Interview with Rick Perry

Texas governor defends "vulture capitalism" criticism of Mitt Romney.
4:52 | 01/15/12

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Transcript for Interview with Rick Perry
Texas governor Rick Perry. Governor Perry thanks for joining us this morning. And Georgia are you I'm doing well thank you less than a week ago in South Carolina. You're still lagging far behind it to borrow metaphor from your home state -- South Carolina become your alma. Off I don't think so but you know we get out every day in and go take our message of job creation and and you know were the most. Consistent fiscal conservative and social conservative in the race and and that's our message both on the Airways and out on the campaign trail so that -- -- retail politics in South Carolina been awesome. But as you know governor that big group a social conservatives -- text -- Texas yesterday decided you are not. The conservative alternative to Mitt Romney they want him they want Rick Santorum. To have that mentally you can even make the final ballot. Well that's what they said about Ronald Reagan as well -- you know he was -- electable he was not the one that they wanted to pick a South Carolina. Citizens you know what he is so will -- NC Saturday what the people of South Carolina -- lets your messages final week. Well it's all about job thing in this country back working again. Eleven years of -- Executive governing experience that -- has created a million jobs and in my home state the thirteenth largest economy in the world. Keep the taxes -- the regulatory climate fair predictable legal system has -- allow for over suing. And in a state that -- got quite a military. History and had a lot of veterans here. I think there -- looking for a president who. Not always wore the uniform of the country. But also been the commander in chief and 20000 plus National Guard troops that have been deployed multiple times and they know my commitment to the men and women -- the military animals stand -- the men and support them over the course of the years. Governor as you know you've taken some heat this week from many Republicans for your tax on Mitt Romney. As of vulture capitalists during his time at Bain Capital want to read some of them here Sean Hannity said it almost sounds like Occupy Wall Street. Rudy Giuliani it's ignorant and -- Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina it really gives the Democrats. A lot of fodder any regrets for using that phrase. Well I think the issue it's not a new phrase it was used by Stuart Stevens who's one -- Mitt Romney's. Consultants. Against Meg Whitman so. I think the issue for everyone has that look this is not something that we knew what and coming up and it's better to be talking about it here and I January. In South Carolina that it isn't this September and October with a nominee so if it is a -- fatal flaw. That we need talk about it now so. That the issue's been about who's best prepared and who has that the background of creating jobs and that's what. Those comments were always about was that. Who is the job creator. That's on that stage and I will. Submit to -- that my job creation record is incomparable. When it comes -- the other candidates honest. CA -- by Mitt Romney's argument that it -- created more than a 100000 jobs. Well I think the the you know the issue is. What's -- what's the total is just like Sarah Palin when Sarah asks that question she said he knows that that's really what this issue is all about. Not whether or not. Did the Bain Capital. Is a job creator not but -- did they really create that many jobs so yeah I think the questions out there -- and it's it's a good. It's a good conversation to have. We're gonna get tested by it Obama and and his his group so you better have all of these -- done -- early no surprises in September and October. But I think what a lot of Republicans are worried -- -- that they're gonna see that phrase vulture capitalism coming out of your mouth. -- from President Obama and the Democrats. In the fall. Well the issue is about job creation and as I said I think if this is a flight of a fatal flaw it needs to be talked about. Now rather than September so you know we're talking about it and and the people South Carolina will decide whether or not that's a problem or not. So go to -- what your plan going forward if you don't come in first or close second in South Carolina is that -- for your campaign. Well we'll make that decision on Saturday so you're not our intention two win South Carolina and and I go forward from there but. Try to plan at your campaign. Months in advance I think is a little bit of a stretch. Governor Perry thanks from extra time this morning. -- -- --

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Texas governor defends \"vulture capitalism\" criticism of Mitt Romney.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"15365261","title":"Interview with Rick Perry ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/interview-rick-perry-15365261"}