Gov. on Penn State Scandal

The Pennsylvania governor on the fallout from the Penn State scandal.
8:25 | 11/13/11

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Transcript for Gov. on Penn State Scandal
The unfolding scandal at Penn State. The outrage of the revered coach -- esteemed university president looking the other way as an alleged pedophile preyed on children. Yesterday the Nittany Lions took to the field for the first time since the sordid story spilled into the open. Before kick off a moment of silence as play has dropped to their knees in recognition of the young victims. The lions lost the game the first without coach Joseph Paterno. And this morning emotions on campus and around the state remain role. Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett was the attorney general who began investigating accused central predator Jerry sandusky. And he joins me now from how does that. Governor thank you for joining me. They here forever -- Christiane let me just are asking you why do you think it took this sort of public shaming for the university to finally act. Why do you think everyone. Basically. -- this thing for so long from the president to coach the China. Well -- -- first. I have to -- put -- marketed it's hard for me to talk about a lot of the the past we have to look to the future. Because I was -- attorney general involved in the investigation. I have certain ethical rules that I have to follow. But I would note that the board of trustees has appointee Ken Frazier. Two lead the investigation -- with my secretary of education. To determine exactly the question -- -- asking. What happened -- it happened. And most importantly how -- university move on from here what I think that you saw yesterday. -- very good. Outpouring of support for everyone. When those two teams came together and really that whole stadium came together with those two teams what -- Did any asking business is on the -- -- -- be serious and I understand -- ethical and legal obligations however. Don't you think that the -- risk. But somebody who you've been investigating for more than two it is the -- risk that he could have continued to abuse during this investigation. In Montana cool to the police should not going to be at the very least something that the codes that the president. Should have -- We we would have expected -- fortunate -- been involved. Much sooner than -- got involved and as you know from newspaper reports. Our office as attorney general became involved. Not any case related to the university but he case from a next door county Clayton county and -- school there. Where -- mr. sandusky was helping out as a coach. Do you think other is a -- to be held accountable. How far -- do you think that this should go do you think coach -- is going to face legal issues. Well as you know again that preacher when the Kelly's already. Said at this point that he's not a subject of the investigation. And she stopped at that point. When you have investigations like this cinema content about this one. But the one thing you learned when you conducting investigations is. That as people face charges. They may start to cooperate. The investigation is an ongoing one so because of that I kitten that make projections. Or speculation as to where this may go. Well let me ask you about to be a -- a graduate assistant coach Mike mccreery who allegedly witnessed son -- actually raising a child. -- Penn State in 2002 but did not intervene. -- said that if you wanted to be knew you would have been to -- why do you think that he didn't and why do you think about was not taken up the chain of c'mon. That that's a good question for. Coach McCrary. As to why something didn't happen I'm sure it's going to be answered at some point in time -- course of the facts being revealed in this investigation. Or in the course of the trial mr. McCrary is a witness it in this trial. And I'm sure that the facts will be determined -- to. Exactly. How far up that knowledge was passed through the -- command. Do you think the Joseph Paterno should have come out and actually called to the students about what happened -- -- of just allowing this writing to go on I -- take some responsibility. But it's not for me to figure out what's going through Joseph Paterno whose mind. Certainly he was under a great deal of pressure it shock. That he'd just been told -- -- longer coach Penn State. And I think your question was when that you had to delivered to him. What do you think you think adults should take responsibility for so brazenly fading children. Well. In my role as attorney general -- -- US attorney now -- governor I believe adults should always stand up for children. Governor thank you very much indeed for joining us. Thank you. And Cheney in this case they didn't for some perspective on the Penn State story let's -- -- USA today sports writer Christine Brennan Christine. What happened is this really just yet another example of how how -- these sports teams how untouchable they. On college campuses. Absolutely Christiane let's look at the culture of college football. -- of course is the man as you just mentioned who witnessed allegedly witnessed this rape of a ten year old boy. In the showers at Penn State. And I believe he thought he was doing a lot that he was going above and beyond. By going pitcher Joseph Paterno house the next day and telling the revered coach what he saw. In this case unfortunately in this world of college football. -- Joseph Paterno is bigger than the police these college programs. People love them people watch and I've been around them for decades and they kind of go into hibernation in July or August and they come up for air in January after the bowl games. And they're living in an entirely different world than you and -- And so the fact that this man -- this reprehensible thing. And as I said I believe we'll find out that he thought he was going above and beyond by going to tell Paterno house on a day off to tell the -- I think that tells us all we need to know. About how out of control college football programs are. And -- discussing with my fellow roundtable -- -- others amid the very. These perhaps he -- gone and stopped it stopped what he was seeing happening in front of his eyes. But many are asking everybody sort of told you about is as if his own he'd just come out into the open as you well know -- how does that local newspapers started reporting this. You know last march march of this of this yet and yet nothing was about it didn't have a ripple effect. How do you explain that. It's stunning except for the fact that and in the Internet that day and age to have cookers where you would think the story would get some traction. This is such a monumental disaster. And such a window into the world of this. Eastham has this world of not only conch republic Penn State where. As you know the president university said after reading the grand jury but those 23 awful pages of the grand jury report. The president -- Spaniard said that called the charges groundless. And Davis unconditional support. Two the two men who an -- gone from the team who -- from the university so. I think that there was such a culture a a group think that was used in either in denial or either knew about him that's into the -- to go any further with it. We'll get -- those answers eventually. But you're right how in the world this you know this explodes and you have this reaction all week. And yet as you said people on -- Pennsylvania known about this for years. And and just very briefly is there any realistic full that this kind of thing will be corrected and of course. This is the extreme of an ongoing list of things that go on an anything goes win -- -- costs in college sports is there any. Waving -- -- this will really not happen again. It's a great question and I think the hope really comes in at the university presidents at the outrageous so extreme. University president's maybe twenty or 25 get together and say. This has got to stop and they take back their universities from his run -- college football programs and other college sports that are causing so much trouble. Christine Brennan thank you so much indeed for joining us thank you.

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