Interview with David Axelrod

The Obama campaign senior adviser on the general election outlook.
5:50 | 03/04/12

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Transcript for Interview with David Axelrod
-- tough reelection strategist David Axelrod great to have you back with us again -- -- -- -- -- your speaker they're right there what's the answer to that question what if BB Netanyahu comes the president says I can't wait. Well George let's first stipulate that there is no difference between the United States. And Israel on on the issue of whether Iran should get a nuclear weapon and the president made that very clear again in the interview that you cited and he has backed that up. By bringing the entire world together over the last few years with the most withering economic sanctions that have ever been administered against any. Country so there is no difference between the in the objective here they're going to sit down and they're gonna talk through. The tactics involved but. No one should doubt the president's resolve not just because of the security of Israel but because of the security of the United States of America it is important. That Iran not get a nuclear -- A lot of Republicans think this could be a winning political issue. Before them I was struck by an article written this week and foreign policy dot com by Karl Rove. And Ed Gillespie both strategist for former president George W. Bush. Where they say that the present is strikingly vulnerable on foreign policy going to say his approach to Israel must be presented as similarly weak and untrustworthy. The Republican candidate must make clear the existential threat to Israel from a nuclear armed Iran. Not only because it will lead to a better policy but also because will reduce the -- support among his key voting bloc in the critical battleground states of Florida Michigan. Ohio and Pennsylvania response. Well I can tell you. Is that Shimon Peres the president of Israel was. Interviewed a couple of nights ago it's that there's never been closer security cooperation. Ehud Barack the defense -- of minister of Israel has said the same. Prime minister Netanyahu has said that -- that the security assistance that we've given to Israel is unprecedented. I think they -- better sources on this the mr. rove and I think as to the mayor the the American people's attitude toward the president as the commander in chief. And on national security issues to the polls reflect the reality. Which is that he has been a very strong. A leader in this regard and if you don't believe that -- the -- the remnants of al-Qaeda who -- on the run. You know I think it's an absurd notion but if that's how they wanna spend their time I welcome them to what you just heard Newt Gingrich say said the president was wrong to apologize for the burning of those two runs. Well I think you -- the important point the commanders of the on the ground had a different. I did you know the thing about not having any responsibilities is that you can say irresponsible things and the speaker of -- himself of that opportunity all the time. But the reality is that the president has in his hands. The fate of all those service people -- over there and that's foremost in his mind and the commanders on the ground. Felt that a high level apology was warranted and necessary for the security of those troops and the president acted on their recommendation. How about gas prices either some forecast that it could go as high as five dollars a gallon. By this summer you heard the speaker there he talked about he wants secretary Steven -- -- to be fired. In the past secretary issues has said that he America should -- European level gas prices and the speaker reference this testimony. To this week where he was asked whether or not the goal. Of US policy was lower gas prices release. But -- overall goal to get our price. -- the overall goal is to decrease our dependency on oil to two. Build and strengthen our economy and -- good decrease our dependency on oil. Is the secretary -- are lower gas prices not the president's goal. Well first of -- I think your question error earlier it to speaker Gingrich raised an important point. Oil is traded on a global market so there's our dependence on oil makes it very difficult to control our energy costs and that's why yes we need to drill for more oil yes we need to drill form our natural gas we were an eight year high in terms of domestic oil production. We're in an unprecedented levels in terms of natural gas we're doubling renewable energy and and perhaps most important the president for the first time in thirty years implemented fuel efficiency standards that when fully implemented -- save 2.2. Million barrels of oil a day that's how we're gonna control about how -- are lower gas prices to -- all of the president. Well look we always want lower gas prices because that's that's good for our economy the question is whether it's realistic to -- -- the speaker did that there's some -- magic got fairy dust but you can sprinkle and get two dollars and fifty cent gas. The American people -- no that's not the case we've been dealing with this for some -- six months before the president took office. Gas was at four dollars and ten cents a gallon the reason that it was. Lower when he took office was because we had a worldwide recession that's not a strategy for lower gas prices that we want to. Follow find this -- this controversy the Rush Limbaugh sparked this week heard the speaker earliest speaker Boehner. Thought that Rush Limbaugh's words were an appropriate but he also thought it was inappropriate the president jump in in the way he did in for Democrats to fund raise off this issue your response. I think what -- Rush Limbaugh said about that young woman was not only vial and degrading to her but to women across the country I think the president did. The right thing by. By by calling her this that you the other thing about the Limbaugh -- that I think is important is. That it was predicated on a lie and the lie was that somehow she was asking that taxpayers. Pay for contraception the policy is. That in basic insurance policies contraception contraceptive services birth control should be included an almost although all women in America at some point but in their lives. Use that service so. That needs to be cleared up to even in his sort of quasi apology last night. Mr. Limbaugh continued that that that false and it needs to be -- -- -- facts -- thanks very much.

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{"id":15843820,"title":"Interview with David Axelrod ","duration":"5:50","description":"The Obama campaign senior adviser on the general election outlook.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/interview-david-axelrod-15843820","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}