Inside Syria's Resistance

The BBC's Paul Wood with Syrian soldiers defecting to the opposition.
2:59 | 11/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside Syria's Resistance
Syria is well -- president Bashar Assad continues a violent crackdown on his own people. The UN says more than 3500. People have been killed -- over the past eight months. Now defectors from the military of forming an armed resistance the freeze Syrian -- -- And BBC correspondent Paul Wood and cameraman Fred Scott the first journalist to spend time with the rebels. They filed this report near the city of -- with some of the worst. Violence has taken place. Syria's border with Lebanon. These men are taking in guns supported growing insurgency. The area is mind and full of Syrian patrols. -- -- area the smuggler was captured him. Each man carries to a creek rushed to coax but the point -- in size. Our -- to not paid smugglers. Supporters of the revolution. I wouldn't. The regimes had -- under siege for forty years he says. We've been starving for forty years. Into homes. The Syrian army. -- -- -- They'll probably shoot. If they spoke to us. The suburb of Bob I'm room. The people -- hemmed in by the security forces. Fear is suffocating. But the fire power is -- Longo -- on one side. These are the men of the free Syria army they didn't exactly hold this area. Just hope to slow up the security forces. Almost from the beginning it was Syrian government propaganda. That armed groups -- armed gangs as they were -- was supporting the opposition. -- often months of protests is being shot down in the streets. -- myth. Of an armed insurgency. Has become reality. More joy in every day. And gun battles signals another defection. Soldiers are running Intifada I'm -- fine I don't by the former comrades. -- made attacked a sick did not. We -- him screaming he says. We couldn't get back they were too many troops chasing us -- No we don't listen -- them another explains that they fled after being ordered to shoot unarmed protestors with him. -- we are rule one people one blood. We can't just kill them. The rebels believe they can win if -- help from outside want to name fly -- -- Syria. -- would ABC news this week Syria.

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{"id":15035514,"title":"Inside Syria's Resistance ","duration":"2:59","description":"The BBC's Paul Wood with Syrian soldiers defecting to the opposition.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/inside-syrias-resistance-15035514","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}