Can Hillary Clinton Avoid 2008 Mistakes?

The "This Week" powerhouse roundtable discusses Hillary Clinton's campaign strategy.
5:28 | 04/12/15

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Transcript for Can Hillary Clinton Avoid 2008 Mistakes?
Jon Karl, thank you. I want to go to donna Brazile. You ran Al gore's campaign in 2000, seeking a third democratic term. What were the lessons from that? What lessons do you think Hillary has drawn? She's not the sitting vice president. She's not involved in the day-to-day operation of the white house. We had a hard time separating the campaign from what was going on in the white house. That's a positive for her. She's not going to run like the 2014 senate campaign. She's not going to distance herself from this president. She knows this president and administration have done a good job on improving the economy. She has her own ideas. In the video she'll release later today, she'll talk about why she wants to be president and what she can do to make this economy even better for the middle class and others. Tavis smiley, a new book out, my journey with Maya. Look forward to Reading that. You're one of the 72% of democrats who think she needs a real challenge? I think the announcement was obviously predictable. The nomination may be inevitable. But this campaign is not invincible. I think we learned that the last time around. What will make her a better candidate is a challenge. For some of us -- I love her, but she's not Progressive enough. For some, she's too hawkish. Being pushed from the left flank makes her a better candidate. Left to her own devices, the Clintons move to the center. And a lot of people will be disappointed in that. Several republicans at the NRA convention on Friday. So now is this the ready for Hillary gathering? People like Hillary Clinton who seem to think that you measure success in government by how many people are dependent on the government. I wonder what her slogan is going to be. I suspect it won't be four more years. But somebody back there got it right. It may be what difference does it make? We'll see. Kristen Soltis Anderson, what do you think the prime take will be on Hillary Clinton? Republicans feel ready for Hillary Clinton. I think they're excited to move into the next phase of the campaign for two reasons. One, they're excited to begin drawing contrasts with her. They're excited to talk about foreign policy. President Obama's foreign policy job approval has also taken a hit over the last two years. A lot of republicans are eager to contrast their views with what they view as the failed foreign policy of this administration. But they begin in the second phase of the campaign, this actual phase of the campaign, that she'll have to answer questions that she didn't have to answer as private citizen Hillary Clinton. Things like her e-mails, the records, Clinton inc. They're eager for the next phase of the campaign. Let me bring this to bill kristol. It's a delicate dance for the republican party here. The Clintons have thrived when their opponents have overreached. Yeah, and I thing they should pretty much ignore Hillary Clinton. She's well known to the American public. They should make their own case. The natural tendency would be to change parties in the white house. The republicans need to make a positive case for their conservative policy at home. You're shaking your head. We can talk about this, pardon the pun, yorngeorge, this week, next week, every week. Always on "This week." But if, no matter what week it is, the republican party cannot figure out a way to expand its base. I laugh sometimes at all the analysis and prognostication. It's simple. If you cannot expand the base of this party, bill, you all are in trouble. We can expand the base. Hillary Clinton is the easiest candidate to expand on. But the only person on your side. Marco Rubio. Scott walker. I want to stay on Hillary. Donna, not the political athlete husband is. She has had some clunky moments. Do you think that has changed? I think so. We forget, bill, that in 2008, she received 18 million votes. That's more votes than any other American has received in a contested primary. She understands she has to reach out, to expand the democratic base because there are more independents out there. But the big thing, George, is the currency of ideas. We don't see any ideas from the republicans. The only thing holing them together is the criticism of Hillary. She's going to talk about the economy. Foreign policy, where she has a lot to say. A lot of accomplishments. Republicans seem to have forgotten the mess they left this administration in. I think this will be a vigorous campaign. And you know what will happen on the democratic side? More Americans will be excited to get out and vote next fall. What is the biggest challenge facing Hillary Clinton? Convincing Americans they can trust her to be the president of the United States and to look out for their interests and not her own. The unknowns are always impossible to predict. I think she's ready for all of them. The era of inevitability is over. You'll have to earn it. She'll be challenged. There will be a moment, she may not be defeated, but a moment where she will not be the inevitable nominee. What are the chances she's not the nominee? 1 in 3. 1 in 3? Wow. Slim to none and slim is out of town. Slim was not born yet. She's strong. But she understands the weaknesses of her previous campaigns. This one is going to be different. In a moment of bipartisanship, I'll agree with

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