Gov. Chris Christie on 'This Week'

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on his election win and his political future.
3:00 | 11/10/13

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Transcript for Gov. Chris Christie on 'This Week'
First, congratulations on your win on tuesday. You have heard these reports out of geneva. Secretary kerry still optimistic. Netanyahu calling the deal dangerous. What would you need to see from iran in order to support relieving sanctions? I think there are people that are better briefed on this than me. I think it's very dangerous for folks like me to give opinions. Listen, we have to let secretary kerry do his week. Once we see it at work, we can all make judgments. But, right now, I'm not briefed well enough. Can you support a deal that allows iran to continue to enrich uranium? George, listen, I'm the governor of new jersey. To give opinions will be ill-advised. Okay, let's turn to your win on tuesday. Already your potential rivals if you decide to run in 2016, are praising your big win in the state but also questioning, i guess, how well you're going to travel. When rand paul was asked if you're the man to beat in 2016, he called you a moderate and then he added this -- you know, I think the party in general is more conservative, I think there's room for moderates in the party. I think it will be more difficult, states like iowa are very conservative. South carolina is very conservative. New hampshire is conservative with a little bit of a libertarian bend. He said that it's a tough road for you, so, is he right? Can you play in places like iowa and south carolina? I'm playing in new jersey, and this's what I care about. On tuesday, 61% votes statewide, the fact is, nearly a 40% turnaround from a democrat at the top of the ticket to a republican. Majority of the hispanic vote. Here's why, because they look at the record. 143,000 new private sector jobs. 2.3 billion in tax cuts. Spending less this year in fiscal 2014 than in '08. And reforming a pension benefit system to save $120 billion. People voted on the record of what we have done. I'm proud of that. And how that plays everywhere else is for the washington pundits to figure out. I'm the governor of new jersey and that's what I asked for more than four years. All four years? Listen, who knows? I don't know. I'll guarantee to do my job and finish the job. I didn't expect to be sitting here four years ago, george. So, nobody can make those predictions. One issue that's sure to come up is immigration, you got a majority of the latino vote in your re-election. And you're for a path to citizenship. You also said that undocumented students in new jersey should get in-state tuition rates, do you think other states should adopt that policy? I think nationally, they have to fix a broken system. This is one of the real frustrations that people across the country have on this and a myriad of other issues, they look at what governors do, like in new jersey, where we confront problems, debate them, we argue about them, we get to the table, we come to an agreement. In washington, that seems to almost never happens. So, I think, listen, everybody has to sit at the table, have a point of view. Let's have our argument out publicly, get to the table and come to a consensus. And move on. A path to citizenship relief on in-state college tuition? It has to be figured out by those in charge of the national government. My job is to fix what's going on in new jersey. I will tell you this, george, we won't be able to fix everything in new jersey until the national leaders set a national immigration policy. It's a broken system, it's not working for the economy and the individuals affected by it. It's not working for the governments. We need to get them in the room, the president needs to lead and members of congress need to do it, too, and if they do it, i think it will help our economy and our country. Including a path to citizenship? George, I don't get to make those determinations. It's 2013, I just got elected the governor of new jersey again. I have already said what i believe. It's a broken system and it needs to be fixed. Let's get to work doing it. To the extent they want contributions from governors based on our the ground experience, right now, there's nothing going on. There's also been a lot of questions about the president's health care plan. You called on him to apologize. This week, he seemed to take your advice. What should he do next? Are you for a delay in further implementation of the law? Listen, anybody who's run anything in their lives could see this coming a mile away. This whole program was going to be a problem and so that the president's biggest problem right now is, he's got to tell the truth, and we have seen this in new jersey. I have told a lot of hard truths in new jersey, but they give you credit for looking them in the eye and telling them the truth. So, let's get to that point, let's own up and tell the truth about what's going on. But if you're working out of a fantasy that these are not major problems that need to be fixed, and need to be addressed, this is what a lot of us have been saying all along about the fact that this was just too big for the government to handle. You didn't set up an exchange, you did accept the expansion of medicaid under obama care. I do what's best for the people in the state of new jersey every day. And expanding medicaid in the state of new jersey, is a relatively small expansion. It will mean a lot. Here's what makes me different than a lot of these other guys, I'm going to do what I think is right for the people who elected me, and a lot of these other folks are always trying to put their figure in the wind and see which way the wind is blowing that day. My job is to run the state of new jersey, and that's what I do every day, and the fact is, george, when you do that, people across the spectrum give you credit. And that's what those election results, 61% on tuesday, show. It was a sweeping win. You're also in the news this week because of this book "double down" about the 2012 campaign. Extensive section on the romney vice presidential search process, they leaked your file. Never seen that happen before. This passage who supervised your background check. A guy named ted newton. He says this -- there are people now, surveying the sum and substance of what the team was finding. Newton told his colleagues if christie had been in the nomination fight against us, we would have destroyed him. He wouldn't be able to run for governor again. When you look below the surface, newton said, it's not pretty. All of these issues have been vetted. A possible run for president brings a whole nother level of scrutiny, are you prepared for that. George, first, political advice, from people who ran the romney campaign, is something that people shouldn't give a darn about. Let's start with that. Secondly, all of these issues have been vetted. If I run again, I'll be vetted again. When you're in public life, that's what you have to understand. Listening to governor romney and what governor romney said when he spoke last week that none of this caused him any pause at all. I'll take romney's interpretation of all this rather than some paid consultant. Finally, you saw that "time" magazine cover this week. We're going to show it right there. The elephant in the room. Did that bother you? George, if I'm bothered by jokes about my weight, it's time for me to crawl up in a fetal position and go home. Okay? If the fact is, if they think it's clever, good for them. Here's the thing, the way people in new jersey look at this, their governor has been on the cover of "time" magazine twice this year. We must be doing something right. They reaffirmed what we did and our strategy was for the last four years, go everywhere, show up, gove and make decisions. Go to the places where they haven't voted for you. I did a town hall in new jersey, 4.07 prkt of the vote is what i got in 2009, and when I did it at this baptist church, more people in the church than voted for me than in that election in 2009. You go places where people need to hear you and more importantly you need to hear them. That's way you grow and expand the political movement. People in new jersey are proud of me. Whatever they put on the cover of "time" magazine, as long as my name is with it, I can care less. Governor christie, thank you very much. George, thank you.

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