House Democratic Leader Pelosi says Pres. Trump went 'rogue' this week

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., weighs in on the Iran deal, health care reform, and more on "This Week."
7:56 | 10/15/17

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Transcript for House Democratic Leader Pelosi says Pres. Trump went 'rogue' this week
Getting great health care for this country. We're joined by democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. Thank you for joining us. You heard the president. He wants to talk. Will you? I think we're a little far down the road for that. Before we go into him and that this Sunday morning, we have to be prayerful for what schaaping in California, on top of Puerto Rico, Texas, Harvey, ir may. The wildfires. The wildfires in California. The hurricanes throughout our country. The violence in Nevada. People are hurting. We have to be very prayerful about that. And at this time, you're suggesting that E we sit down with the president. The president says repeal and replace. Where is the replace? We haven't seen anything. I don't think -- I think that -- this week, the week of Friday the 13th, is the week that president trump went rogue. He went rogue on women's health in particular. Affordable care act. The Iran decision. That he made. And as he continues his war on the middle class, with his unfair tax plans. So, so many things that are not based on evidence and that's problematic. Not based on evidence. But the question is, what do you do you about it? I tried to suggest that while we underour differences, we can find common ground. If we have evidence-based decisions. You have governors hickenlooper and Kasich, Republicans, saying this is wholesale chaos. You see what Republican governor Sandoval said. We would like president trump to face the facts. He either doesn't know or doesn't care. The payments stop next week. How do you get them back? Will you demand them to keep the government open in December, for example? We're not about closing down government. The Republicans have the majority. They have the signature of the president. It's up to them to keep government open. We don't go down that path. I'll say this. That Republicans in congress have to be responsible right now we're fighting them to get children's health shurn. The C.H.I.P. Program reauthorized. All of this to give a tax cut to the wealthiest people in our country. A war on the middle class. It's very, very sad. In terms of the health care, we're saying, let's follow what senator Murray and Alexander are doing. In the senate. They're trying to find common ground. And that should be encouraged. That's one. The white house is saying Mick Mulvaney says the president wants some of his priorities in return. What are his priorities? Building a wael. Repealing -- Oh, please. You can't build a wall. He wants to repeal the affordable care act and build a wall? No. I think, in other words some of the things he did the other day, like saying, you can buy insurance across state lines. That's already in the affordable care act. So, I'm just saying, what are -- what are his priorities? Except the priority for many of them is, there should be no government role. They never really, the Republicans, never really supported medicare when it came into being. They now say it should wither on the vine. This is being about a public rule associated with the good health of the American people. And -- what they're doing with their tax plan and their health bill will hurt medicaid. Isn't the president getting what he wants repealing Obamacare step by step by step? He's hurting the American people. This is not about policy or politics. It's about the American people. And if he is -- if he wanted to do that, why would he hurt people and say, now that I've taken the American people hostage, let's talk. We have a path in the senate, bli partisan path. At least, I wonder if he knows what that path is. Because, from what he says, it doesn't sound like he has knowledge, knows the facts. Bases his decision on evidence. And, that's a problem. You say you don't want to shut down the government. The white house has made it clear, if the president doesn't get his priorities, like the wall, with the government funding bill in December, they're not going to have the votes to keep the government open. Well, why are you putting that on us? They have the majority in the house and the senate and the president's signature. They have the power to keep government open. And if they don't, if day can't get there on their own, what price will the Democrats demand for their votes? It's a negotiation. It's not a price you demand. We intend, by the end of the year, to have a -- the D. R.E.A.M. Act passed. To pro toekt young people. The president says, and I take hymn in good faith. He cares about the young people because the American people care about them. He's going to hear from the American people on the health care bill, as well. You're -- we're moving from the one thing to the next because that's the chaos that is exists in the white house right now. And I just -- maybe he's being ill advised. I don't know. But I do know that when he speaks, he does not speak from the basis of knowledge. That's why -- it's so hard to deal with him. I have said to him, we have had differences with Republicans across the aisle or down Pennsylvania avenue, we have always been able to at least go forward based on data, evidence. Facts. A bottom line in term of a number. To say, unless I get a wall, I'm going shut our government down, is totally ir spornl for a president of the United States. It's part of his war with the middle class. He wants, again, a tax bill unfair to them. If he doesn't get that, repeal affordable care act. If he doesn't get that. Let me ask you a question. One of your fellow members of congress, Sanchez, came out this week saying it's time for change at the top. Our leadership does a tremendous job. We have a breadth and depth of talent within our caucus. I think it's time to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders. How do you respond to that? I do think we have a great array of talent. I have promoted it all along the way pip think when you see some of the people who represent the house Democrats, like Adam Schiff and the rest, people I have promoted in the party. Getting them ready. It's up to the kau us the to select its next leaderships pip enjoy the support of my caucus. And you're not going anywhere? I'm here -- the affordable care act, as you know, is very important to me. And I -- when the president became president, I saw the threat to it. I said, I gotta stay to take care of the affordable care act the. That's my tight. My mission. But also, to have women, women at the table. At the leadership table. I'm here to fight for our -- our better deal. Better jobs. Better pay. Better future for the American people. I think that the biggest evidence for lack of experience in a job is the president of the United States. So -- I fully intend to make on the basis of my knowledge, my legislative -- I think I'm great legislator. I know the budget. I don't believe that I have -- self-promotion is a terrible thing. But clearly, somebody has to do it. Thank you for your time today. My pleasure.

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{"duration":"7:56","description":"Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., weighs in on the Iran deal, health care reform, and more on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"50492835","title":"House Democratic Leader Pelosi says Pres. Trump went 'rogue' this week","url":"/ThisWeek/video/house-democratic-leader-nancy-pelosi-50492835"}