Clinton Senior Adviser on the Next Phase of the Campaign

Senior Adviser Joel Benenson discusses how Hillary Clinton's second presidential run will be different than her first.
5:24 | 06/14/15

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Transcript for Clinton Senior Adviser on the Next Phase of the Campaign
We'll bring in from the Hillary Clinton camp, Joel benenson. Hillary Clinton is running as Elizabeth Warren, as governor Christie said. He should be focused on running his campaign. I think what secretary Clinton said yesterday is laying out her vision and her agenda for America. She's been fighting for children, families and yesterday, she said, we need to create an economy where everyday Americans and their families get ahead. Where we build an economy that's built by all and prosperity is shared by all. That people get real rewards for the work they put in, that's the kind of vision that she laid out. The values that she's been fighting for her whole life. I think governor Christie knows that. Governor Christie is very direct when he makes his point. Lot of policies from Clinton yesterday. But notably in its absence, no mention of that big vote for the trade promotion authority. Big defeat for president Obama. Bernie sanders, another democrat, saying it's time for secretary Clinton to take a stand. Look, secretary Clinton says what's matters is in the final deal. Lot of congressional jockeying going on right now. It's a pretty simple issue, whether or not the president should have the authority to negotiate it -- is she for it or against it? What secretary Clinton has said is in the final deal. Protect American jobs and wages? Will it protect our national security? Will it protect currency manipulation? They're voting against it. I think they'll have to explain that to each other as the haggling here over what the final package should be. Does she believe the president should have the fast-track authority to negotiate now -- I think she believes is what the deal has at the end of the day what will matter to the American people. She wants to see the final deal. She wants to make sure it protects American workers. Last time around you were one of chief architects in president Obama's race against Hillary Clinton. Back in October 2007, you co-wrote a memo in the new Yorker. The key distinction between Clinton and Obama would be on character not policy. Part of the memo said, Clinton can't be trusted or believed when it comes to change, she's driven by political calculation not convictions, regular lay backing away and shifting positions. Why won't that argument work for Clinton's opponents right now? I think secretary Clinton is the most right person for this moment. What American people need and want right now is a tenacious fighter that will help them get ahead and stay ahead. They were rocked by a crisis, that came a year after that memo, that crisis, the American people have fought back, they have worked two jobs and two shifts. They have figured out how to make it work. As you saw -- She brings that to the table, she does not quit, she's never quit. She's been fighting on their behalf for her entire life. But as you saw in Cecilia's piece, our latest poll shows 52% of Americans think she's not honest. With all due respect, George, your latest poll also shows, when asked about people who will fight for you, she's above water on that by three points. Jeb bush is 20 points under water. That's the fight people want. Who can I trust every day in the oval office to make my case? Make sure my kids have choices in the future that I want them to have. Work hard and get ahead I can stay ahead. That's what Hillary Clinton brings to the table. There's also a significant amount of commentary about the potential electoral strategy, not the bill Clinton map. Broad lelectoral map. But the narrow map of president Obama. David brooks says, the error says if Hillary Clinton decides to be just another unimaginative base-mobilizing politician, she'll make it worse -- First of all, I think the premise of that story was kind of entertaining. The notion that you should be running on the same map that ran 20 years ago. Is absurd today as it was 20 years ago. No democrat won Texas since 1964. The country changes, democrat demographics change. Middle of the road, mainstream America is, so you run a national campaign, we have organizers in all 50 states right now. You have to do that. You have to get people mobilized. She did a house party yesterday. You have a map of states that are known as battleground states, that's not going to change. That's where the toughest fights are going to be. But you campaign everywhere in this country. 24/7 days a week media, ensure Americans are hearing the message. And we'll be on top of it. When we come back, terry Moran on the ground in Iraq, with a shocking look inside the world of Isis.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"Senior Adviser Joel Benenson discusses how Hillary Clinton's second presidential run will be different than her first.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"31754518","title":"Clinton Senior Adviser on the Next Phase of the Campaign","url":"/ThisWeek/video/hillary-clinton-senior-campaign-adviser-2016-race-31754518"}