Greenroom: Rick Perry's Slide

George Will, Margaret Brennan, Ruth Marcus, Laura Tyson, and Jonathan Karl.
4:22 | 10/16/11

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Transcript for Greenroom: Rick Perry's Slide
Offered any assumption agreement on this week and Harriet neighborhood are saying that her husband is -- relies in part because he's Christian. -- what did you all think about job. Wolf first of all a leader Harry is -- real life here she's been out there. But last week she had more events and her husband did more public events. Thousands. Perhaps unfortunate. You know race especially coming after. Romney had effectively attack because -- -- I mean for real so was you know but let you know I think that she was speaking yes. Spouse if somebody who has been hammered in. He was just expressed. I was like say that I usually very sympathetic view -- spouses. Picking up there beleaguered husband that was. Just really unfortunate I think it's an incredibly kind later it was outrageous first of all. He thinks that brutalized welcome to the big leagues and second of all admission that He was attacked because the state is. Ridiculous. And third while -- and post them. For -- that I didn't get -- -- yeah. And that's unfortunate part was the governor Harry when He -- as. He that He. -- me He was right. -- negative on. -- -- William -- in the. -- yeah the governor Perry Q1 reason people work criticizing over the an athlete you mean you into that debate which is solely focused on the economy jobs -- -- an economic. -- He would not talk about it wait until later in the week to unveil it are certain people who work. I think him for reasons. That went far beyond religion. -- -- the worst thing about what his wife said is that made him sound derivative and wind. And victimized. And whatever people are looking for a president it's not a victim. And speaking did deliver his -- the unit. -- and -- are expanding domestic oil drilling loosening regulation. What do you make -- overseas. It's not it was here's a person's estate him for how many taxes that jobs he's frequently in the -- And obviously he's leading is different taxes however if you go to -- Jobs picture isn't there lightly either. And Johnson and are in the -- What -- -- population. Does not. There's a difference between jobs and well paying jobs and it's an interesting choice of energy can understand politically -- -- -- -- -- Understand why the -- -- We -- you know he's got. And we. You've got a -- -- Clinton. From fixes everything looks like energy. And lights -- its stance. It is. That it's looking. Maybe it happened. Maybe like thirty million into year. The second that He is -- -- I'm hopeful that without any congressional. Legislation. -- -- It's impossible to do. That the Supreme Court. You must work sees -- -- -- also. -- not -- that that issues. Are glossy. -- share. But this state you know -- In the this is our. It is being asked them -- no drawing ever. Because that primary very well. They make -- Clinton's campaign -- We're we're very difference they're -- taxes that taxes he's on his taxes He talks that He is wrong. Is dealing -- and distraction. China poverty and the Texas picture isn't. Easy. It sounds. Wouldn't win the primary victory. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":14747853,"title":"Greenroom: Rick Perry's Slide","duration":"4:22","description":"George Will, Margaret Brennan, Ruth Marcus, Laura Tyson, and Jonathan Karl.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/greenroom-rick-perrys-slide-14747853","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}