Houston faces catastrophic flooding in wake of Harvey

ABC News' Rob Marciano reports the latest on Tropical Storm Harvey.
3:01 | 08/27/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Houston faces catastrophic flooding in wake of Harvey
We begin with the latest on that devastating storm hurricane Harvey has been downgraded to tropical depression now but the damage is significant the danger is real. Especially in the city of Houston for more than six million Americans are facing a life threatening floods. Overnight more than a thousand rescues authorities now warning people to get out of there addicts and onto their roofs. The seas not on one system is overloaded citizen's been asked to call only if they are in imminent danger. And with the ground already waterlogged the storm slowing to a crawl that danger could grow in the days ahead. The Texas governor president trumps Homeland Security advisor are standing by live and we begin with ABC senior meteorologist rob Marciano in the storms on and rob. No rain where you are right now the Houston getting pounded. The everything east of the circulation George's where the heaviest rains are. This event just over twelve hours old and officials already saying it's a 500. Year. Flooding all of that just incredible stuff happening worsen it. Floods of the Memorial Day two years ago worsen the benchmark storm tropical storm Allison. 2001 which devastated the city of Houston overnight scary stuff happening as this rain came down. Rescues ongoing over a thousand as you mentioned. Folks doing what they can just to get out of the where they're flooded areas all are in the waters continue to rise. The National Weather Service putting out. They an urgent message saying do not go up into your addicts because they don't want people to get trapped up there they're saying go up in your room they want to stress person should not going to they're addicts but instead go onto the roof this is a tweet and if calling 911. Stay on the line until it is answered. That is going to be stressed today and tomorrow the the body is the rivers. Our are flooding right now we have 48 gauges that are going into major flood stage and some of the buyers already. In record stages right through the city of Houston. Buffalo by U jumping thirty feet in just a few hours since Saturday white oh brazen the browsers river going into major flood stage as well. The satellite the radar shows all that. Rain coming off the Gulf of Mexico this is very high arraignments in some cases 67 inches per hour there's no way for that sort of rain rate to to drain out. Efficiently and the next twelve hours were looking for potentially nutter twelve inches on top of the twelve inches. That we've already seen George and rubble which lead to what should we expect in the coming days. More more rain it's just a matter of where those rain bands set up because a circulation of what's left of Harvey is a really gonna move all that much is gonna stay. Over southeast Texas so we think another twelve inches on top and a twelve inches that we expect today. On top of the twelve inches that they got last night so potentially over three feet. All of rainfall expected through Wednesday you know we say time and time again George it is not the wind from a hurricane or tropical system that kills people. It is the water the inland flooding especially that's the number one cause for tropical storm related fatalities and the folks in Houston are certainly trying to prevent that from happening. Today. George. Rob thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"ABC News' Rob Marciano reports the latest on Tropical Storm Harvey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"49450160","title":"Houston faces catastrophic flooding in wake of Harvey","url":"/ThisWeek/video/houston-faces-catastrophic-flooding-wake-harvey-49450160"}