Interview with Stephen Colbert

The comedian on his (faux) presidential bid and his critique of super PACs.
10:09 | 01/15/12

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Transcript for Interview with Stephen Colbert
Many are now for an exclusive interview the latest candidates' comedian Stephen Colbert are rocked the political world this Thursday. I'm doing it ten because. I think our country. Is. Facing unprecedented challenges in the future and I think that the junctures. That we face are both critical. And -- -- -- That was actually four years ago mr. -- are welcome to this week you know. -- South Carolina your campaign seemed to hit a brick wall right out of the gate is the I don't have a campaign George -- correction -- exploratory committee. -- finding out whether there's -- hunger. Breaks even colder air campaign right now don't don't force -- no campaign at really -- a -- operative. But there are stages to this George not in the South Carolina Republican Party here's what Matt -- Had to say about it there is no blank space on voting machines to write in candidate. Stephen -- there has about as much chance of being elected president South Carolina as he doesn't being elected Pope. 01. Of all. I'm -- Roman Catholic and I teach Sunday school so let's have a pretty good shot of -- -- A better -- than Matt Moore -- -- South Carolina excuse me you're married him. George public into our private lives right now are you married. Yes Larry you are okay but -- very heavy Pope or president I -- an exploratory committee to -- -- right now George. Next after -- I have my exploratory committee to be president. That they say I can't get on the ballot in South Carolina that -- sang yup no writing they said you can't go to my -- They say -- can't put cheese inside a pizza crust. But NASA did it. They had to -- she's kept on floating off in space -- this is not your first time looking at presidential wrong we -- showed that clip on Meet the Press for years ago last time. He tried to run though as a Democrat and I good looking at running as a Republican is not -- -- flip flop ever know George I got burned by the Democratic Party in 2008. I can't go back to even can contemplate that I thought that the Republicans will be more welcoming. The Democrats but it turns out. In America it's not. How many people have behind you it's who you know and the Republicans are trying to keep me out -- the Republicans will not allow even a write in candidate in South Carolina. Well that doesn't sound like freedom and so what does that mean George I was talking. You finish your point let me make my what does that mean if you do not get the Republican nomination presidency choose not to run in South Carolina will you run. As a third party candidate. Well they're hardy couple third party candidates out there possibly trump is thinking about on third party Ron Paul Michael third party so I might just -- like former Illinois out when I talked him last what he all the ruled an -- auto last week Ron Paul Ron hall the saudis have been. So I think Michael as a fourth or fifth party candidate George so you're open to running -- -- go through this whole -- this is an exploratory we are exploring you don't know what you're gonna findings in six days in South Carolina what if George. Will be just because something is difficult doesn't mean it shouldn't be worth dealing you know I'm I'm exploring right now I'm one man Lewis and Clark. And I'm just looking for my second do we what we -- traded their decision turn. He's -- your decision turned it there's a hunger. For -- called out there that's what we're exploring. Gore or George if I find out -- my exploratory phase that one of the other candidates might be better for the United States. Then a -- cold -- An F 5% of South Carolina and I'm willing to throw my weight behind one of the other candidates all they have to do is come kiss my ring like they did Donald Trump's. And they can come visit me this way we can they want you're serious about this -- thing but I want to turn to what your supporters are saying. There's a super pac supporting you in South Carolina they released the new -- overnight taking a very tough shot I haven't been I have not seen -- -- Mitt Romney really believe -- Corporations are people my friend. And Mitt Romney. It's a serial. Mitt Romney is serial killer most powerful stuff that's doesn't cross the line. I was I had nothing to do with that -- I have no control over that that if anything of that ad. Is inaccurate. If he did not say corporations are people and if he did not make his money the -- -- -- former -- I am not calling anybody a serial killer I can't tell. Americans for a better tomorrow tomorrow what to do it's not my super -- George it's those super pack of I hope I'm pronouncing these correctly John -- -- -- -- -- a soft T. Listen if that's not accurate I hope they take it down -- I don't know I don't know if Mitt Romney is serial killer that's a question he's gonna have to answer but I know one thing that sounds like. -- superstar actor John Lithgow voicing that and he played a serial killer on Dexter. Two points -- -- -- -- you're like Newt Gingrich if it's untrue you wanted to come down absolutely I do not want any untrue ads on the air that could in any -- be traced back to me. We got some questions from viewers on FaceBook Matthew -- want to know who -- BP B. George senior pushing me into being a candidate -- and George short phase right now I'm still putting the other my exploratory committee. And I'm I'm looking at would you be willing to be on my exploratory committee. I know I cannot being