Julian Castro Takes the Reins at HUD

ABC News' Jim Avila speaks with rising Democratic star Julián Castro about his new role as Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and his own political future.
5:52 | 10/12/14

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Transcript for Julian Castro Takes the Reins at HUD
Back now with our politics buzz board. Topping it off, with 23 days left, a critical North Carolina senate race debate. George moderating a candidate clash over Obama's agenda. You're proud of the fact you voted with the president 96% of the time. 100% of the time, his policies hurt North Carolina. It wasn't a great week for democrats in the bluegrass state. Republicans pouncing on this awkward video showing Alison lundergran Grimes refusing to say if she voted for president Obama. Did you vote for president Obama, 2008, 2012? You know, this election isn't about the president. Did you vote for him? I respect the sanctity of the ballot box. And a stunning ad in the Texas governor's race. Democrat Wendy Davis accusing republican Greg Abbott disabled 30 years ago of hypocrisy. A tree fell on Greg Abbott. He sued and got millions. Since then he spent his career working against other victims. Abbott called the ad offensive. So add it up, Nate silver and his team over at fivethirtyeight now give republicans a 58% chance of taking the senate, down one point since last week. And now we hit the road with hud secretary Julian Castro. He's just 77 days into his new job, but ever since his swearing in, so many democrats have skipped ahead trying to figure out what's next for the rising star. Could he be on a presidential ticket in 2016? Here's ABC's Jim Avila. Reporter: President Obama called him an all-star and made then 39-year-old Julian Castro the youngest member of his presidential cabinet. Housing and urban development secretary. America's cities are growing again, and housing is at the top of the agenda. Reporter: But with a rapidly growing Latino voting population few believe he left his job as mayor of San Antonio, Texas, just to run a Washington bureaucracy. So this may surprise you. I'm not running for president. You know, I guarantee you that I'm not going to run for president and so this -- This time. Probably ever. Reporter: The Texas democrat picked by Barack Obama to keynote the 2012 convention was groomed by his political activist mother to break down racial barriers urging him to run for city council while still at Harvard law school and he's backed by his equally political congressman twin brother Joaquin Castro. The democrats have not only a rising Latino star in Julian Castro, they have an extra one of him in case he breaks. They are identical. Julian older by just one minute and still frequently confused for one another. I always tell people that I'm the better looking twin. My brother might disagree. Reporter: The congressman says if anyone runs for president between the two, it will be his older brother. Their mother seems to agree. He would make a very good president or vice president. I will support him. Of course, any mother is going to say that. Reporter: But Julian says with a straight face he does not have white house ambitions. I've never woken up in the morning and seen in my future when I look in the mirror and said, oh, I think I'm going to be president. Reporter: And he says, talk about him being on a Hillary Clinton ticket as the Latino to bring out the crucial hispanic vote in 2016 goes way too far. I don't believe that I'm going to be vice president. Reporter: Are you in Washington, D.C., have you been brought here, are you at hud because you're being groomed? I'm here at hud because the president asked if I would be interested in serving in this role. There's a tremendous upside in terms of the satisfaction of the work that we do. Reporter: Castro, who just turned 40, is now in charge of 8500 employees, the first hud secretary to run the very federal housing projects where his father was raised. I see folks who live in our public housing units as folks who have the same dreams, the same ambitions. That's part of what drives my work to create greater opportunity for them. Reporter: This week in Providence, Rhode Island, 1 of 11 cities he's visited since taking over hud, he toured neighborhoods he aims to revive with grant money for low-income housing. Is that right? In that house over there. Reporter: Castro is pushing mortgage banks to loosen credit restrictions that have stalled the housing market. We're still afraid of what happened in the bubble. Yeah. Some people got houses they couldn't afford because mortgages were too easy. The challenge now is that it's -- the pendulum has completely swung in the other direction. In fact, we estimate that there are about 13 million folks who would be able to access credit for a home that today are basically shut out. Reporter: Castro says he plans to stay in Washington through the rest of president Obama's term and then it's back to San Antonio because while he may have never looked in the mirror and seen a president, he does admit to catching a glimpse of another reflection. There were definitely mornings when I woke up and wished there was a different governor of Texas. That's fair to say. I'm 40 years old right now and I feel like I have a lot of time to figure out where the opportunities are. Reporter: A political sprinter who has made it far and fast, acknowledging the marathon ahead. Hi, how are you? Reporter: For "This week," Jim Avila, ABC news, Providence, Rhode Island.

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{"id":26139856,"title":"Julian Castro Takes the Reins at HUD","duration":"5:52","description":"ABC News' Jim Avila speaks with rising Democratic star Julián Castro about his new role as Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and his own political future. ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/julian-castro-takes-reins-hud-26139856","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}