Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy: 'Press is harping on' Trump's wiretap allegations

George Stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with Newsmax CEO and Trump friend Christopher Ruddy.
8:23 | 03/19/17

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Transcript for Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy: 'Press is harping on' Trump's wiretap allegations
We asked the white house for a guest to ard this topic. They declined. We're join bade close friend and ally of the president, Christopher ruddy. He tweeted out this photo yesterday. He joins us now from west palm beach. Thank you for joining us this morning. It looks good down there. Like you have a sunny day down there. You spent a lot of time in mar-a-lago. Two weeks ago when the president put out those tweets, you wrote I haven't seen him this pissed off in a long time. When I mentioned Obama's denials about the wiretaps, he shot back thp will be investigated. It will all come out. I'll will proven right. 15 days later, quite the opposite. What is it going to take for the president to retract the statement? George, thank you for inviting me on. I want to make clear, I don't speak for the president. I run Newsmax. I'm an independent news agency. I think the press has been very unfair. Even the setup for me coming on. There have been so many things for the press to discuss. Let's talk about the first 100 days of presidency. The incredible record the president has had. A-plus cabinet. Hoping to create tens of thousands of new jobs. Merkel, a good meeting with her. Probably got hundreds of millions in concessions. And the health care pran is coming. When you come and say, oh, it's all about the wiretapping, et cetera, the president last night was with myself, briefly, and Allen Dershowitz. Not a supporter of the president. The president was doesing that all of these leaks have taken place. Classified meetings, conversations he has with the president of Mexico, the prime minister of Australia. General Flynn's private conversation was leaked. These are criminal acts. Alan Dershowitz said it was very, very serious stuff. But wait a second, Chris. I take your point about not being an official spokesperson for the president. The pet sent out tweets that accused his Prez sersz of a felony. Of doing something illegal. Since then, as I pointed out. You say what I said in the page two may have been unfair. I don't think I said anything untrue. If you would like to suggest there is you can say that. Let me finish the question. What is it going to take given all the Ed of what the president said is untrue, what is it going take for him to retract and apologize? Let's go back on the wiretapping. There were reports "The Washington post." "If New York Times." And the mcclatchy papers. There were wiretapping claims. The head of the administration said there was no collusion. There was an investigation. It would be hard to believe there was no surveillance whatsoever. Wait, wait. That's not what the president -- the president accused president Obama of illegally wiretapping. And the president said he wants to have an investigation. If you listen to what you said, it's pretty clear there has never been an investigation of it. And that neither the house or the senate committees have investigated. They just say, at this time, we don't have any evidence of it. But I think there's a -- After being briefed by the FBI director. Chris, wait a second. You know that the president could simply ask his attorney general, ask his FBI director. He could ask the CIA director. Ask the director of national intelligence. Everybody who has been briefed on this say there is is no evidence. The president has not proud provided evidence. As far as you can tell, the president won't retract or apologize? I don't speak for the president. You're going to have to ask him what his plan is on that. I do think that the press is harping on this. Look, there was a recent poll that showed 54% of Americans believe that the press is too aggressive on their attacks on the president. We have never had a situation where the press has been part of an opposition political party. We have never had a situation where the president has accused his predecessors of a felony. Well, I think this is something that needs to be investigated. I'm waiting for the evidence just like you are on the allegation. I do think when you look at the broader scope, you're not talking about the president's achievements. We have never had a president this successful using just the you will bely pulpit, getting companies all over the world to bring jobs. He's getting nato countries to increase their budget. And the health care plan, he was willing to tackle one of the most serious problems we have in the country. Yet we're always focused on one little tweet. I think the American people in the heartland have a different view than the people in Washington. That may be. It's one little tweet that accused his predecessors of a felony. The FBI director coming to capitol hill tomorrow. He'll publicly testify. We expect him to publicly challengehe president's tweet. How do you think the president will respond? Well, I don't know what the FBI director is going to say. But I definitely think at the they said there was no collusion between the trump campaign and the Russians. Considering the amount of air time the press has given this story over the past five month, I think that that is a powerful statement. If the FBI director reaferms that, it's a powerful -- how they came to that conclusion without ever doing any surveillance or intercepts. We know they did intercepts of general Flynn with the Russian ambassador. That was leaked. That was a highly classified conversation as was the president's other conversations that were leaked. There's to talk about that being investigated by the press or congress. We talk about all those issues. Let me ask you, do you believe that president Obama ordered a wiretap? Ordered an illegal wiretap of president trump? I have no idea what president Obama did. I haven't investigated the thing myself. I do know there where press reports indicating there was surveillance and the administration was concerned about the -- the Obama administration was concerned about possible ties between the trump campaign and the Russians and they found no evidence of it. If that was true, it suggests there might have been an investigation and there may have been surveillance. You're not willing to say right now whether you think it's true or not? Well, again, I don't talk for the government of the united States. I think that -- this is a question for the administration and the white house to answer. Let me ask a final question. You mentioned health care, as well. You have been at odds a bit with the president on health care. You wrote that Donald Trump staked out a high moral ground by calling for a feasible system of universal health care to replace Obamacare. He shouldn't retreat from that no matter how much the GOP dislikes it. You're saying he should work with Democrats on a different plan? I'm not at odds with the president that I know of. I believe that the president still wants universal health care and good quality coverage for everyone. He told me yesterday that the health man that he'll iron out with the house and senate will be positive and strong. I have a problem with the house plan first proposed by Ryan. Looks like there will be serious 'mendments. A lot of conservatives. Almost all the conserve tiff radio hosts have opposed or criticized the Ryan plan. I have criticized it for its efforts to reduce the number of people on medicare and medicaid. The savings, medicaid costs about $4,000 a year per person. If those same people are pushed into private health insurance, their expenses go up to about $7,000 a year. I'm sure these things are being worked out. I'm going, before I make a final comment on it, but I think the president's intent here, and I give him incredible amount of credit for tackling this issue, most politicians would run away there this issue because it's such a hot potato. He decided to move on it first. Chris ruddy, thank you for joining us this morning. Thank you.

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{"id":46237023,"title":"Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy: 'Press is harping on' Trump's wiretap allegations","duration":"8:23","description":"George Stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with Newsmax CEO and Trump friend Christopher Ruddy.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/newsmax-ceo-christopher-ruddy-press-harping-trumps-wiretap-46237023","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}