know perfectly well ultimate -- Story update those are caucus goers who are going to. Look like grabbing all -- You -- -- people. Stampeded back port port of conservative candidate. And accurately I think the support probably close to 25. Percent. -- much lower cut. Hair viable. Can't pull -- up. The energy and Republican nominating electorate is angry the course of American government and no hands more comprehensive. Dislike -- under current government from -- -- because -- extends. To the defense spending overseas commitments and all the rest of pieces root and branch what we're doing wrong at home and abroad. That's both good and some pork races but -- also has been receiving. You. He won only once and pounding in 2004. But it didn't Mitt Romney won on reasonable -- western edge of the stage as well as the eastern into the state. Mike Huckabee of who has won majority content. I do believe -- and I Hamlet that is the voter registration numbers but Ron Paul that they had a rally that drove a thousand people last. Classes. And he's a big hit out there these college students may come back too much from the holidays and support -- Hong Kong. -- your mind you that was the week after Thanksgiving is that -- began the passionate intensity he really that he -- it right through January the same thing here is not. That -- energy intensity. Around that can't. Who knew that Ron Paul. -- tapped -- to the seething discontent on American campuses about the Federal Reserve act of 1913. I don't know. I'm actually read his book. You have a lot of for it has one border. You both know the name he would dissident -- but one border for and the his book are long gone through as this great country. -- -- I want to explain line. Well I believe that that's what place if Newt Gingrich is able to now -- convinced people bomb cold wintry night. On Monday. When the policies and still in play. To support him in Miami still as his organization who -- -- remnants of 2000. And an eight. And Ron Paul -- we all believe will be -- it is voters. And there's a place -- someone else to comment or someone else who. Right now it is not certain -- many in the closing days of the campaign. Is able to convince this it boasted that he. He she is being consistent conservative as flatly that -- -- an opening for mr. Bachmann is also open for Rick Perry. -- -- She has the message but she doesn't have the month she may have accusation. But I do believe last -- -- -- was Michelle. Michelle Bachmann fusion news in this ms. -- and -- Obama. Michelle Bachmann. -- building and thinking changed votes and she can tap into some his support. -- I think -- I think -- -- how to attack. And it's very evident that people want to keep support -- and -- -- -- record that's not decided they were in the hall. And I think she had some really strong point she -- partner -- street question that it would do you drive fly ash to K street -- Washington. Which -- that the new Romney. You know -- Carol beach she's distinctly different to appeal also aggressively -- it became. -- voters supporters. I think it ignores the -- how hurtful. Much of that debate the issues surrounding him were -- -- and they're mini especially primary and Michael Palin of course we're very concerned about. -- -- -- -- During sports -- of these arguments all the time who's bitter LSU or Alabama LSU. Solvents but at some point the argument is saying this is whether for the games. And this is why we lecture let the diamonds come -- answering these questions for -- to be nice -- Chris camps being nice we there's nothing to say exit waiting for a. -- I still believe outlines an advertisement and happened to -- it's more important. In the future I would hope apple -- sit down our Alan it. That will allow us to pick the -- Super Bowl at least until -- we -- pressed him.

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{"id":15133083,"title":"Green Room: Ron Paul Strong in Iowa","duration":"6:46","description":"George Will, Leslie Sanchez, and Donna Brazile.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/green-room-ron-paul-strong-iowa-15133083","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}