Greenroom: Taking on Herman Cain

George Will, Matthew Dowd, Donna Brazile, and Jake Tapper.
9:47 | 10/23/11

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Transcript for Greenroom: Taking on Herman Cain
She -- other candidates Vanessa Herman Cain considering that. 999. I usually only one has broken through at this point. -- they're trying to attack I've heard them try to attack him as Rick Santorum and most aggressively perhaps trying to talk about via. First of all king has given the quintessential pro choice -- abortions is it should be left to individuals and then also -- that he's not qualified. Another santorum's attacks are all that effective right now He. He has yet to hit his stride when it comes to -- via imagination. Of the audience but there is a way to go after thinking it. I think that. Agrees it's complicated because he's an outsider and He is like. And that its top. Well I think that finger other Republicans that don't get that Herman -- instance that -- -- And whether or not agree with -- 99 -- you have to have something memorable written. That Romney's 59 point when there's nothing memorable nothing -- about anybody else right. If somebody sit -- census and I'm and come up with the whenever the CSI planned economy CC for cutting taxes and asked that regulations whatever that thing happens to -- You -- -- brand in the marketplace because you -- repeated over and over again -- there -- simpler -- McCain understands that better than the other guys. I think -- -- -- confusing apples and oranges. I don't know what I experienced a significant work. His suit that I'm and has wonderful simplicity that didn't -- -- survive the week. Because analysis well. In addition -- -- and -- is going to be a special provision for poor people here 909 plus an empowerment zone for practically bad neighborhoods it's a good. So -- already complicated. Because I don't really minutes but that's -- confusing come quotes and. Be all right -- bulletin people -- thinking because you want him to give them because -- you'd be. Million or -- -- And it's last week they. The -- and they and a commentary charm and He was inspired in terms of his life story just yet but Republicans look at this -- has -- This medical. I don't know electability. Is that there right now like -- back -- but I just I'm just -- him to. You know want -- -- Remember. Although this primary. Like -- like him personally and Alison that's instant ultimate run. -- -- -- -- -- over and over and over again until that sort. It withstand anymore its own mistakes. Fault if they attacked her and I heard. That -- maybe something can have a hundred feet to shoot and if He doesn't always is going along -- -- its. -- -- Trying until it came -- they changed. -- Rick Perry is preparing to unveil his original plan acts will that be is that -- bulletins and. We're gonna find out there's a tremendous frustration on the counter attacks that doesn't look as though it is Mitch -- says someone designed it on purpose. Tax compliance is one of the biggest industries -- just trying to make sense of the tax cuts of this huge sense that something's wrong you can't perform. The basic civic duty -- paying your taxes without hiring outside. Whether or not He has the moxie and here particular kinds of human that's -- I don't know furthermore. Every time someone says I'm all for the flat tax except I want my mortgage interest deduction on my charitable deduction -- my church. And again it's like the -- simplicity of it explodes -- We should remember there was tax reform that happened has happened report here it's never. As simple that it wants it to be. Community king -- -- nonsense since the tax code simplified in 1986 has been -- complicated 151000. Times. That's more than once a day seven days and weeks by politicians are making promises to voters and I hope that you attacks -- office on its attacks for and the voters -- yeah. Tax cuts accomplished and trajectories campaign through -- -- campaign reform over and over and over again and consistency corporal in the aftermath. Since never. Ha ha there's no campaign -- -- -- things. I think I think his plan will all just like its hands. Let me just -- I don't I don't necessarily think that mr. -- I think still has the potential the strongest potential of everyone there. 222. He didn't wrongly candidate and consolidate all of -- 75%. Republican base it -- one vote for. -- -- still think He can do it has not risen -- it's He can't and I still think that He can do more so than the other. Hospitals to -- He has a better. Long term strategy and came -- long term problems thinking or when. If you believe as I do that the political market works. And that's responsive to appetites and desires of consumers sovereignty and the voters. There's going to be a strong anti Robert Kennedy sent. The next rise Herman -- all. Adults -- Rick area -- -- right for repairs right back -- -- all. Out. That's interesting because potentially on Paper cronies don't. You think He irritates. There is there is one convenience about his performance for for Republicans. -- that is complaining. Does He think he's attacking candidates he's upset that -- getting more attention so he's not. You know asserting himself from the debate he's complained that nobody. West and I think He needs to watch -- what you think He. -- on Paper he's at these potentially you know its strong social conservative strong national security cancer. And He has an argument that. Well an argument made in the last debate was -- someone carry Pennsylvania this government lost -- about sixteen points the last time and tried. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And question we'll start that He big part of that -- initial appeal was his economic record Texas is definitely an -- job on. In this and things. Now east and a horrible. And performing in this campaign and now we base but actually enhance the economic you would think somebody at least consider -- -- for a couple of months. When it put together some semblance of an economic plan based on his success and Texas that was very explained and threw for debate now we're still waiting he's -- few more days and a -- flat tax -- existing -- that absolutely dismally in the top candidate. And now -- -- basically because of its performance of black and these -- economic you don't think this is you know. The democratic candidate for me here in New York. Or democratic candidates in Massachusetts and largely democratic areas they get -- it when it comes time for Election Day they're not actually real strong because. They're they're. It's it's the reason Bloomberg warm it's one of the reasons why Scott Brown won because there that are in states that are so friendly to their points of view. Rick Perry has not really it. That difficult time in Texas and I think in his last gubernatorial race He didn't have any debates. He's been able to do with the way He wants you your taxes -- you -- for me if I'm wrong here but. That coasting. Now costs we have when you're you're exactly right -- your -- -- -- state basically you're don't have to exercise muscles in the state. And he's done very well simplistic messages but you know spotlight it's like going from -- ED TV. HDTV. I -- -- show up and you have to perform a little bit better. He has not done that he's not had that test and one of the things about -- it's never been tested he's never had it all -- and get back up he's always want and Fonda get back up is it true test of politicians thing. I still believe He would stand about believe. -- is our physicals. Financials and -- not clear late and and you know if you look at it to executives running. I mean Rick Perry I think He is the better story. Campaign will be able. But some holes in his story as well we want and we should talk about this is Marco Rubio mother the story came out this week about. He is parents to win. Flick -- -- what will hurt him as a potential VP candidate. And it's my opinion that. I think it was sloppy on his part. Given the fact it. He has some strong. Attributes I don't think it will hurt mom's. And that's what I think it's gonna help him he's gonna come stronger this was actually for his sake. The best way for this story to come out investment partners basically -- the years got mixed up but my story -- this story might in the coming here. I think -- but it -- -- question -- question I think He comes out of this stronger as opposed. It's perfectly clear -- should be the next president is a lawyer. He has executive experience and a winning record -- Tony La Russa. Of the cardinals'. Next to Syria next Sunday.

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{"id":14797366,"title":"Greenroom: Taking on Herman Cain","duration":"9:47","description":"George Will, Matthew Dowd, Donna Brazile, and Jake Tapper.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/greenroom-taking-herman-cain-14797366","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}