News Since Morning Papers

A suicide car bombing kills 12 Americans in Kabul.
2:58 | 10/30/11

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Transcript for News Since Morning Papers
-- -- -- I but now she's pulling Costa. Headline congresswoman Michelle Bachmann. With the presidential campaign at a crossroads. -- how she plans to get back in the game. And then the flat tax sensation here. Rick Perry hopes it'll break his losing streak to flash. -- unleash growth Herman Cain is writing his relation to the top of the roles. -- -- Republican crowd season. They do the numbers add up here to do the math on the policy and the politics. -- house roundtable. And Tea Party tightened and flat tax plan Dick Armey and then. One of the world's richest men on the global obligation to the war. Every dollar makes you step. Microsoft founder Bill Gates on getting government to do in a gloomy economy and revealing comments about his love hate relationship. We've been -- Steve Jobs. Live from the museum in Washington this week with Christiane moment -- starts right now. Good morning and welcome to the program loves to get to today but first some news since -- morning papers. More than two million people in the northeast are without power this morning offer a freak snowstorm slammed into the East Coast. The record breaking nor'easter brought winds of over sixty miles an -- it was the largest October snowstorm in New York City history. In Afghanistan new details are emerging about yesterday's suicide bombing which claimed a dozen American lives. The attacks -- a deadly milestone in America's longest war and it cost a poll on a new pentagon report showing overall security gains in the country. ABC's Jake -- Has more now from Kabul. Christy on good morning this was the deadliest attack on coalition forces here in Kabul. In the more than ten years of the Afghanistan war. Thirteen service members and contractors most of them American. Were killed when the armored bus they were in was targeted by Taliban suicide bomber driving an SUV with a bomb the Taliban later said wait 15100 pounds for. Innocent Afghans were killed as well. The attack came one day after the Pentagon issued a report heralding how your -- your attacks are down for the first time in America's longest war. Those metrics however focus on attacks on US service members the United Nations says attacks overall including on civilians. Are up 40%. US forces here say that this attack is a sign. Of Taliban desperation but that seems debatable attacks. By the Taliban here in Kabul are getting more brazen. And more deadly Christiane.

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{"id":14844592,"title":"News Since Morning Papers ","duration":"2:58","description":"A suicide car bombing kills 12 Americans in Kabul.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/news-morning-papers-14844592","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}