Former Joint Chiefs Chair 'Encouraged' by Trump's Cabinet Choices

Adm. Mike Mullen discusses the foreign policy challenges that Donald Trump will face during his presidency.
4:38 | 11/27/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former Joint Chiefs Chair 'Encouraged' by Trump's Cabinet Choices
I know more about ice is then. The generals and police I think under the leadership of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did generals have been reduced to rubble. Donald Trump had some harsh words for US officers tore out his campaign. But he's now turning to lots of retired top brass for advice while that mean for US foreign policy. I'm joined now by admiral Mike Mullen the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff the highest ranking military officer in the US and the president's principal. Military advisor good to see admiral Mullen written Richard and assert without transition you or they year for the transition. Between President Bush and President Obama. What what's at liked my morning else. It is. To look at the leaving campaign rhetoric behind and the reality of governing which just hits you square in the face and so. Focusing on finding out and focusing on the real issues that are facing. The current administration and then developing. Policies and strategies if you will to meet those challenges. And what will Donald Trump inherently know the crisis problem but but they're also North Korea which it he rightly so seems very concerned about. You were on this panel right this panel the US policy towards North Korea and you wrote that North Korea poses a grave and expanding threat and it is likely that the next president will face and North Korea. That is gained the capability to strike the United States with nuclear weapons that would make anybody there. I think North Korea that peninsula that is more likely than just about anyplace else in the world to. Potentially create an explosive. Outcome. Practically tied to the North Korean leader Kim Jung on. The reality that he has nuclear weapons. And the inability so far. To contain him in that regard and that's that's a place were for the five top economies. In the world or senator the stability there is critical and knives at least. North Korea historically. Has it generated surprise if you will for new leaders in this country and I wouldn't stop them. Now bit and and they're not the bush policy heavy about a policy nor I think actually this has to go through vision and Beijing is. Pushed back on that time after time but if Beijing doesn't lead this we're gonna get to a point. Where he's gonna bill put a nuclear weapon on top of an inner clock Intercontinental ballistic missile wicked hit the United States and that's unacceptable. I wanted to sit Donald Trump does not have real foreign policy experience but he's turning to a lot of people who do. Doesn't matter that he doesn't really have much foreign policy experience well I'm other presidents haven't either. And and I think that is true I'm encouraged actually by the fact that he is turning to people who have that experience. And that will bat we're really make a difference the world is very unforgiving. And he has said rightfully so that he wants to focus here in the United States. But I've also found certainly in my time that the challenges that exist internationally whether it's North Korea or China or Russia. Or the Middle East will certainly be on his desk Monday warmth. As I mentioned the beginning he's he's really turning to an unprecedented number of general officers. In his cabinet for advice. Jim Mattis is name is out there for Defense Secretary how do you square that with what he said during the campaign about. The generals. Well I put that in a category you rhetoric on one side and reality on the other Jim Mattis is. Someone I've known extremely well he's an incredibly capable individual strategically focused. Internationally focused he has good relationships. On the international side and I think someone that who is who's born to serve and could make a difference are really significant difference as well. Anne and Mike Flynn was your intelligence officer called the it you've said great things about him as an intelligence officer different job as national security and buy them. Clearly differ he was a terrific and talk intelligence officer for me but now he's at he's at the hub of the national security apparatus and he's got to be an honest brokers got a present all opinions. He has to actually he and his deputy have to make the trains run on time in the White House that the number of issues are extraordinary. And he's got a deal would do that should give the president. And the captain of a really the president all the options in a way were the president can make the best decision for the security of the country. Thanks very much for joining us admiral Mullen we'd love to have you back to talk back to our great seeing you.

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{"id":43804010,"title":"Former Joint Chiefs Chair 'Encouraged' by Trump's Cabinet Choices","duration":"4:38","description":"Adm. Mike Mullen discusses the foreign policy challenges that Donald Trump will face during his presidency.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/joint-chiefs-chair-encouraged-trumps-cabinet-choices-43804010","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}