Islamic Art Treasure Trove

New York's Metropolitan Museum reopens a refurbished Islamic art gallery.
1:59 | 10/30/11

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Transcript for Islamic Art Treasure Trove
Before we say goodbye today we want to leave you with a feast for the eyes and a lot of food for thought stocking this week. Visitors to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. We'll see in newly refurbished -- Islamic -- galleries. Americans indeed much of the world have understandably had a turbulent relationship with his Saddam since the horrors of 9/11. And by stroke of bad timing the met which houses one of the world's preeminent Islamic -- connections -- the galleries for renovation in 2003. It was a time when we so desperately needed to see another side of the civilized nation when we needed to learn more not less about Islamic culture. And so now all that spans a thousand years from ancient Russia and Egypt. Turkey in the Arab and central and South Asia is on display in all its glory. Sea empress -- which took more than three years to restore. Another Persian must -- and believed to have once belonged to Peter the Great of Russia. -- in the Damascus where we see how eighteenth century Syrian nobleman. Lived and detained and we wonder about today's uprising that. The -- has laid out all of this and more not -- an -- to religion. But as a secular regional and historical panorama. Of the civilized nation that predated an out innovation -- it. Hundreds of years before the United States with even born. To -- through this Islamic treasure trove is to experience all. But also intimacy and almost visceral sense of relief. -- Hin dies a thousand years of beauty to counter the last ten years of fear and loathing.

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{"id":14845098,"title":"Islamic Art Treasure Trove ","duration":"1:59","description":"New York's Metropolitan Museum reopens a refurbished Islamic art gallery.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/islamic-art-treasure-trove-14845098","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}