explored like you know what do -- -- limited to run for vice president -- you look at that provides -- -- I hadn't. George I certainly. Look at myself right now. You know I've read in New York Times last week that there are three -- -- there is one of those two other guys might be the vice presidential candidate. If I'm running and -- on two different states according of the constitution really. What I was one in Washington DC which is -- the -- also I think I've got it covered all around the second question from FaceBook comes from Sharon Smith real other FaceBook that things that things growing they are how -- is called there. Feel about the possibility of having her husband run for president. Bomb -- -- -- -- -- on the exploratory committee and I think she's probably gonna find out about it by watching -- so honey we might run for president. Sorry about that -- -- -- by came on here what's your guess on how she feels about it. Should make a fantastic first lady of South Carolina. Okay finally wonder -- Wonder Renee wondering -- no one also woman also on FaceBook. Do you really do get your questions from everywhere but -- finally got a few of them from FaceBook that you believe the outcome the 2012 presidential election is based on. How much money each candidate can raise no it's how much speech. They can express. Because money equals speech doesn't matter the speech comes from money comes from your mouth. So you agree with the Supreme Court. On almost everything. Money equals speech therefore the more money you have the more you can speak that that's that's just. That just stands to reason if corporations are people corporations should be able to speak that's why I believe the super pacs. Do you believe in civil rights you believe they are full expression of the First Amendment. Without that you not to want. You don't believe that song that's -- -- -- or you answer one of my questions out so what are yours do you believe. The corporations are people. I am not gonna win on that added we're gonna have a long campaign here but I really corporations are corporations are people. You won't weigh in on whether some people are people that seems kind of racist George. I have got to move on because really your top -- very well when your top supporters gotten a little in a little hot water Jon Stewart is called and Jon Stewart he's running again -- you're up from he's running your super pac. Losing this what Roger Ailes the chairman of fox. You said about -- he said that Stewart hates conservative views he hates conservative thoughts he hates conservative verbiage he hates conservatives he's crazy. The wasn't polarize you could make a living he makes -- living by attacking conservatives and stirring up a liberal base against it. Somebody help me all that much in South Carolina have someone who according to Roger -- hates conservatives supporting it now Rogers a friend. We -- the steam room together a lot. And I usually gives back. I agree with Roger I mean that's why I am disavowing. Anything that Jon Stewart does that is not -- I believe the Jon Stewart is a loose cannon I believe it is a liberal I believe that he. Has it in for conservatives and that's why I think if any of these ads are inaccurate if any of these ads cause trouble that's Jon Stewart actually trying to undermine. My exploratory committee. Because again. I don't have a superpower anymore that's John Stewart super -- it's one of the reasons why isn't so hard to forms exploratory committee George I had to give away -- -- -- I think that's my baby. -- part of it how hard it is a giveaway a baby at her now imagine if that baby also had a whole lot of money how much harder would make it to give away your baby. -- you might get the baby back but it may not have the same amount of money. When you gave the baby away and then try to get future I don't know much of the success I'm gonna have -- but what difference he hoped to me. -- -- -- It's not campaign. This mock explored exploratory committee and it's not mock it is a real exploratory committee -- effect I will be the first person -- actually have committee members. On my exploratory committee. We're gonna have someone who's good with explosives. -- have a guy -- a mountain climber and we're gonna have a brain in a jar. Do your work they are you worried about how much money -- money is doing this political environment now know why why would you worry about what money is doing some local environment. There -- eleven point two million dollars in super pac ads anyway in South Carolina. Super pacs are outspending the candidates to the ones in South Carolina right now that just means according Citizens United there's just more speech. And that was before and I don't know about you but I believe in the freedom of speech especially as a member of the press to support that -- your decision coming. George -- again. I know it's your job try to -- story but I I I can't tell you what I found yet because of just start exploring. It did queen Isabella say go to America and then say have you found -- -- what I haven't even gotten nominee and the -- in the Santa Maria yet let me goal. And come back we find the spice routes and then come back please and come back when you find mr. -- thank you so much George.

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{"duration":"10:09","description":"The comedian on his (faux) presidential bid and his critique of super PACs. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"15365205","title":"Interview with Stephen Colbert ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/interview-stephen-colbert-15365205"}