Green Room: Swing States

The roundtable on states to watch in 2012.
4:00 | 07/29/12

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Transcript for Green Room: Swing States
Great game of getting to 270 electoral votes requires putting together some mosaic of states what state. It -- you be looking map either as indicative of the troubled election or as -- perhaps even decisive state. The cliche Ohio I think really -- blogging here for a couple reasons one as a junkie. That's an earlier poll closing election night at -- at thirtieth so you start seeing the results coming in from the key battleground state pretty early -- which is great but. I do think that he is where these great experiment is going to be played out in terms. President Obama actually has an economic argument to -- -- the auto industry thing resonates really well there what he stunned. The argument about trying to keep the middle class growing. That that's a place where that is a resonant argument. But he's also place that was battered by -- economy and and Mitt Romney. -- indeed. -- saying the president has failed and I think that the cultural. Part of the southeastern parts the Ohio is one where Mitt Romney has the right -- running mate if he picks Rob Portman can make a big impact to keep -- very public. It'll as well let's Wednesday as well doubtless -- -- -- -- it. Democrats -- Ohio. Democrats that will likely regain that -- Wisconsin. As well. But as was bombing campaign. -- -- tendency. Me it. You know that -- -- that. There's no question -- right now -- let them states. It curves. Eligible citizens. Participate is dramatic effect. On the outcome in Florida along -- Onerous restrictions. Of voter registration. As well as until early votes so my mind my. Focus -- -- -- Every interested in Virginia for two reasons so I think you guys make an excellent case for your states. I think Virginia what happens in Virginia in addition to being early -- matters to us. Is gonna give us a little bit of a glimpse into the degree to which the president can retain. At least some of the coalition that he managed to put together. Unlike most democratic candidates in 2008 and also. I'm looking for junior to tell us what's gonna happen in the senate because it could be the tipping point for the senate controlled senate as well. This is the most difficult question because I wanted to -- each of these states for the reasons that they mentioned but I think with David I'm going to have to go to Ohio and I'll go a little further. I agree with everything he said but simply for bragging rights that's what it's -- looking at Ohio little more specifically the senate race with me and Alan brown. Is brown was the deciding vote and health care a lot and I can't think of anymore. Referendum on the keystone of -- in his entire four years in office that jewel in his crown. Then having -- fall to me and -- and again being decided in Los -- -- bragging rights for that would last for years. Ohio is important because -- -- no Republicans won the White House vote Karen. But it seems to me Obama -- -- -- violence stolen presidency stayed on market as Michigan as he can't lose Michigan and win the presidency. Michigan will be the test of whether the -- He smiled and -- the bailout of the auto industry which portions of -- small portion of the auto industry and the booming industry south. But also because. It's things if you look at the difficult -- such -- Virginia property and others his path to 270 -- taken to us and carries Michigan -- a pretty good chance he could carry Pennsylvania and then it's -- it's something like route. -- that we should take up the seminar next.

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{"id":16881506,"title":"Green Room: Swing States","duration":"4:00","description":"The roundtable on states to watch in 2012.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/green-room-swing-states-16881506","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}